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  1. Not Quite Dead

    Earth Demon

    Yeah, I must admit I'm rather proud of that mini. But it's quite simple to do. Here's my modus operandi and the name of the Citadel colors I used: Black undercoat For the body: - I painted the whole body with Dryad Bark - I highlighted the muscles and the folds of the body with Wazdakka Red - In the red areas I made this way, I painted a smaller area in Evil Stunz Scarlet - In those lighter red areas, I painted a smaller area in Troll Slayer Orange - In those orange areas, I painted a final, even smaller area in Yriel Yellow For the claws and the teeths: - I painted them in Pallid Wych Flesh - And made several washes with Seraphim Sepia For the eyes: - I painted the eye in Abbadon Black - And then the iris and the pupil of the eye in White Scar For the plait: - From the end of the hair till the head, I used those colors: Wazdakka Red, Evil Stunz Scarlet, Troll Slayer Orange, Yriel Yellow - On the head, some hair using White Scar - At the end of the plait, some hair in Xereus Purple - On the plait, to smoothen the transitions between colors, I painted some hair from the lighter color (for instance, some Troll Slayer Orange hair among the Evil Stunz Scarlet ones. I hope this helps.
  2. Not Quite Dead

    Unofficial - Commoners

    Honestly, I'm not sure what makes a miniature a 28mm or a 32mm scale, as Conan miniatures are seen as 28mm (if I'm not mistaken) but are somewhat of different heights. From feet to head, it measures roughly 35mm, so I guess it's ratherish 32mm. A bit tall for the Conan minis, but still looking great.
  3. Not Quite Dead

    Different points of view...

    Auto esti to Lakedaimôn! I guess this is classic Greek for This is Sparta?
  4. Not Quite Dead

    My hyborean fornitures

    Neat! I love what you've done with the sarcophagus!
  5. Not Quite Dead

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    a) You must have an account on this forum (so this condition is valid for the three of us, obviously b) at some point of the future @SentMa will announce here that he will send an e-mail on the address linked to your account (it's the one you'll find under 'Account Settings') with an invitation to Fluent c) using this invitation, you will have some days to create an account on Fluent and order the compendium you want As I haven't used Fluent yet, I can't explain you what you will have to do there. I guess you'll have to give your physical address and pay the shipping fee for the compendium (if it's the same as it was on the French speaking forum, Monolith will offer you the compendium, and you'll have to pay only the shipping fee). I hope this helps and that I haven't said something wrong.
  6. Not Quite Dead

    Conan by Glénat editions

    Do you know if they plan to adapt every novel by REH?
  7. Not Quite Dead

    Worthless Objects - Equipment Cardset

    Hi, @ronveer. I've had a lot of work this week, so that I couldn't come back to the translation until today. I wasn't sure of what you meant by 'token reward'. Is there a case in the rules of the game or an official scenario in which they are token rewards? I'd gladly look at it to understand how to translate properly this expression.
  8. Not Quite Dead

    The Shivering Hands

    I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  9. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Zaporavo!

    A really cool-looking miniature! I love his conquistador-like look, even if I remember the original character being was less classy. It was a pleasure to paint it. And you? What does your Zaporavo look like?
  10. Not Quite Dead

    Show your giant spider!

    Arachnophobia is the phobia number one amongst humans, I've heard. Not surprising if you know that our amygdala are tuned to make us detect what looks like spiders, just in case... Here's mine and its model from real life, an araniella curcubitina I've found on the net (pun intended). I'm really looking forward to see your little eight-eyed, eight-legged abominations.
  11. Not Quite Dead

    Picts sting!

    By reading Beyond the Black River and looking at Louinet's comments, it seems to me that REH's Picts are more similar to Native American than to the historical Pictish tribes. Here's my Pictish archers, by the way, painted quite a while back:
  12. Not Quite Dead

    Worthless Objects - Equipment Cardset

    Neat idea! I can't translate the description of the file today, but I'll try to look at it tomorrow. In the meantime, here's the translation of the file per se: Equipment Cards - Worthless Objects: - Cartes d'équipement - objets de pacotille: Rotten Food - Nourriture avariée Dust & Dead Flies - Poussière et mouches mortes Tooth & Gore - Dents et osselets Webs & Spiders - Toiles et araignées Nordheim Shoe - Chausse nordique Stygian Sandals - Sandales stygiennes Khitan Boots - Bottes khitanes Stygian Dress - Vêtements stygiens Stygian Perfume - Parfum stygien Aquilonian Perfume - Parfum aquilonien Empty Tear Collector - Lacrymatoire vide Dirty Rags - Haillons crasseux Poor Man's Jewelry - Bijoux de pacotille Pictish Clay Tablette - Tablette d'argile picte Aquilonian Buttons - Boutons aquiloniens Bronze Hairpins - Épingle à cheveux en bronze Bronze Lamp Chain - Chaîne en bronze pour lampe Worthless Lamp - Lampe sans valeur Stygian Oil Lamp - Lampe à huile stygienne Aquilonian Oil Lamp - Lampe à huile aquilonienne Cimmerian Beer Mug - Chope cimmérienne Aquilonian Beer Mug - Chope aquilonienne Old Stygian Beer Mug - Vieille chope stygienne Corinthian Wine Jar - Amphore corinthienne Nordic Drinkin' Horn - Corne nordique Aquilonian Chamber Pot - Pot de chambre aquilonien Khitan Chamber Pot - Pot de chambre khitan Pictish Coprolite - Coprolithe picte Pictish Piece of Art - Œuvre d'art picte Conan Deck d'objets de pacotille Choisissez des objets de pacotilles en fonction de vos besoins ou de vos envies. Mélangez-les à votre paquet de cartes trésor. Les objets sans symbole indiquant leur portée sont inutiles. Les objets qui ont une portée peuvent être utilisés une fois. Pot de chambre khitan Portée maximum Dans ce cas, votre zone et toute zone adjacente avec une ligne de vue. Se brise à l'impact Après que l'objet a été lancé, il se brise et ne peut plus être utilisé.
  13. Not Quite Dead

    Worthless Objects - Equipment Cardset

    I have translated Deck_of_Worthless_objects_Conan_Monolith_RVv1_2018.pdf but am waiting for an answer to a question to @Pallantides and still have to translate the description. Working on it. Where is the example you updated? Is this the description on the forum, or in the afore-mentionned document?
  14. Not Quite Dead

    Worthless Objects - Equipment Cardset

    I love this one. It would be great to have this on French as well. What about I translate the cards and rules into French, so that you may upload a French version on the other forum?
  15. Well, I'm not about to paint them soon, as they're scheduled around 2034 (joke aside, it's been one year since I started painting Conan, and after I've finished the miniature I'm painting now, I'll have done only 25% of them )... but anyway, I think I'm gonna give them a full black armour (obviously) with hints of gold, just like I did for my Heroquest Chaos warriors back in the 90s. As for the clothed part on their shoulder, I'm not sure yet. Maybe purple.