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  1. BGG is also donnbobhardy. It's like there's a theme.
  2. Perhaps put painting discussions in another thread? What do you think this is? Kickstarter? :P
  3. Many KS backers are interested in following each other, both to continue friendships, and also to be notified when we start posting those sweet new scenarios. If you want to follow or be followed, please post here.
  4. I've been putting together some ideas for this. Here are my current thoughts. - Detective Campaign - Use thought actions at computers and/or command posts to access clues (one type is harder than the other?). Accessing a clue gives you one of a set of hints about the mastermind (or location of the final fight?). Maybe a longer campaign where the clues from one scenario bring you to the next villain until you finally find the mastermind after several mid-level boss fights. Successfully guessing the mastermind within the time limit grants a bonus in battle with the mastermind: - Equipment card - Extra starting energy - More turns to achieve objectives - More hero options Guessing wrong or taking too long to guess gives a penalty in the next fight: - Less starting energy - Fewer turns to achieve objectives - More villains I'm also picturing a bunch of clue cards. Each clue would say something about a villain and then list the villains that it pertains to. When starting the scenario/campaign, the villain player would go through the deck and pick out cards that apply to their chosen villain. When a hero gets a clue from a thought action, the villain would then read one of the cards. The idea being that no single clue can be used to determine who the mastermind is. Some (lame) examples: - Likes the color green (riddler, croc) - Was in the Hush storyline (I think there was a lot) - Has no super powers
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