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  1. I like the villain command board a lot! I would personally like it if the ‘life point track’-cubes on the command board would be a different color than the red energy cubes (in the examples all the cubes are red). I think they would stand out more and would less likely be mixed up when you accidentally drop some energy cubes on the life track (and you won’t have to have a side battle over what the actual health of a villain is)
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    Me too! My wife was pretty annoyed in the end. "It's Batman on the phone, reading the Batman comics, everything is Batman now!" I told her not to worry. It will all be over when I've read all the comics (untill April next year), painted the minis, played everything through and through and finally get bored playing it...... Unless.... There's a second KS with expansions :-P
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  4. K4rl Dntch

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    On BGG i am Kvgeld

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