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  1. Sure, if you are ever in the Asheville, NC area after the game comes out.
  2. I was too excited to wait for the game to ship to try out 3D terrian. So I decided to make a prototype of the bank map using photos from the updates. This is mostly the mayhem bank set from worldworksgames, with some custom parts. The only batman figures i have close to size is lego 🙂 . Room sizes I approximated based on the map size and the wall lenghts that came it the set. Bathroom is really large for 1 toilet... I may add stalls or something. I am also working on walls that have removable parts for those with the 'wall breaker' skill, just not sure which walls can break. The vault door o
  3. Coming tomorrow... the prototype I have been working.
  4. So if you thought some 3D boards would be neat to make but don't know where to start. Have a look at worldworksgames.com they have an awesome catalog of 3d paper terrain. They don't create stuff anymore but still have all their old stuff online for a great price. They have a bunch of urban sets. Building, subway stations, megamall, even a bank. All with props. http://www.worldworksgames.com/store/index.php?view=catalog&genre_id=2 I am gonna make the bank map using them. I have made the large sailing ship (the maiden) they have and donated it to my local gaming
  5. Overlord had some members of the suicide squad and police / military units. And the players playing villains. Haven't really thought of the scenario.
  6. I was the one that requested the additional size. They are great for handling the miniatures if you have access to a 3D printer. Just so this question doesn't go unanswered here, I will paste the same answer here that I wrote on the thingiverse page. All the sizes I have are: 25mm base, 23mm top, 3mm height 45mm base, 43mm top, 3mm height 60mm base, 58mm top, 3mm height And a huge 70mmx105mm base, 68mmx103mm top, 3mm height. I think when their Batman game comes out next year there will be a 30mm base, 28mm top, 3mm height
  7. I know it is a long way off and rules are still being ironed out, but I had to pose this idea before I forget about it. With the vs mode adding hero tiles and villain 'hero' sheets, it would be neat to make a suicide squad type scenario. Players play villains trying to do something nefarious. The overlord plays some of the squad along with back up swat/police units. There are some squad memebers if going by the current volume of comic. Deadshot, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Katana... if you go with older volumes I'm sure there are few others.
  8. This gives me an idea to use the some of the Grimlights I backed on KS. Grimlight site. They are magnet controlled micro LEDs that can be set to different patterns. You use a magnet to turn them on and off. Drill the LED up into the model. When it is active turn it on, when deactivated turn it off. Should add a really neat effect. I think Monolith backed them too.
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    Griffon ready for some action.
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