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  1. My thanks to Nesh-Shogta, who put my campaign into a very professional, consolidated format! I've attached his awesome work here. In addition, my group just did some playtesting and made some revisions on scenario 10 that players might find more to their liking. a_haunted_mind.pdf 10 - By the Sign of Jhebbal Sag.pdf
  2. If you'd like to post it, that might be useful. When I did so the file size was a bit cumbersome. I hope you had a chance to look through the content and enjoy the ideas!
  3. Thanks for looking at this! Scenario 8 was created, but scrapped, and I didn't renumber them.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I'm posting this here, as it involves a chain of scenarios as well as a custom rule set; I didn't see an option to post such a thing in the editor. My players loved "The Devil in Iron" and asked for another campaign with continuing characters and experience building. I didn't see anything similar immediately available so I set to work crafting my own. Included in the files are the core rules, based off of the same system, but with unlockable characters, modular scenarios, and even custom spells. They've already worked their way through 7 of the 12 (8 was dropped) scenarios and have been helping me balance each adventure. I hope these make their way into the hands of other Conan fans to enjoy while we wait for the new Kickstarter to ship.
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