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  1. Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    This is my fault, as I translated loosely SentMa's post into English. I was thinking of the following excerpts, but my phrasing is probably an exageration: And I guess I had in thought another novel by REH with a similar background, The Jewels of Gwahlur, where the Oracle Temple is inhabited by the necrophagous man-eating Servants of Bit-Yakin.
  2. [Rules] In the clutches of the picts

    Yep. That cost must be paid by the Overlord, and not only by the Heroes.
  3. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    Well, it's been about one month without news of @Stonewolf on that topic, now. If you don't mind, I'll wait one more week and then propose to motion pictures to guess, just in case there is still someone around here wishing to play.
  4. Kushite witch-hunters

    This is a misprint. They should have a passive defense, not an active one, as any other unit of the Overlord do. In fact, all the tiles of the small addons (like the crossbowmen or Salome), including the KS exclusive (like the Giant Wolves) have the same error. This misprint isn't on the tiles of the three big expansions (like Nordheim). There was a request on the French-speaking forum asking for corrected tiles (brand new tiles or small stickers to add on your tiles), but Monolith stated that, due to the costs of production, they won't correct this. They have, nevertheless provided a file with corrected tiles to print yourself, if it is really bugging you and your players. You can find it there.
  5. Best mini expansion?

    I know that the bundles of KS exclusive add-on that were sold with the Book of Set were the 10% remaining from the first KS, that Monolith didn't sell just in case of shipment issues. Now that they have been sold too, I guess that Monolith doesn't have anything left. That means that they should produce miniatures again in order to sell them. Not sure they will do it... but as @Epaka, I can't give you a definitive answer, this should come from Monolith's staff (for instance @SentMa or @tony)... but maybe they don't know for now. They are very likely currently focusing on Batman.
  6. Best mini expansion?

    Note that if you don't like the miniatures of wolves, you can also use proxies. There is a topic with link to more dynamics wolves here, on the French-speaking forum and, if you plan to buy Nordheim, you'll get the tiles for the wolves. That means you can focus on another KS exclusive, if you'd like to get the Vanir Valkyrie, for instance. Note that the Vanir Valkyrie may be played as an antagonist as well as a player-character, if that's the kind of stuff you're looking for.
  7. Best mini expansion?

    Hi, @iso250! If I was to get two of them and two only, I'd take the Black Dragons and the the Giant Wolves. Here's why: For the Black Dragons, it's only for aesthetic reasons: they are in my opinion amongst the coolest miniatures of Conan. They look great and that should be enough. For the Giant Wolves, it's because they are used in the expansion Nordheim. Sure, you can replace them by hyenas, but some players were disappointed when they realised that that KS exclusive was used in an official expansion. Another way to find out which expansion is the best would be to investigate through the official scenarii, in order to see which miniature is used the most often.
  8. Best of Robert E. Howard's Canon

    I've finally managed to read the third tome of the Bragelonne edition of Conan. That fine edition contains all the novels of Conan written by REH, in the order of publication, and following Louinet (a French Conan scholar) it's as close of the original work as it can be. As @Ol' Grumpy and @Rhell pointed it out, it's quite difficult to establish a top three of these novels, but here's some thoughts about three novels I really enjoyed. I really liked Xuthal of the Dust. Sure, the novel is flawed. The Conan girl*, Natala, isn't much more than the icing on the cake, une potiche, as she would be called in French. Her most frequent line is "Oooh, Conan" (with an afraid, whining tone). Yes, the inhabitants of Xuthal aren't very noticeable opponents, and it seemed curious to me that so much of these dream-people attack Conan on sight. It would have been better in my opinion that they just don't care about his presence. Yeah, the kinky action comes a little out of the blue, as Thalis herself does, but it's not beyond suspension of disbelief, I think, and the rivalry between the two girls to get Conan attention is a way to make the story move forward. But anyway, that novel is epic. It features an antique nation, gifted with advanced technology, that has been living as recluse for ages. As they have found the means to fulfil very easily every and each of their desires, they are now weak and live meaningless, hedonist lives. It made me think about a mind-blowing novel by Richard Matheson, When the waker sleeps (1950), although this story is entirely different. I think that this description of the people of Xuthal already shows ideas that will be more explicitly be told by REH years later (in Beyond the Black River or in The Red Nails, for instance). As often in REH work, the story seems to be a parenthesis worthy to be told in the routine of the barbarian (his mercenary/plunderer/pirate life), but this time what happened just before (the defeat of Almuric) matters, because this backstory explains why Natala who isn't an adventurer is sticking with Conan and why they are in such a difficult situation when the story begins. As they aren't really out of trouble at the end of the story, this contributes to the impression that Conan is living outside the stories told by REH, that he's not only a character summoned for a story meant to be sold, but that the novels are part of a greater, yet untold and maybe unthought story. I really enjoyed its setting: a lost, dying city in the desert isn't only an exotic background (I've come to think that I like such destinations much more than Aquilonia or even the Border in REH's work, even when they are only pasteboard decors, caricatures rather than believable constructions), it's also a thrilling place with so much narrative potential! And REH exploited it quite well with those dead-seeming people, a place that seems both inhabited and deserted, and its slithering shadow. I loved it. What's more, that story features one of the rare antagonists that are a real threat to Conan. And, finally, Natala is maybe not the potiche she seemed at first sight. She did more than being taken captive, moaning, and getting spanked by Conan. Well, maybe that's enough comment for one day. I'll come back for some thoughts about my two other picks another day. Thanks for reading. If you want to comment and share your thoughts about Xuthal of the Dusk (or any novel to your liking), it will be most welcome. Have fun reading REH! It's what matters the most, in the end. --- *often similar to a Bond girl, don't you think?
  9. Alas, poor Yorick! (Show your Skuthus!)

    Thanks, @Primeval! If you can manage to find/quote the source, I'd be delighted to learn more about him.
  10. I haven't met that fellow in the novels by REH yet. Is he a character added by the comics? Or an invention from Monolith? Anyway, I really like that miniature. It took me definitively more time to paint it than for my players to kill it, but I enjoyed every bit of it (that is, painting it, not getting it killed, you silly). What do yours look like?
  11. The Shivering Hands

    I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  12. Gotham by knight and colour

    Don't forget to paint their shirts in red.
  13. Mystery KS minifig

    Not as far as I know.
  14. Mystery KS minifig

    You can use it with that character sheet, though. ;)
  15. Yesterday, I played ...

    Today, a friend coming to my home took a game in order to play it with my son. Escape is a nice cooperative game of dice in which explorers must escape a temple of doom, fit for a seven years old. In order to achieve that, you must cooperate to explore the temple, find altar on which you can put green gems. The more green gems you've placed in the temple, the easier the escape of the final room. Rolling the dice allow you to discover new area of the temple, to move, to help other players, to perform actions, and so on. On the dice, there are symbols that help you to progress (torch, key, explorer), one doomed symbol that locks your die (black mask), and one blessed symbol that unlock one or two dice (golden mask). What's nice is that you can cooperate to perform actions and help people whose dice have been locked. A game last ten minutes, during which you must sometimes hurry back to the starting position, to avoid to be attacked by some unspeakable thing in the dungeon that will weaken you for the rest of the party (by taking you one die). There was an audio track with ambient sound that tells you when the danger is close to you and when the time is out. My son loved that game, and I must say I enjoyed it too. Seems that in the Big box, there are expansions, but we only played with the base game.

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