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  2. Community Generated Campaign

  3. Community Generated Campaign

  4. Community Generated Campaign

  5. Show your Conan!

    I'm not totally happy with this one either, @Epaka, but he'll do.
  6. Show your Conan!

    They look good, man. Now do yourself a favor and throw that citadel seal in the trash. Get some Testors dullcote spray and never look back. It's the best stuff you can buy. It is known.
  7. Community Generated Campaign

    Awesome. so we'll give it a tentative yes? You feel free to make adjustments as you see fit, especially in terms of balance since it's you that it affects.
  8. Community Generated Campaign

    Yes, Ken, I believe that's it. I'm on the move at the moment, but at a glance, that's exactly what I'm thinking. How does that sound?
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    @Grizzlyface, sounds good that way. You do you, just avoid the dream sequence and make it optional. A King Conan scenario being all King Conan sounds great. @Neil Amswych, that's right - just have the basics done and ready for play-testers to come in and try it out and see what tweaks we need. @Ken and @drmauric, I like the spellbook thing. works for me. Ken, as for the Outer Dark Demon being an evolved version, that sounds cool to me. I'll have the regular old Dark Demon on mine, or maybe I will use the Outer Dark on mine. I'll see what functions better in the river. Ken, does your example above keep in mind that both sides get one level up regardless of victory, and these are above and beyond that? I think even if one side gets wiped every scenario, we still need to keep them above water somewhat, so they should get something. I'm a little confused by your wording in this chart: Here you mean they get =1 yellow die to their attacks, right? "Overlord 4 VP | Heroes 0 (Overlord tiles get +1 armor AND +1 yellow die)" And when you say +1 defense are you saying their orange dice becomes a red? So like, they use red for defense? That's what I was suggesting. if you look at the Hero sheets we're using, it's not that crazy to enhance an attack roll or a defense roll, or add a re roll symbol (especially since Shentu and Inkemet already have the symbol, which is why I allowed them to choose that OR add a free movement). Certainly this ups their capabilities, but we just have to up the overlord to go with it. So yes, upping the armor value of all overlord tiles would be an easy way to do it, so would adding a yellow attack dice to each of their attack. Maybe we could even add a yellow re-rollable die to their attacks if they have more VPs? I just think everyone should get some kind of level up, but the better they do, the better their bonuses. You have that in your chart to an extent, but "Overlord 0 VP | Heroes 4 (Heroes get +1 defense AND +1 Reroll)" would mean the Overlord gets nothing, which would be crushing for them. Am I reading this right? I like your chart idea, but I may be missing something. And yes, I am imagining that each Hero gets a level up going into the last encounter. For Conan maybe we can just give him a bonus to start or something. I'm flexible with all of this; those are just my thoughts. let me know if I was reading that right. I just want to add that I think we've got something pretty special in the works here ;)
  10. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken I have the Dark Demon in mine but don't have explicit plans to kill it. But I could. It doesn't really matter. How does that level up/progression ideas sound?
  11. Community Generated Campaign

    @Kenscenario looks great. Be mindful of the little progressive elements which may come your way for the last scenario(s). Also, I see you're using the Outer Dark Demon. Is that the ongoing Demon we're using or the Dark Demon. Doesn't matter to me, but we should decide.
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych, I think we need a 3-4 weeks to consider everyone's schedule. I'm probably only going to have time for a session once per week. So let's say second week of February we should see a near finished scenario?
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    I brainstormed some things last night and have my scenario mostly worked enough to start playing it. I'll give more details later, but I think I have a good level up feature. It happens once, right after my scenario before the final whether it's A or B. Essentially the overleld and Hero players get to level up depending on victory points. Let's say it's something simple like 1 victory equals 1 VP. After 4 scenarios the most one side could have would be 4. My thought Is, you get one VP by default but if you get more than 1 can go up two levels. Something like: After scenario 4: you go up a level. chose 1 OR two. If you won two or more VPs chose both 1 AND 2. For Heroes: 1- you may enhance your defense OR manipulate die. 2- you may make your attack dice re rollable OR add one to your free movement. For Overlord: 1-TBD 2-TBD (Perhaps we assign these to Thoth or Demons tiles?) We could just add these directions to the end of my scenario? VPs can also determine which of the last two scenarios you play. Perhaps if you have over 2 VPs we offer other little bonuses. This keeps things relatievly balanced but gives the better player that small edge. Beyond this, we can implement things like Dan's spell book idea and bonus gems as we go. We really should nails these aspects down before any one digs too deeply into testing , right? @Grizzlyface that sounds like it will mess with what we have setup. It would have to be an optional scenario. I'm also a little hesitant to allow it to be a Dream sequence since in am planning on doing that myself. I think a scenario that involves Conan and Pallantides that's removed from the main thread is a cool idea for an optional mission though. Gonna be late for work. Gotta go! Let me know what you think
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    I think limited equipment carryover is fine, especially if it's just a few items. We need to be careful not to duplicate, though. We could compile a list of items that are carryover vs those are are impermanent.
  15. Community Generated Campaign

    Sorry, I don't know what's happening when I reply from the phone but in often copying old messages somehow. Anyway. I'm in a rush so I'll send my quick thoughts @drmauric the priests are only mentioned in passing in Tower of the Elephant. I highly encourage you to read that one. It's free online on Project Guttenburg I believe. There are also audio books on YouTube. @Neil Amswych I'm open to the side quest but back burner it for now. Let's get these main ones written first and then take it from there. Also, the ships aren't of much use unless they involve crossing the Vilayet sea. Geographically they make no sense in getting us to Nordheim. @PrimevalThat sounds bloody perfect to me. I the Norheim expansion there are 3 amulet shard equipment cards. Might be a good use for those. @Grizzlyface I'll need to look back at your idea. I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Where would you place this optional one and in what way it it similar to the finale? Also, I did consider not setting mine in Nordeheim and instead setting it in Hyperborea, but I want it to return thematically to the Frost Giant's daughter. Thoth may have plans for her as he believes she left some kind of lasting spell on the Cimmerian...more on that later.