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  1. Conan the Barbarian

    That's the idea! Conan is heavily armored in this scenario (plus he has a special rule which makes Valeria come back from Death to save him from the first fatal blow), and one of the OL victory conditions is making him lose at least half of his gems. But don't worry, Conan can use the Spike Trap against him..
  2. Conan the Barbarian

    New deadlier version of Thorgim. Mounted Combat rules updated as well, now units can Dismount.
  3. Devil in Iron campaign book

    In the campaign heroes can level up gaining new skills, they also can use their experience points to get gems for a common pool and they retain the equipment gained or lost during previous scenarios. I'd say is possible to play the scenarios as standalone but you'll need to consider beforehand which campaign upgrades should the heroes and the Overlord get to simulate campaign progression up to the point when that particular scenario is supposed to happen.
  4. Game System Upgrades in Batman

    Some corrections afer reading the draft of the rules in the French forum: - Overlord Tiles: they get a category (Liutenants, elites and minions). Besides Movement, Ranged Attack and Melé Attack, OL tiles may get more actions (same as Heroes, they may get Manipulation for example) and they may be able to perform these actions more than once per turn. -Command Skill does not disappear. In fact it's splitted in Command (minions) and Command (elite), but gems are placed in the new Mind action.
  5. Conan the Barbarian

    So, next steps are: - Modify Mounted Combat rules to allow minions to dismount. - Make new tiles for dismounted OL units. - Adjustments to some existing cards (mounted Thorgrim with increased damage, Helmet). - Some small adjustments to the map (divide two big areas in the monolith field). - Incorporate last changes in the scenario, aimed to a quicker setup (less items/traps tokens to place, as some have been removed and others have a fixed location), simpler rules (two special rules removed, other simplified and one crow effect removed) and hopefully a more balanced game (victory conditions tweaked). I'll be working on this over the weekend.
  6. Game System Upgrades in Batman

    I've just watched the Batman gameplay videos posted by @SentMa and I'll try to summarize all the game System Upgrades I've notice, so we can have them all in one place. Needless to day, I'm pretty excited about them! MAPS New icons in zones indicating: - Maximum number of miniatures allowed in that area (miniatures now have size, so a single miniature may count as more than one). - Height level: the size of the circle denoting the center of the area will indicate if the zone is at ground level or above. - Difficult ground: this icon indicates there is a penalty of one extra movement points to exit the zone. Line of Sight Rooms have no center to determine the Los, instead they have a green line in the entrance. This means there is always LoS only between the room and the zone adyacent to the green line. Line of Sight between zones in different height levels: these are noted by letters near the zone center icon. If the letters in the target and origin zone match, there is LoS. HEROES New Action: Mind. It's used to solve riddles, hack computers (no much use in Conan, I know) and activate allies. So it replaces the Command skill, and has a limit of gems per turn. Adrenaline: not exactly an action, it allows to go beyond the exertion limit of an Action, but the gems used for this purpose go directly to the Wounded box. It has a limit per turn. New characteristics : -Size: space occupied the heroe when determining zone exertion limit. -Menace: Hindering value of the miniature (some miniatures are more dangerous than others). Skills change: -Some skills now have levels, for example Sacrifice level 2 means you can absorb up to 2 points of damage caused to an ally in your zone, or Evasive level 2 means you can ignore up to 2 Hindering penalty points when moving. Special Trait: Unique for each character. For Batman is he can't use lethal weapons. I wonder what will they come up with for Conan heroes. OVERLORD The Overlord benefits now have a limit of gems per turn. Up to 4 gems for Movement and Reroll and up to 3 for Armour. Tiles now have 2 new characteristics: Size and Menace (same as Heroes). And I think this is all. I have to say I love each and every upgrade to the system. Now we'll have more Hero diversity with the skill levels and special traits, and maps will be easier to use.
  7. Why is there no offical video guide for this game?

    I'd say the version 2 of the rules is pretty straightforward, but if you want a good (but unofficial) how to play video , I recommend this one : https://youtu.be/MKFV-ywF130
  8. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    I've got the French compendium. Since I'm more fluent in English, I'm getting this one as well and sticking to English editions only from now on. I'll gladly pass along my French compendium to anybody not getting this one, as long as language is not an issue.
  9. Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    That's a good point, my female players usually complaint about that.
  10. Overlord and Half Naked Girls

    Well, Conan himself is half naked. I'd say the classic image of barbarians doesn't include much clothes. Besides, there are women of more civilised kingdoms wearing more clothes, like Valeria who is Aquilonian: Perhaps some of them could be included as well in the website.
  11. What do people hope for in the 2019 KS?

    +1 to 3D Scenery. They add nothing to the gameplay but they are much more immersive. I'd gladly pay por pict huts, pallisades, trees... Also modular gameboards could be a great addition. And mounted warriors!
  12. Conan the Barbarian

    I think I'll remove the special rule with the skeletons. It doesn't add much to the gameplay and the scenario is a bit complex. Worth it keeping it?
  13. Hate gameboard Huts

    Hi guys! Is anybody here backing Hate Kickstarter? I mean this one: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/hate?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=hate Thing is I'm not interested enough in the game to get it, but I'd love to get the plastic huts add-on they offer (hint for Monolith's next Conan Kickstarter: people like plastic scenery). So if somebody would kindly allow me to join his/her pledge for just that add-on it would be great. By the way, I live in Spain so the closer the better Thanks in advance!
  14. Conan the Barbarian

    And it seems Boris is working his magic again:
  15. Conan the Barbarian

    Some more ideas I'll test this weekend: - Conan starts with the helmet and the heavy axe, in addition to his current equipment. - The first turn is for the OL. Advantage: less item tokens for the heroes to place during the set-up, more movie-like. No 'silly' heroes first turn picking up items. - Conan (or both heroes) will drop the weapon he has used more recently when he loses 6 wounds. It will be placed in any adjacent area by the OL. Advantage: balance the fact Conan starts with a very powerful weapon. More movie-like (Conan will need his Atlantean Sword now). - New trap activations: - stakes will be placed in a fixed position, roll for activation. Once activated, remains in game giving a movement penalty. - Spike Trap: now its used with the hidden movement rules within the monolith field. I'll elaborate later, but basically when an OL unit attacks the "hidden Conan" counter and that counter is placed in the Spike Trap area, the trap is sprung and Conan loses the helmet (the reason is it's used as bait for the trap, like in the movie). Thoughts on these?