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  1. Oh okay, that's totally cool if it was intentional. I assumed it was a little bit of a fudge up on the designer side and that the original intent was to have the skills take up different design spaces, because the two skills had different names. If the two skills were meant to be different degrees of the same skill, I expected them to be named something along the lines of Evasive I and Evasive II. Or, maybe something closer to Batman where it's Evasive with a number underneath it. If they were meant to be the same type of skill, but just differing in degrees, I'm totally on board with Evasive and Feline Grace as it is. That was my bad for assuming designer intent by reading in between the lines. Thanks for taking the time to hop in Matt, your activity community management is always appreciated.
  2. Regarding your question about how to win in Batman Versus Mode, you typically play scenarios and each scenario has a different victory condition. You can find a copy of the Versus Mode rulebook right here on this site:
  3. Thanks for the heads up about the video. I’m pretty excited to see what’s going to be in the new kickstarter. My group will probably be strictly adventure mode, so I’m a little disappointed to hear that the KS will be focused on versus mode. Im always down to buy some more minis though. Also, I hope they fix a couple ends and ends with the Conan rules like the fact that Feline Grace is just a way crummier Evasive.
  4. Extras for the Nordheim box so that we don't have to play with proxies anymore: Vanir Primitives Vanir Zombies Aesir Zombies Wolves Extra scenarios for each of the three big box expansions: Nordehim, Stygia, and Khitai. Love the map boards from those expansions, but there are only a small number of scenarios. Maybe a few extra miniatures for each of them as well.
  5. When I cast a spell attack against a hero, may the hero use a weapon to help defend against the spell attack? The spell cast was "Set's Bite." Set's Bite does not have an area of effect icon on it. The hero attempted to parry by using "Conan's Sword." The only relevant rules I could find were: Hero's Book v2.0 p.16: "Characters defend against and suffer damage from spell attacks as they would against other attacks." Hero's Book v2.0 p.17: "A hero can choose only a shield when defending against a ranged or area attack." Those two lines taken together make it sound like the rule is that a weapon may be used to parry any attack that is not a ranged or area attack. Set's Bite does not have the area of effect icon on it, and it does not explicitly state that it is a ranged attack. I could not find a general rule that said spell attacks should be considered to be ranged attacks. Thus, the hero can use Conan's Sword to parry it. Is that correct? It just feels weird that Conan cannot parry an arrow with his sword, but that he can parry magical spells being thrown at him by deflecting it with a sword.
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