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  1. For miniature storage I always suggest pistol cases and foam
  2. The only thing about Batman Beyond is I think it would almost be better as a core box so you can fit in all the necessary characters.
  3. Ooh I like the Batman Beyond one 1. Old Bruce, Ace, Batman, Shriek, SpellBinder, blight, Curare, Stalker 2. Large Ink 3. Allies goonz, Jokerz, Dee, Dee, flush gang Couldn’t really keep to the rules as well on this one. Which unfortunately makes it less likely or at least less satisfying
  4. That’s the spirit just give in, just inject the plastic straight into your veins and enjoy that sweet bliss
  5. I realize it’s a little early to be talking about expansions, but what else do we have to do right now:) Rules 1. need 6 regular size minis 2. 1 large (Croc)sized 3. Three goons/Allies 4. One extreme (TRex) or croc size or allies mine is league of shadows expansion 1. Talia, Shiva, Nyssa, Silver Monkey, Batman Heretic, Bronze Tiger. 2. Ubu 3. 2 sets of different posed Ninjas and one set of Monkey warriors 4. Goliath boards a lasurus pit, one of Ra’s hideout.
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