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  1. Not Quite Dead

    Part of the Host and Thog

    Many thanks to you, @drmauric! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish to point out that I did not write it in English (as I'm not fluent enough in that language). It's Bart Hulley who took up the translation from the French text. Many thanks to him for his diligent work!
  2. Not Quite Dead

    Unofficial - Commoners

    Last addition to my unofficial commoners, someone for the rescue Prisoner X missions:
  3. Not Quite Dead

    The Shivering Hands

    I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  4. Not Quite Dead

    *dong* Paint out your games! *dong*

    Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
  5. Not Quite Dead

    Dawn of Peacemakers

    The three Ocelot warriors are now painted.
  6. Not Quite Dead

    Ladies Night

    Hi there, @drmauric! I finally managed to play this scenario with two female players, a veteran of Conan and a rookie. It was a really pleasant evening and I lost, as usual. Blind luck made it happen close to the Women's strike in Switzerland, so there was plenty of occasions to joke about men-women relationship and gender equality, both on the board and in real life. We all enjoyed greatly, the scenario, its background, and the humorous way you state the rules and victory conditions. We really liked how your rules stick with your flavour text, Seski being so vulnerable in front of the heroes, particularly when he's hampered in the upper level of the tavern. As an Overlord playing to this game for some years now, I was glad that it let me use some miniatures that are quite seldom on the board, like the crossbowmen or the Vanir Valkyrie. As a matter of fact, I painted her and Valeria for this very occasion. We had a comment regarding the balance of the heroes of this scenario that I thought you could be interested in. The Vanir Valkyrie seems to be really more powerful and useful than Valeria. She's stronger, quicker, and has two skills that are really useful in that scenario: she's and she's got , making her a real threat for Seski, particularly when he's hampered. In one round, she can thus escape all opponents, run up to six areas and hit four times Seski with . Knowing this, I should avoid the situation of the picture above, and never let Seski walk around alone. But that mistake set aside, my players had the feeling (and I concurred with them) that Valeria was really weaker. Sure, she can , which can be useful against the Vanir warriors, but she feels like a sidekick to play, which can be slightly frustrating. We understand that picking a female hero that is as well in order to replace Valeria, such as Savage Bêlit (if I'm not mistaken) would make the scenario really, really hard for the Overlord, while choosing another female hero without that skill would raise significantly the difficulty for the Heroes. Did you have similar feedback about that scenario? Do you think we missed something while playing Valeria? Thanks a lot for that scenario, which was really original and enjoyable! I look forward to play more of them (next one will be the one with Bêlit and the perfumed fop), I guess.
  7. Not Quite Dead

    Dawn of Peacemakers

    One week ago, I received my copy of Dawn of Peacemakers, a game by Sami Laakso, set in world were two nations of animalfolks are on the verge of war. The casus belli appears to be the fact that a noble Macaw was deprived of his lands for some obscure reason by the Macaw emperor. The hot-tempered noble plans to conquer lands from the Ocelots, his neighbours. Both factions are played by an IA, and all the players must cooperate to avoid the border incident to degenerate in open war between the empire of Axhiquk and the lands of Sak-Awhu. Up to four players, you can play this narrative campaign as the gold dust day gecko Tambatro, the fennec fox Akezan, the marbled polecat Nabo or the agami heron Yainar. The goal is to lower the motivation of both factions simultaneously, so that they accept to make a truce, and then negotiate a peace treatise that will keep political balance on the continent. As you proceed in the campaign, you will unlock new rules and new components. The story seems to adjust to your actions (if a noble is killed during the game, he will stays dead, the game keeps track of who win the battles, if you don't manage to get the opponents to a truce. There's lot of stuff I haven't seen yet, as I have only played the first scenario for now. As you can see, the miniature scale is slightly smaller than Conan. The miniatures are neat, with interesting details (but not to many, which is good). There are around 30 miniatures in the game, so it shouldn't take too much time to get it painted. I started painting yesterday and here's my first paintjob: an Ocelot warrior. Two of his friends are waiting their turn. Then, I will very likely get back to those Bossonian for Conan, but the Macaw warriors won't stay grey for long.
  8. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Batmans

    Really nice paintjobs! Kudos, Narthor!
  9. Not Quite Dead

    Show Your Thak

    And here's mine. Nabonidus should be cautious: the ape-man is at large!
  10. Not Quite Dead

    Nemesis: this ain’t E.T.!

    I've missed a lot of good thing on this subforum. Always a pleasure to watch your paintjobs for other games, @Epaka! Love this one!
  11. Not Quite Dead


    You're welcome.
  12. Not Quite Dead

    Wise Up Suckers: Show your Athena!

    Love it! She has a neat expression, and her owl. The drybrush on its feather is great. I'd just use a little bit of red shade on her mouth to make it stand out.
  13. Not Quite Dead

    [Participative Writing] Aquilonia FM

    ...is a Nordheimer group of skalds, known for uplifting ballads, as is their song Does your mother know. At least it seems uplifting for Nordic folks. Poor fellows. You're so cute, chargin' at me With that sword, But I won't spare the life of a kid like you. It's something She wouldn't do. There's that look, in your eyes. I can read in your face That you're gonna end in Valhalla Although you're only a child. Well, you came all up here, sonny, Fencing like a blondie, Does your mother know that you're out? And you poured blood on snow, sonny, Yours or Vanir's maybe Does your mother know that you're out? Take it easy! (take it easy) Better slow down, boy: Heimdul is your foe. Does your mother know...? Take it easy! (take it easy) Try to cool it, boy, Put on a good show. Does your mother know...? I can see what you want, But you seem pretty young To be searching for that kind of fun, There's no way you'll be the one. Now you're so cute, I like your style, And I must say you can fight Like would do a grown-up man (man). But, boy, you're only a child. I'd like to hear your name, sonny, 'cause you're the last blondie. Does your mother know that you're out? In Vanaheim, I will, sonny, Drink to your soul maybe. Does your mother know that you're out? Take it easy! (take it easy) Better slow down, boy: Heimdul is your foe. Does your mother know...? Take it easy! (take it easy) Try to cool it, boy, Put on a good show. Does your mother know...? Well, seems that you killed me, sonny. Doesn't that sound funny? Does His daughter know that you're out? It's kinda hard to breathe, sonny... Rest a little maybe... Does His daughter know that you're out?
  14. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Valeria

    Here's my Valeria: I wished to paint a skull on her buckle, but it was too small for my skill, so I didn't do it. Not quite happy with the shade of her skin, but I like the overall colour scheme, especially her silky breeches.
  15. Not Quite Dead


    Hi there and welcome around! If you're a Conan player, you might be interested by the fanmade scenarii ; these ones, for instance, are a must-have if you've got the extension Nordheim. There's a tool for the line of sight here that could come in handy. If you plan to paint your miniatures, some folks around here would love to see your work on this board . Finally, you may find answer to your questions regarding rules here.

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