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  1. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Hey guys, so sorry I have been absent. I literally just finished with the Mythic Battles campaign and knew I needed to pop in. @Ken, the pdf looks awesome. I saw a few typos in mine. What's the easiest way to fix those? As for the changing of weapons and characters-- I don't think we need to get stuck on this. It's just how this game goes. We want continuity, but we also want the individual designers to be able to to do their thing. Conan doesn't have the same sword from story to story. So, personally, I see this as a non-issue. We are assigning XP to the side, not the individual, anyway. I let Monolith know about the pdf. They even mentioned perhaps having their own team doing some play testing. I'm not sure how realistic that is considering their schedule, but if that's something you guys would like, I could push for it. Otherwise, I'm going to see that we get this shared via their official channels. So, let me know when we've got the version absolutely where we think we want it, and then I'll promote it for further play testing. Thanks for keeping the standard raised! @drmauric @Primeval @Neil Amswych
  2. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    The spellbook really doesn't matter. If it's at all an issue, keep it out the Neil's scenario. It most definitely doesn't warrant any of the flavor text changing.
  3. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    For consistency sake, if the spellbook CAN stay in your scenario, @Neil Amswych, as @drmauric suggests, then I say it stays. It would be better to maintain that consistency. As a player, I would probably resent the one scenario that removed my favorite item. But that's just me. You have the say on that, ultimately. I've been very busy working my multiple jobs and my gameplay time has been focused on Imaginarium as I'll be running that campaign as well. Not to mention I've been editing the next compendium volumes for English and also have to tackle the Batman rulebook. So Conan is on the backburner for me only because it has to be.
  4. Matt John S

    Community Generated Campaign

    That looks solid to me, @drmauric. Good job!
  5. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Ken @drmauric @Neil Amswych @Primeval I finally have my draft up. Sorry for the lateness. I've been busy as hell. I already noticed a few typos, but it should all be pretty clear and ready for testing. 1081 (2).pdf
  6. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    It messed with mine too, but I left it because I could get it to switch back and am now busy trying to finish up this scenario ;)
  7. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I added them. Let me know if that's what you wanted.
  8. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Sorry, @Ken, where are the new posts you want linked? And, I still need to complete my intro text write up. If I don't get it done by the end of this weekend, I'll post it without the intro text, just so it's playable.
  9. Matt John S

    Community Generated Campaign

    We could fit the crown in mine without much fuss. The other thing to consider is this: players don't actually have to pick it up in a scenario. We could just write it in some end game conditions. "If the heroes win, they may add x to the starting equipment of one of their heroes in the subsequent scenario" or something...
  10. Matt John S

    Community Generated Campaign

    Another reason I think some are turning a blind eye to this campaign is that they are not down for playtesting. They may view this as work and are waiting for us to do the heavy lifting so they may enjoy a campaign.
  11. Matt John S

    Community Generated Campaign

    When this is done and we're happy with it, I'll push to have Monolith publish a Kickstarter update informing people that it's available with links. That will get their attention.
  12. Matt John S

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Hey team, I actually got back to this for a bit tonight. Just about have my scenario composed for your viewing. I will hopefully have it up on the weekend. Just letting you know I haven't forgotten about this! Looks like you've all been keeping the ship afloat. Excellent work! @drmauric @Primeval @Ken @Neil Amswych
  13. Matt John S

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken, I'll make that switch, but yes, you could totally just create a post underneath it. Sorry again for my absence. The Batman KS has a total lock on my efforts, but my time will free up by the end of Saturday.
  14. Matt John S

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Epaka, I'm very happy to hear that. I tried my best to turn the French translations into reader-friendly English but had to rush on a few of them. I'm hoping there aren't too many errors. I pointed out anything that didn't seem clear to my eyes and @Doucefeuille seems to have done a fantastic job with this. Mind you, I haven't received mine yet.

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