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  1. Some more news from elsewhere, yet relates well to this topic: I think they could really work in these scenarios Especially since other parts they have for sale can match up with other elements from the scenarios being planned/developed/made Great work there @Arthadan!
  2. Been some time, any progress? But something I came across very recently - https://www.patreon.com/posts/29415431 - a 3D render of the Orgy Chamber, albeit without the Split-Pea-and-Hand Soup And at zero cost too it seems...
  3. Certainly liking the look of those miniatures @Arthadan. Almost look as if they'd fit well here.
  4. Been some time. Any progress made here so far?
  5. Yep. I'd say those Victory Conditions work. ^_^
  6. Conan the Barbarian, the novelisation of the Movie. Was based on the 2nd draft for the movie - after John Milius was brought on board - but not the final script. Largely the same, but a number of key differences. I mainly use it where it doesn't contradict the movie, but does help to add to it.
  7. Well in the Novelisation they did - well, just Conan who obsessed over his Father's Sword that was on display in that version, the others joining his side to aid him, And they really had to do a convoluted mess to get around it. On the subject, how many of those guards had any meaningful armour? Rexor & Thorgrim certainly didn't. Then that's what we'll do. Depends on how far away they are. That can be worked out since that latest map has three entrances. Because he was in at the start in the movie? And the book? But yeah, for the Standard Mode, leaving him out could work. Yeah, let's not forget that in order to bring Conan back from the brink of Death, the Spirits of the Mounds extracted a Heavy Toll, one that Valeria stated clearly that she would Pay. That's why I feel her Death in this Scenario should not induce a Loss for the Heroes. Adapting it to allow any one Hero Player to die I'm less sure about. But it did seem to pick up Doom's Spirits, and his Troops Morale in the movie, so this influencing the Campaign Points I see as reasonable.
  8. Been thinking about this one for some time. I recall that in the novelisation (the movie didn't make any mention of this btw), but it took Conan, Subotai, and Akiro a full day and a decent chunk of the next to set up their Field for when Doom and his Soldiers came to take Yasimina, the day before the battle had been a Holy Day for the Children of Set, which is why they didn't turn up then. If we include that, then yes, some of the wounds would have had time to heal, so I can see Thulsa Doom recovering some of his LP making sense for that reason. Thing is, when Doom turned into a Snake, it was a slow process (the reason I suggested 3 turns on the assumption of 8 turns total), and the Map I don't think would be that big. Looks to me as if they could get from the "front entrance" to Doom's Throne by the 2nd Turn if they run, by which point (as currently written) it would be a Snake-Man Doom they'd see there. To get around this problem? Here's some ideas: Doom's already at Stage 2 or 3 at the beginning of the Scenario, perhaps with all the drugs and narcotics in the air, he feels he can do this safely - or so he thought. So the moment he realises he's in danger, he only needs, at most, one turn to finish it and start fleeing. Faster than the Heroes can reach him. But ignores the fact that he did this, solely as a means of escape. Skip Stage 2 and go straight from Stage 1 to Stage 3. Though this means ignoring the slower pace the movie showed. The problems here are: If Thulsa Doom is assured of surviving this Scenario, then that's fully 1/3 of the Attack Options gone already, since the Silent Approach Option relies on him still being there and not raising the alarm. And the Gameplay becomes much more restricted as a consequence from where I stand. If Doom's survival is guaranteed (and indeed, the Heroes can't even inflict any serious/meaningful injury on him) then what point is there having any Thulsa Doom Token on the board at all? I can't see one. From my perspective, he might as well have never been in the Orgy Chamber in the first place. One possibility of resolving this? By using your suggestions and incorporating them into the 'Standard Mode' that's being made right now, and leave mine for the 'Expert Mode'. If memory serves me right, 'Standard Mode' is all the scenarios being developed right now, with all of them to be completed before 'Expert Mode' rulings, options, and other required elements are made later. I think this way is the best compromise, since @Florentin did mention earlier saving other elements such as the Leopard in that very same Orgy Chamber (who did have a vital impact in the novelisation to allow Conan an opening for escape) and how fire and smoke would impact on Gameplay should also be left for the Expert Mode. Not having to worry about a Snake-Man Doom Profile and Tile Card until then as well, as worrying about how to make the Silent Approach Option work? I feel this would be the best way to go ahead. It's possible. They did start screaming and panicking within Seconds of the Battle starting after all. Maybe one got out and raised the alarm that way? Or the commotion was heard? Or the mechanical alarm mentioned earlier? Any one of these can do it. But the Body Paint only worked as Camouflage while in the darkened tunnels, in the brightly-lit Orgy Chamber they really stood out. Or they would have if the occupants weren't so utterly Wasted!
  9. The Option of Escape for Thulsa Doom exists, depending on the chosen actions. Watching that scene in the Movie, you'll note that Valeria did reach the Dias before Doom was completely out of harm's way, but chose to capture Princess Yasimina rather than try to kill Snake-Doom, even though the (admittedly slim) possibility was there. And I did write the options as so to allow for the chance of the Heroes being able to reach Doom before he completely Scales Up (realistically, I'd say about Stage 2) and has to deal with them, but really, only the Direct Assault allows for this. Following the Movie's Path all but guarantees that Doom will escape, and if they wait, even odds. Alarms powered by Camouflage Paint? I don't think I'm reading that right. And they'll be coming in straight from Scenario VI, a reason why so many of the opponents here are drugged. Undrugged ones arrive later. Assuming they're in any condition to. And if I remember right, the pillar height was enough to create a significant barrier where it fell, so I can see a movement penalty being applied. As for a name for the Campaign Card: "Does Not Know His Own Strength"? "Did I Do That"? "Fallen Idol"? Well, I'm still going to insist that Snake Doom be there, even if the conditions required to face him like that are tricky to create. Everything else I see good points being raised. The Broken Pillar Idea for one, I hadn't really thought about how it could affect gameplay until you raised it.
  10. Longer presence of the Heroes? If the alarm's been raised that's time for reinforcements to arrive, who are at a higher skill level and have a good idea as to what's happening. 10 on-screen, perhaps more off-screen. So about 10-12 initially sound reasonable? Before reinforcements arrive? Short and sweet, but then it needed to be since they also had to get in and out of there. The whole Pillar came down actually, after two blows from Thorgrim's War Hammer - much to his own surprise. But Conan as far as I could tell did hold his own okay against them for as long as he did. Having Subotai nearby to help is something I think can be considered. Don't forget that this follows immediately from Scenario VI, where they have to avoid detection to reach the Orgy Chamber. After all if the alarm were raised there, Doom would have enough time to walk out of the Chamber through one of the other exits with Yasimina if the rules were to so state. Alternatively the Overlord could set a Trap. But I think this would be something best left for the 'Expert Mode'. And as mentioned before, there's always the possibility of Doom being forced to enter the fray. That could have some implications... If a fire is started, it would take time to properly take hold, and be noticed, but yes, I can see how it would need to be factored in. One idea I had for that (Alarm System in the Room) is for Doom to have a means of activating it from his Dias when he realises the danger he is in. So even as he's becoming a snake, he's already tripped it and the others arrive in the given number of turns. Well, there's one way to provide that already a few posts back. In the Novelisation, it is stated that the leopard was also affected by the narcotics, so that should still hold true here. Of course should the Chaos ensue...
  11. Thanks. I would say that for the ones inside the Orgy Chamber already, since they're already under the influence of the Narcotics being burned or taken in that room, they're going to be very weak, with slowed reaction time, poor reflexes, and no real tactics. If you look in the movie, you'll note how they came one or two at a time, not as a group unlike in the Battle of the Mounds - where Conan, Subotai, & Akiro had the 'Home Field Advantage'. And I counted perhaps 12-15 such 'Guards' present at that time, before Reinforcements arrived. Probably 12. Thus by the time Rexor, Thorgrimm, and the un-Wasted Guards (in both senses of the term) arrived, the Heroes wouldn't be that worn down from where I stand. Definitely stronger than the Drugged Guards, but unprepared for combat inside these deepest reaches of Doom's Stronghold. Then there's Doom himself to consider, the threat level he wields depending on his state should a Hero Player reach him. A lot of variables, I'll admit.
  12. And the three stages for Thulsa Doom's Snake Transformation: Stage 1 Eye of Set Spell now at Maximum Power/Effectiveness Stage 2 Still has 4 limbs, but all scales now Stage 3 "Hmm, Left or Right Exit?"
  13. Well I've gone over it again, and reworked the Scenario again. A few tweaks on the scenario text, and a more substantial reworking of the Map to make it a little more like the actual Orgy Chamber - mainly by using these as reference: http://www.conancompletist.com/EN/anx/orgy_anx/orgy_annexes_img.html Scenario VII - Fangs of the Serpent II NB: It's not too clear on this Map, but the Space between (3) & (4) to the right of the raised walkway is solid wall all the way up, and thus not usable space. VICTORY CONDITIONS HEROES: The Heroes win the Scenario if before the end of Turn 8[1], they have either escaped with Princess Yasimina or Thulsa Doom is killed, and at least Conan and Subotai are still alive. OVERLORD: The Overlord will win should the Heroes: Fail to steal Princess Yasimina; Valeria and Conan or Subotai are killed, or; Princess Yasimina dies before the end of Turn 8. “So this is Paradise.” Aided by their Skills, and the Information supplied by the Wizard Akiro, Conan Subotai, & Valeria have succeeded in their infiltration of the Mountain of Power, to the innermost sanction of Thulsa Doom’s Fortress. In this brightly-lit room of pungent, sickly sweet incense and depravity, their camouflage is of no use to them, but they need maintain their secrecy for only a little while longer, until they are in position to strike. Within the Alcove at the far end of the Orgy Chamber sits Thulsa Doom, with the Princess Yasimina beside him. Before our Heroes is the True Face of the Cult of Set, and that of Thulsa Doom himself revealed. "The Infidel Defilersss. Sshhall all Drown in Lakes of Blood. Now they will know why they are Afraid of the Dark. Now they will Learn, why they Fear the Night." HEROES: The Game begins with the Hero’s Turn. The Heroes start in the area indicated by the Setup Diagram. Conan (Atlantean Sword) Subotai (Hykarnian Sword) Valeria (Sword, Rope) OVERLORD: Thulsa Doom will begin in the area indicated by the Setup Diagram, Rexor & Thorgrim will not enter the Map until Turn 5 - or sooner if Summoned[1]. SPECIAL RULES “The Gods, I told them I would pay the Price.”: Valeria is destined to die at the end of the Scenario even should she survive at the end of Turn 8. “Since they are all Servants of the Snake-God…”: Due to all within his innermost sanctum being the Faithful of the Cult of Set, Thulsa Doom sees no need to place any guards within the Chamber itself. As such, they will not arrive until later in the scenario, and only if Summoned. “If we wait a while, they will all fall asleep.”: If by the end of Turn 4 the Heroes have remained undetected, the Overlord Units present in the Chamber will all have succumbed to the Narcotic Incense, thus unable to respond to moves made by the Hero Units. The True Face of Thulsa Doom: When Thulsa Doom realises he’s in Mortal Danger (or earlier should the Overlord wish), he will shed his human form and take on the form of a massive snake as so to make possible his escape (through the tunnels at the back of the Alcove indicated on the Map). This is comprised of 3 stages [2], requires 3 Turns to complete, and will be interrupted should a Hero Player reach him. “I Sssee You.”: Thulsa Doom will be able to detect the Heroes Intrusion into his innermost sanction once per turn. [3] If the Heroes do not move, roll a Dice and decide High or Low, the Heroes will be detected if the Overlord is correct. If any Hero Unit moves, roll a Dice and select a number, the Hero will be detected if the Dice lands on any number other than the selected one. If any Hero Unit moves past a given point, the Hero will be detected as from his position on his Dais, Thulsa Doom will be able to see them. APPROACH OPTIONS Ultimately, how the Heroes proceed can be boiled down to three basic designs. SILENT APPROACH: Gambling on the Narcotic Drugs imposing Loss of Consciousness on the Present Overlord Units, the Heroes bide their time, remaining hidden and unmoved before carefully approaching the slumbering Princess Yasimina, stealing her away before anyone realises she’s gone Missing in the Night. PROS - Provided that they are unseen, they will be able to steal the Princess and leave without a fight. Killing Thulsa Doom at this point should be simple. CONS - Many Turns must pass before they can begin their approach, should Thulsa Doom sssee them in this time, this option will be invalid and an immediate attack must be launched for the Heroes to have any hope for Victory. PREPARE TO ATTACK: The Heroes split up, moving themselves into position to attack on Multiple Fronts. At the same time, they arrange distractions to induce Panic and Chaos as so to aid themselves when they launch their attack to steal the Princess. PROS - As this is the method used in the Movie, it is well-known. While Thulsa Doom will be able to detect them with ease, it is likely he will escape while he has time, leaving the Princess unprotected, and easy to Steal. The chaos created by the distractions will work in the Heroes Favour. CONS - Thulsa Doom will have ample time to escape, one Victory Condition will be Lost as a consequence. You will be forced to fight your way out, and reinforcements are certain to arrive before you can escape. DIRECT ASSAULT: This is exactly what it says on the tin. Throwing Caution to the Four Winds (whom Crom laughs at), the Heroes mount an immediate charge for the Princess Yasimina, attacking all who stand in their way. PROS - The guards present will still be intoxicated, and unable to mount a serious defence, if any. Thulsa Doom will not have time to escape, forcing him to face the Heroes. CONS - Should Thulsa Doom be at Stage 1 of his metamorphosis, his ‘Eye of Set’ Spell will be at maximum strength, virtually impossible to withstand. With the battle starting so soon, Rexor & Thorgrim will arrive sooner. [1] - As in the movie, Rexor & Thorgrim (plus a few guards) won’t arrive until late in the Scenario. A set number of turns after Thulsa Doom activates a mechanical alarm set by his Dais? If Summoned sooner, they will arrive within 2 Turns. [2] - Again, as in the movie, this will be a slow process, and requires effort on Thulsa Doom’s part to enact. Incidentally, could using his tail as it grows to activate the alarm work? [3] - The movie never did explain how Thulsa Doom was able to know they were coming, but given the powers he demonstrated, such a spell isn’t an unreasonable conclusion to reach. And if they move, they will have to cross points where they can be seen by him, hence why the odds are stacked so highly in his favour in that case, and still very good even if they stay still.
  14. Yes. Was before, still am. Been looking over the Scenario and Map again, noticed the Map's a bit inaccurate, but I'll see what I can do.
  15. Hard to say. I know in the movie it was almost straight from one to the other, with perhaps less than a minute of respite - when they noticed what as going on in the Orgy Chamber - but the Heroes were able to avoid any fights so I'd think they'd still be close to full strength in that instance. Little (if any) in the way of fatigue. And a general lack of awareness as to their being there - save perhaps for TD. It can work, but I wonder what the others think.
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