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  1. Well to be perfectly honest, the protracted wait that's been the case since the beginning of the year - following a relatively quick development earlier - I think is the main reason for the decline in the post rate due to waning interest. And this particular scenario is now running months behind the original schedule which I doubt is helping any. Still, I was hoping the next Scenario to be developed would be: VII - The Fangs of the Serpent II, that being the one which caught my interest the most.
  2. Only because every game I've played before either lacks a turn limit, or has a much larger one, and once a time limit was used. Hence why the 10-turn limit had me wondering if that would be enough.
  3. Well, the 10-Turn Limit does confuse me (forgot to mention that earlier). Could you clarify that detail? Explain why? And how that can be enough? Other than that though, the rest makes sense to me, and does capture the Spirit of the Movie well.
  4. Looking it over, I'll get back to you when I've read/reviewed it.
  5. Just checked them, they look good. I'm guessing this scenario is finally getting close to completion?
  6. Coming along well. So what's next?
  7. I doubt it. They're little more than an obstacle.
  8. Read it through... Revisions to the OL Victory Condition does make sense to me, seeing as it adds more to/toughens their requirements, so the Heroes have more of a chance - I think I recall you stating that that was an issue before. Though forcing Conan to leave behind the Heavy Axe and Helmet does make me wonder as to why. I'm sure in the movie, he had both of them the moment the Battle of the Mounds began, though Doom's 'Army' was already approaching when he picked them up and selected his first point to fight - just as he made his One and Only Prayer to Crom. As for Thorgrim? Don't you mean 'increasing his chance to kill'? Because as you worded it, it's, rather confusing. Still. It's a good update, and it's good to hear that this scenario is getting closer to completion.
  9. Hope you all had a Good X-Mas New Year. How has this Scenario progressed?
  10. So long as Google Translate was sufficiently accurate, I have a good idea as to what you're getting at. One thing I'd say, is that were Valeria spared Death, she'd be likely to die at the Battle of the Mounds. And I can see the Heroes losing the Favour of the Gods, which could well turn the tide against them. I say this since Valeria did see her own Death as the Price she paid for saving Conan from Death's own doorstep. Hence why I feel that her Death would have to be preordained, by way of a clear statement making clear that were she to survive the Palace Battle, Thulsa Doom takes his revenge with her Fall. As for the Village Raid? Well, Thulsa Doom didn't turn up until after the Battle was over, so he at least is assured survival there I believe.
  11. Well I know that in the Novelisation, the Sword Rexor Wielded (the one that was made by Conan's Father) did remain intact, and Conan reclaimed it upon killing him. For Valeria, I think what you're describing is indicative of Gameplay/Story Segregation. So I'm not all that sure how it could be adapted into the Game.
  12. Great News! Shame about Subotai, but good to know that the game works. ^_^
  13. Based on my last watching of the movie, I'd say that at least Conan began somewhere in the monoliths, perhaps near the edge away from the Princess? Subotai I think would be on the other side for when the Overlords start fanning out to pick them off there. Not sure about The WIzard, but between the Mounds and Monoliths?
  14. By my count, that's five sheets wide by three long. Still, I know I have places where such a map can fit, and it's not the largest one I've both seen and owned. And I do like the look of it. ^_^
  15. As a WIP I like this a lot. Victory & Defeat Conditions look Solid to me, and I don't believe they need modifying. Some of the Special Rules appear to fit the 'Expert Mode', that was raised a while back, namely the limit to Arrows that Subotai can fire. The Intro for this Scenario I particularly like.
  16. Love the Stand-Up. Really Love the Map!
  17. Sounds like a good idea to me, the suggestion of restricting a mounted OL piece to where they can fit. The way I see it, between the corridors, there should be space to squeeze a Hero into, a place to launch a surprise attack if they can remain unseen.
  18. This seems like a good idea to me. One idea I've been thinking about from the comments so far regarding the rules. Would there be anything wrong with making the game available with two settings? As in: Standard Rules; And Expert Rules? Standard being exactly that, while Expert would add things like Ammo Limits? Would this work? Or could it cause too many problems to go with it?
  19. This, really has grabbed my interest already, and it's only in the early stages! Thing is. I'd love to contribute to this, but what you see here is about the limits of my capabilities: A loose approxomation of the Mountain of Power Hall/Orgy Chamber, where: Escape Tunnel Escape Tunnel Snake-Head Doom upon dias/throne/seat/etc Split Pea & Hand Soup Four-Faced Pillar Tunnel to Kitchens Tunnel to somewhere else The Princess Yasimina Which is about the only particular scenario I'm expecting to see: <- Halil Ural <-Screencap <- Mark Schultz? <- Ron Cobb Storyboard? In any case, for the Battle of the Mounds Scenario, there is here, with a French Language Version here. The site itself I find tricky to navigate, and prefer to use Google to grab the pages I'm after, but does have a lot of information and images which could help.
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