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  1. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    OK, so we agree. No downtime between scenario VI and VII. We have to consider, in average, how many gems the heroes will lose in the previous scenario. Taking in account we have Rexor and Thorgrim here, they can't lose much. The design of scenario VI is going to be challenging, it must be interesting to play but we can't have much combat. Regarding booms granted by the war paints, I was thinking about the special rules the scenario will have for stealth moves. Do you have anything else in mind?
  2. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Quick question: do you think this scenario should be played right after scenario VI (sneaking into the caves)? I mean with no downtime in between, so gems lost in scenario VI will not be recovered before this one. If we go for that, heroes will have one potion each (provided by Akiro) at the start of scenario VI. And we will need to design this scenario with weakened heroes in mind.
  3. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Love the idea of using torches! The heroes should be able to set curtains on fire, creating a distraction as Valeria does in the movie. Not sure about the variable setup positions though, the more variables we have, the harder it will be to balance them all.
  4. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Perfect, then we all agree! (unless @Xaltotun has something to say!) I've resized the map to the official size and proportions were spot-on, so no distortion at all. Perhaps before starting with zone division, we should give a thought about how we want this scenario to be played, so zone size a distribution go along our design principles. I think we will need small, dark areas for our heroes to hide in while in stealth mode (probably surrounding the big circular room and prehaps in the lower tunnels. Then medium size areas for the rest (center of the circular room and throne room). When I say small areas I mean fit for 1 -3 miniature base and medium 4 - 10 (this is just a guideline). What do you think?
  5. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Rotated map: we can make the upper tunnel to turn to the left, running parallel to the border. This way we maximize gaming space. And perhaps adding another tunnel in the lower right corner. I like the idea of reinforcements Coming from different tunnels when the alarm is raised. Vertical map: Maybe we have too much unused space (left and right of the throne room and lower left corner mainly). Also, if we want to go official size, needs to be closer to a square. Thoughts?
  6. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Since in this scenario we have no mounted troops, I think it would be better to use a normal (official) size map. They have a nice size for foot miniatures. Also, I think we don't need to see much of the tunnels. I suggest something like this:
  7. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    I think having two tunnels is a good idea, makes the map more interesting. I'll need to watch the scene again, but I think Rexor and Thorgrim were in the room. Certainly they were half-dressed, as if they had been interrupted from more pleasant endeavors. The reason behind TD transformation is of little consequence from a scenario design point of view. In the end what matters to us is that he will start his slow transformation at the start of the scenario. Regarding gameplay, I was thinking about something along the lines of these special rules from the official scenario Trapped like Rats: • Hidden in the shadows: At night, the heroes take advantage of the darkness and the drowsiness of their jailers; if the alarm has not been raised: • Characters cannot perform Ranged attacks. • The Overlord cannot use benefits. • The Overlord can activate only 1 tile during their turn. • When a minion dies, lay the minion’s model down in the model’s area instead of removing the model from the board. If a hero is in an area with a dead minion and there are no living enemy characters in the area, the hero can perform a simple Manipulation to remove a dead minion’s model from the board. • Alarm!: The alarm is raised if any of the following occurs: • A character uses Wall Wrecker or an Explosive Orb. • At the beginning of the Overlord’s turn, if a unit is in an area with a dead minion or a hero. • At the end of turn 4. When the alarm is raised, the Overlord removes all dead character’s models from the board and places 5 Bossonian Guard models with green bases in the entrance area. The Overlord places the green Bossonian Guards tile on the left in the River, sliding tiles to the right as needed, and replaces the recovery token in the book of Skelos with the recovery token showing a recovery value of “5.”
  8. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Scenario VI - The Fangs of the Serpent I is precisely about sneaking into the tunnels using the official Stygia tunnels map, so I guess we can have the orgy room, Thulsa Doom throne room, and just the start of the tunnel to the kitchens, all fitting into an official-sized map if possible. @Vincent255, what is the other tunnel in your sketch?
  9. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    You've made me remember something Valeria says before they go for Yasmina: "a thief could do it, but not a vengeful one". I think the question is: would Conan try to restrain himself at all? I don't remember him struggling to restrain, he just charges into the room as soon as he sees Rexor and Thorgrim there (it is worth remembering how they humiliated Conan when he was captured). Perhaps Conan can act in "stealth mode" until he has line of sight to Rexor or Thorgrim. When that happens, he is bound to attack them. How does it sounds?
  10. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Well, that settles it. We're all in for scenario VII! Perhaps we should start with a simple map (just black lines) to play around with the zone division and then build up the finished color version from there. @Vincent255, could you please share your ideas about the scenario with the group?
  11. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Any option works for me, even scenario VII. I just want to be sure we're all on the same page before starting. I'll write down the campaign rules (experience points and level up), a simplified version of the official campaign. Heroes start at level 0 and can raise up to level 2. We have seven scenarios so far, so they should level up every 2-3.
  12. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    No rest for the wicked! I've been thinking what scenario would be best to do next. I know you guys feel like doing scenario VII - The Fangs of the Serpent II (a.k.a. the orgy), but please take in account this is the only remaining scenario needing another custom map. Perhaps it would be better to do something lighter, using an official map. I don't have the Modiphius tiles yet, so the list of remaining scenarios using Monolith boards are: II - The Tower of Set Heroes: Conan, Valeria, Subotai Map: Custom or Khitai Tower from Khitai expansion The heroes enter the dreaded Tower of Set to steal its riches. They must take out the guards in stealth and they can disguise themselves using the tunis of the acolytes and of course they must retrieve the greatest treasure there which is protected by a Giant Snake! III - Escape! Heroes: Conan, Valeria, Subotai Map: Stygia streets (from the Stygia expansion) The tower guards rush after the intruders through the streets of Shadizar. The heroes must fight their way through the streets and make the guards lose their trail. A vengeful camel may appear. VI - The Fangs of the Serpent I Heroes: Conan, Valeria, Subotai Map: Stygia tunnels (from the Stygia expansion) Having recovered his strength, Conan and his companions head back to the Mountain of Power to recover the daughter of King Osric, now an adept of the Serpent God. First they have to sneak into the mountain using a secret entrance, dark tunnels lead them deep into the heart of the mountain. And then we have one scenario re-using the Mounds map: V - The spirits here ask a heavy toll Heroes: Valeria, Subotai Map: Custom Mounds map Akiro has cast a spell on Conan to save his life but the Spirits of the Mounds will try to claim his soul before dawn. I think doing any of these will reduce dramatically the development time and increase the chance that people actually play our scenarios. I think now we are getting more "likes" and sympathy than actual players because printing so much material when there are so many scenarios out there using official stuff is not very appealing. Of course we are doing this mainly for ourselves, but it would be nice to get more people involved. I think before voting what we want to do next, we need to ask our dear cartographer @Florentin if he feels like starting another map right away. What do you think?
  13. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    IT'S DONE!
  14. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian Campaign

    THE WAIT IS OVER! After much internal playtesting, we proudly announce that the first scenario for the Conan the Barbarian Campaign is ready for testing! We decided to start by one of the most iconic scenarios in the film, the Battle of the Mounds. We know there are many files to download and print for a single scenario, but keep in mind this is a campaign and we are just starting. Many of these files will be used in other upcoming scenarios as well. Thanks to @Florentin and @Xaltotun, my brothers-in-arms in this epic quest, without your help none of this would have been possible. And thanks to all our regular Babarians, who have encouraged us to see this through, made remarks that have helped us to improve our work and supported us! Download Links Gameboard (please make sure to download the last version, v.1.5): Gameboard rules: Scenario: Hero sheets: Tokens and counters: Enemy tiles: Cards (equiment & others): Mounted combat (new rule): Ranged attacks (new rule): Paper Stand-ups for mounted moniatures: You can also find alternative Hero sheets (same stats, different illustration) in our Campaign folderin the Downloads section. For rule questions, playtesting feedback and comments, please use this thread: Campaign thread link. And we have already decided what's going to be our next scenario, here you are a sneak pic:
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Battle of the Mounds scenario for the Conan the Barbarian Campaign.

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