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  1. Matt John S

    No more Conan until 2020??

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. The truth is, it's the section I'm least confident with. I wish I could have devised a more precise system for scenario creation, but I just don't think such a thing is possible. With this, I chronicled my experience working with the game and writing scenarios in hopes it was useful or at least interesting. Sounds like you got something from it, so that pleases me 😉
  2. Matt John S

    No more Conan until 2020??

    Hey all, if you're hungering for new Conan material, including a new campaign and a solo/co-op game mode/campaign, this is probably of interest 😉 https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/260411/Conan-The-Monolith-Sourcebook I think it's great, but since I was the lead writer, I'm a bit biased 😉
  3. Matt John S

    No more Conan until 2020??

    we can't sell anything during this time and we don't have anything to sell. We sold off most of our remaining stock during our last Conan Ks. As for fan made and online free material, yes. That's not a problem. We just can't sell things. However, both we an Cabinet want this game to continue, so I wouldn't worry too much about its future 😉
  4. Matt John S

    No more Conan until 2020??

    Garbetsp, I do my best to communicate in that way 😉
  5. Matt John S

    Whispers from Stygia (Campaign)

    Is there a French version of the PDF in existence or planned? I want to post a KS update about this campaign, but would like to include a French version as well.
  6. Hey folks, if you fancy sword-and-sorcery, as I'm sure most you do, why not check out our new podcast, Rogues in the House, where we discuss the genre in pop culture? We'll be digging into literature, film, music, tabletop gaming, video games, comics, and who knows what else. This is just our first episode. Next week we'll drop our episode about tabletop gaming, more specifically RPGs. Don't worry, the Monolith game gets a mention and we'll also be covering it in more detail in the future. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/podcast/rogues-in-t…/id1442128353 Google Podcast: https://www.google.com/podcasts… Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/56vfPymYqV2qV9MZe7qDP7… General Link Available: Anchor.fm/rogues-in-the-house Also available for download on Pocket Cast, Radio Public, Stitcher and a myriad number of outlets. If you like what you hear or want to add to the discussion, leave a comment, a review, or both! Episode notes: -Logan was referring to an earlier season of Cromcast. Sorry for the misinformation. -Matt mentioned talking to Howard Andrew Jones at Halcon, when in fact it was GenCon.
  7. Matt John S

    Whispers from Stygia (Campaign)

    So this has been out for awhile. Has anyone gotten around to playing it? How did you do? Who won?
  8. Matt John S

    Whispers from Stygia (Campaign)

    Thank you so much for doing this. I hope the French community enjoys the campaign.
  9. Matt John S

    No more Conan until 2020??

    Hi folks, I'm not sure precisely what I stated previously, but my intention was to make it clear that the license is not currently with us. I can't get too specific because, in fact, that license is not ours to talk about at the moment. We have all the intentions to continue work on Conan, but cannot run any kind of campaign in 2019. I am a huge fan of the Conan board game--in fact, I'd say it's my favorite board game. I'm still playing it, painting it, and loving it. Not long ago a handful of us produced, tested and released a brand-new campaign (developed by stalwart community members) for Conan called Whispers from Stygia. It was a big undertaking and a lot of love and care went into it and you can access it here: I totally get that people want more Monolith Conan right now. I do, too. Even though we can't produce new physical material right now, there is nothing stopping us from generating more content as a fan collective. I think that is what this page is built for. So I'm open to ideas and to help facilitate them. Also see what @Primeval is putting together here: So, I know this is not ideal. I know it's not even according to our original plans. Yes, we had said more Conan was coming in 2019 but this is how it happened. I can't give a date as to when more Conan will be coming--I wish I could--but I can tell you Monolith holds Conan and our fans in special regard and has not abandoned this game.
  10. Matt John S

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken @Primeval @Neil Amswych @drmauric Hey guys, here are some questions posed by the gentleman who is doing the French translation. Hi Matt, I just finished my first draft of the translation and I would like to check a few details, just to make sure I got everything right. Here are the questions I'm unsure about: - On the first scenario, it is written "A character with Wall Wrecker may not use it to pass through the the outer wall of the Tower, or any stone wall or floor in the Tower." That means EVERY floor, not just the stone ones, right? - On the second scenario, it is said about Hadrathus' spellbook that "In order to use it in future scenarios, he must be carrying it at the end of this scenario." Does this also applies if another Hero is carrying it, or does it have to be Hadrathus and no one else? - On the third scenario, about the Stygian assassins "Immediately upon the Idol of Yag Kosha being revealed, the Stygian Assassins are placed on the board as the Overlord sees fit and their tile is placed in the 1st space in the river." Can the Overlord place each assassin on the zone of his choice, thus breaking their group? - On the fourth scenario, about the Aesir Warriors. Do they have to pay to get a red gem from the ground (as the heroes do), or is it considered included in their activation? The answers seem quite logical but i want to be sure that I respect the original design. And let me say again, this looks fantastic! Oh, I just got another one: are the armor bonuses granted for the last scenario (as well as Xuthai's crown) always active, or do you have to actually launch at least a defense orange die in order to benefit from it?
  11. Matt John S

    Overlord Compendiums are Coming Back!

    Hello everyone, Some behind the scenes news for you: - @MaiBzh started working at Monolith last week. She'll be in charge of communications. At first, we'll give her a hand to make for a smooth transition. Fred will stay involved, and, of course, I (Matt John), will be around as well. - Compendium Volume 3 (dedicated to Mythic Battles) will be available shortly. We just ordered 1,000 French and 1,000 English copies. We're currently looking for a solution to lower shipping costs for the US and will keep you updated. Gross shipment cost for Philibert is 5€, which we split between the selling price (3€) and shipping costs (2€). You can, of course, add a compendium to any order you make through Philibert. Basically, nothing changes: printing costs are handled by Monolith, and Philibert makes it available. The 5€ only covers their shipping costs, no profit is made on either side. Using Philibert will make it easier for everyone, for this volume and all those to come. Psst! This is privileged information for TO members. Don’t you feel special?! You'll have a few days' notice once pre-orders open at Philibert before we communicate it to the rest of the world on social media :). Though the hope is to have a massive order. Don’t worry, a reprint is possible! Side note: apparently, a few Vol. 1 Compendiums lost their way after being shipped. Please email support@monolithedition.com and Romain will check your order and help you out. That's all, folks!
  12. Greetings, I am late seeing this, I realize, but you must forward all issues such as this to support@monolithedition.com. Be patient as they are still sorting a lot of requests. Thanks!
  13. Matt John S

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken, yes, do it! Thanks!
  14. Matt John S

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    I can tell you this: we have been much, much more thorough for Batman. Waves of us have looked at the rules and each scenario. They are much clearer and the rules themselves are much chunkier, but fool proof (we hope). We will show those soon enough. I'm sure we'll do something similar for Conan. I will say, these scenarios, because of all their moving parts do lend themselves to oversights (often times with brand new rules introduced in each scenario). I was very careful with the Monolith Sourcebook and still ended up with a few things that were incredibly obvious to me, yet not entirely to all--and that's even with outside playtesting. It would be amazing to have no need for erata or clarifications, and that's the goal, but it's tough. That said, yes, absolutely, next time will be clearer with fewer errors.

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