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  1. Okay, now that "CONAN IS BACK" (he never left at my house), can we recommence the rampant speculation? 😉 Seriously Monolith - no date, no info... you teasers!!! 😁
  2. I wish there had been at least some copies of this shipped to an Asian hub. Was there really not enough demand anticipated to make some quantity available to the region?
  3. I never saw that Monolith mention. Do you have a source - and are you sure you're not talking about Asmodee? Shame. (EDIT: This post from Erwan... Looks good for the Dragon and Black Ones in 2019) I would have thought that, because the moulds already exist, if these items were in the pledge manager that they could just more or less perfectly manage the quantities produced (if the agreement with Asmodee doesn't preclude it). From what I hear, a whole lot of people didn't get these things because they expected to be able to get them at retail. Perhaps there's still that pent up demand? I agree that there was a whole lot of empty space in those boxes. I'm certainly not against plain packaging for these small add-ons, myself. I'd be loath to purchase the lot just to obtain the one that I'm missing, given that I'm happily (well, satisfactorily) substituting another mini for the dragon now. I guess we'll see 🙂
  4. Well, I voted for Red Nails and Black Kingdoms expansions. I do like the idea of a "City of Thieves" type expansion but, for the sense of scale of a portion of a city, I can't help but feel that you'd need at least 1.5 of the regular sized boards. I'm curious as to what they might adapt from the Batman KS - limiting the number of gems that the OL can spend on certain actions, for example? I didn't back the original KS (wasn't on KS at the time), backed Book of Set and was able to get a King Pledge. Got *everything* bar the Dragon aftermarket at very reasonable prices. I'd like to see reprints of the items that never made it to retail (e.g. the Dragon, the Black Ones). Personally, I'm not against seeing the KS exclusives being offered again in the next KS campaign for others to enjoy the game and additional scenarios to their fullest. If there was a real objection to that then, yes, the tile graphics have been made available in various ways and so the enthusiastic among us can print them, use them on spare foreign language or blank tiles and substitute minis, but hey... are the only people who would object those selling them for unconscionable prices? More maps. How about this... using one full sized board, one half sized board. Side 1: City map boards that adjoin one another, perhaps with the edge as an alley to make it flexible which side the half board joins on (yeah, I have a large table 😉) Side 2: A house and grounds full size map (house, small surrounding garden, wall on the edges of the board) with a roof/smaller upper floor half map, like the Khitai arrangement? (Could be used for scenarios like a variant on the "Rogues in the House" story?)
  5. I wasn't an original Conan backer (late to KS), but managed to get one of the King's Pledges that was available in the AU region from the Book of Set campaign. Since then I've been able to get everything from the original campaign except for the dragon at a reasonable price. In the meantime I can substitute another miniature (MB:P's hydra) and I've printed the card faces (thanks, the-overlord.net 🙂) and stuck them to a surplus French card for playing at present. I imagine there are quite a few people that held off on getting some of the components that were intended to hit retail and so I'm also hoping these are offered during the Conan 2019 KS.
  6. Very glad I didn't miss this. I just managed to get everything but the dragon (here's hoping that sees a reprint in next year's KS campaign) aftermarket and was updating my collection on BGG. There I saw a second compendium and immediately rushed back over here. I'd gotten the first compendium (from a different account here - to which I can't seem to recover the password but I may as well have an account here consistent with my KS account anyway) and hadn't seen anything about further compendiums. All good!
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