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  1. Neat character! It could be use in many games.
  2. I guess this fellow must come from some unachieved story by REH, because I don't remember anything about him. He was interesting to paint anyway, and I'm looking forward to see him ingame.
  3. I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  4. With the Thundrik Profiteers now fully painted, I've move on the Garrek's Reavers during my holidays. I'm currently painting them alongside a friend who's painting the Stormcast Eternal. It's really neat to chat with a pal while painting. Here are standing the first two barbarians I've made: Targor & Karsus.
  5. Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
  6. They look good. I really like that proxy, although I'm not very fond of this mound she's on. Is it the same scale as Conan's miniatures?
  7. Faces are always a tough part of the job. Even with a perfectly sculpted mini, the slightest move at the worse moment can ruin a lot of hard work. I remember that I spent quite numerous tries on Hadrathus and 'classic' Belit heads with no luck, and I finally gave up. Well, one can't win every single battle, not even Conan. Furthermore, what's important is to win the war, and this is something you're very close to, I guess, seing how much new miniatures you've posted since the last time I've checked.
  8. That guy was really something else! It sounds like a miracle that there is a Pliny the Young! Speaking about careless characters from the Antiquity, I was precisely reading something today about the way Pyrrho, the first sceptic used to live. That guy wouldn't have said there was an eruption ongoing, even neck deep in lava.
  9. I was looking forward to paint my own general, and seeing @garbetsp's work gave me the impulse to finally prime it. Here he is:
  10. The first batch of Atlanteans is done:
  11. With 207 miniatures left to do, that sounds optimistic for me! But if I had only the retail box, I'd be all set. With something being so close of an all-in, I'm far from it. Nevertheless, every mini done is a step toward the fully painted. One day, we'll get there!
  12. *summoning thread from the abyss*
  13. Huh. I was sure I had already posted my Olgred here. Strange.
  14. Hi there! It's been a quite a while since I've painted something for Conan. Thog was lurking me from my desk for quite a long time, now, but I was pushing back the time to paint it, because I found the miniature kinda intimidating, with a lot of thingies here and there whose I couldn't possibly think what they were and how to paint them. It's now done, and it took me quite a long time, with some errors and trials, and a lot of grumbling for the part of the mini that were difficult to reach. Here's the result:
  15. And two more pieces for this game: A setting: and the leader of the dwarven team:
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