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  1. Conan the Barbarian

    Perhaps we can use for the Narrow Passages the Evasive skill as well, since it's more common.
  2. Conan the Barbarian

    First thing to fix is that the altar should follow the same rules as the fallen monoliths. Waiting for your comments, guys!
  3. Conan the Barbarian

    Board rules, as promised. This is the version 0, just for internal use until we all agree. I think I have downloaded an old version of the map, I'll update the image with the last one but it serves to give you an idea. I'm afraid I'd need a last change, just making the top of Altar Hill and Monolith Hill new areas (in yellow in the map). Perhaps Monolith Hill top could be two areas. Also, it would be a good idea to draw line of sights from the hilltops. Thoughts on this? Map.pdf
  4. Conan the Barbarian

    I'm updating the Mounted Combat document, adding the bit about hindering (1 mounted miniature = 2 miniatures on foot regarding hindering), and replacing the term "stunned" for "fallen" as suggested by @Primeval. There is one more thing I'd like to change, the Trample skill. Until now Armour applied against this attack and the attacker rolled a normal attack. Problem was that this a movement action, so the unit could make 2 attacks in one turn (trample one with movement points and normal one) which was overpowered. I think is more balanced now. Trample Skill The Trample attack is a new Movement skill available only for Mounted models. - It cost is 2 Movement points. - The trampling model performs an attack rolling - The defender may perform a Guard action but may not parry, only dodge. Armor does not apply. - If the attack is successful, the defender is Fallen (see below). Thoughts?
  5. Conan the Barbarian

    Any solution is viable. Disadvantage of the sheet is that it takes more space, but advantage is many heroes can share it and is easier to read than counting tokens. Disadvantage of the single arrow tokens is that is a lot of work to cut them (imagine a scenario with 2 heroes with proyectiles, that would be 30 tokens!, even more if they have a bow and a secondary throwing weapon). Advantage is that it takes less space. I suggest leaving it as it is for now, and we can offer the alternative single arrow tokens in the future.
  6. [Core] Ships

    They are considered to have the same elevation level as the rest of the deck, so it's possible to shoot to that space from the other ship.
  7. Lotus Compendium

    The addiction part could be represented as a loss of focus. The hero move one gem from his reserve zone to his fatigue zone at the start of his turn during X turns after consuming the lotus. Or perhaps he must consume the lotus every X turns (perform a simple manipulation action, as long as he has enough doses on him) and if he does not, then he suffers the gem penalty.
  8. Conan the Barbarian

    Proyectile Tracker sheet done! I've update the Ranged combat optional rules with this new tracker image.
  9. Conan the Barbarian

    Done! By the way, we need to readjust tokens as well as follows: 1) We have no decoy tokens!! Three decoys are enough. Easy fix would be: - Replace 2 potions with decoys. - Replace spear with decoy (no token needed because it's Subotai's starting equipment) Regarding the Decoy illustration, I suggest to use the same illustration we have for the facedown (the skellie with the monolith in blue tones). 2) We need a new Horned Helmet token since it wouldn't be in Conan's starting equipment (in playtesting I've discovered that's too much armour from the start). - Replace the blank token with the helmet. - Do you need me to do the token or can you do it? 3) Resizing the life point tracking sheet page. It's a bit bigger than a hero sheet. That's no biggie but since it's quick to make and we're uploading a new version of the file anyway I think it's worth it. - I'll do it and send it to you by PM. 4) Proyectile tracking sheet. - That's on me, I'll do it and send it to you. On my side I have changed the Horned Helmet defense dice to and uploaded the new version of the cards file.
  10. Conan the Barbarian

    Akiro tile with the Armor value adjusted to 2. @Xaltotun could you please update the tiles download file when possible?
  11. Conan the Barbarian

    Of course! The map is perfectly playable as it is and we can use it for our "open beta" playtesting version in December. I think in the movie Subotai fires some arrows from behind the wall, surely @Xaltotun can tell if I'm wrong or not. What about my question? :
  12. Conan the Barbarian

    And back to the map... I have to say it's amazing both in size and quality. @Florentin has made a great job and the progress from the first version is impressive. I must confess I had my doubt about the large areas, but they play out pretty well with the big cavalry bases. One last doubt: Is it possible to move from 26 <--> 22? (I've played like it is possible) f so I'd delete the stake separating both areas because it's not very clear. . I've discovered during playtesting is we have a small issue with the wall of sand (areas 27, 82, 83). Horses cannot run on top of it, area 81 is never used and the small unumbered area to the right of area 83 is so small not even a dismounted miniature can fit in there. I guess heroes could use it to hide behind it (same as within the monolith field), but for that we would need a much thinner wall with bigger areas behind it (on its right side). Going back to an old idea, it could be something like this: This way heroes can hide between Princess Hill and the top segment ofthe wall and behind the long vertical section. Doesn't really matters it it has this shape or the current one, I'm using this image to illustrate my suggestion about a thinner wall with space to it's right for heroes to hide. Thoughts on this?
  13. Conan the Barbarian

    Long overdue battle reports. FIRST PLAYTESTING GAME Heroes used the movie strategy, Subotai grabbed the bow to kill any enemies going to Princess Hill , staying at the border of the monolith filed, while Conan intercepted enemies going to get him. The OL divided his forces in an attempt to keep busy the heroes while capturing the Yasmina with a few warriors. In the end Thorgrim died, Thulsa Doom arrived but he couldn't use his Set's Arrow spell to kill Yasmina and win because she was behind the huge stone she was tied to at the start of the game (one Black Guard had managed to capture her and was running away but was shot dead by Subotai while standing in that area, dropping Yasmina dead). Akiro managed to survive until the end ofthe game. He had a great role boosting Subotai's shots with his Support skill and casting Favor of the Gods on Conan. In the end Rexor killed Subotai, Conan rushed towards Rexor but he was too late and Thulsa Doom had to admit his defeat. Hadrathus as Akiro, Kherim Sha as (dead) Subotai SECOND PLAYTESTING GAME Heroes changed the strategy. Instead of staying within the safety of the monolith field, they took the fight to the enemy blocking the access to Princess Hill. The Overlord went for Yasmina with everything he got, all the action was condensed around Princess Hill. Subotai was surrounded pretty bad, unable to escape and playing defensive, Akiro was killed early in the game and the heroes sorely missed his Favor of the Gods spell (pretty useful!) Thulsa Doom never appeared because Thorgrim and Rexor survived until the end Subotai was killed by regular troops in the end, Conan survived with only 3 gems and only the turn limit (10 turns) made the heroes win. CONCLUSION Best strategy for the heroes was clearly the one they use in the first game, closer to what we see in the movie. They have advantage within the monolith fild, limiting the number of riders attacking them in the smaller zones there (as opposed to the bigger zones outside). Subotai shooting from the edge of the monolith field has a good chance to kill any enemy getting too close to Yasmina, specially with Akiro's support. The Overlord has a harder time in this scenario, having to divide his forces to capture the Yasmine while keeping the heroes at bay. I'm thinking Rexor and Thorgrim shouldn't be the very last in the River, having them arriving earlier can spice things up. I'd try that next and see how it plays out. Olgred as dimounted Thorgrim. Edit: As you may notice, I'm using the old Subotai sheet without the Lock-picking skill. It makes no difference for this scenario.
  14. Conan the Barbarian

    Nope, closer thing to an opportunity attack is the skill Counterattack (Riposte, in French). It allows to perform a free attack after being attacked.
  15. Conan the Barbarian

    Will work on that next!

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