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  1. Arthadan

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    What's the link to get the Compendiums in Fluent? Thanks in advance!
  2. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Thanks @Florentin! I'm remembering a very pleasant evening in Toulouse, speaking about our fan-made scenarios. It feels like it was ages ago...
  3. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Not on my end, sorry. I'm getting into the miniatures business with my own brand and it's a very time-consuming thing to do. Check out the link to the Facebook group, you'll get a pleasant surprise! Link to the Facebook group
  4. Arthadan

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    The French version of the Compendium 4 is in the works (Mythic Battles and Batman, no Conan). Is there a date for the English version of the Compendium 2?
  5. Arthadan

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    It was a strange move to announce a new Conan Kickstarter for 2019 without securing the rights to use the IP.
  6. Arthadan

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    Done, check your PM!
  7. Arthadan

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    Will do this weekend! Please keep in mind I'm not a native speaker though.
  8. Arthadan

    No more Conan until 2020??

    Checking the comments in the Claustrophobia 1643 Kickstarter, I've stumbled upon this entry by @Matt John S (I quote); So it looks like Shinobi 7 did acquire the Conan license with exclusivity. This is in clear contradiction with what we were told before: Matt's comment. Guess there was a misunderstanding at first. Coming from Matt, I guess this last comment is true, can anybody confirm the bad news? I'm terribly disappointed with this last turn of events.
  9. Arthadan

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    I can help you out with the translation if you want. I was part of the translation team of the first Compendium, so I have some experience.
  10. Arthadan

    Quest of Conan Part One

    Interesting approach. I like the RPG tone.
  11. Arthadan

    Community Generated Campaign

    I started the campaign last weekend and my gaming group had a lot of fun. Thanks guys!
  12. Arthadan

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    Another important point: the next Conan KS should have perfectly clear rules explanation. You only need to take a look at the number of questions regarding unclear scenario rules to realise there is room for improvement in that area.
  13. Arthadan

    [Rules] The Last Ditch Invocation

    Movement of the tentacles is covered by the rules, Thaugh has one spell to do that. But the rest remains unknown...
  14. Arthadan

    [Rules] The Last Ditch Invocation

    I have some questions regarding this scenario: 1) Jumping from ship to ship. How many movement points does it cost? What does happen to a character failing the jumping test? If he remains on the original area, can he try to jump again in the same turn (spending more movement points)? If he falls down to the sea, is him automatically killed or can he be activated normally to fight/nive/climb back to the ship? 2) Thaugh He does not have Reach, so he can't attack in close combat and there is only one OL character (N'gora) that can make distance attacks, but even with a maximum attack roll, he can't hurt Thaugh. What's the point giving him a life point score?

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