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  1. Being locked up at home comes with some advantage: for instance, once your remote work is done, you can manage to come back to long-waiting miniatures, like this kharadron teammate.
  2. Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
  3. And here's a short video showing the work done for this game:
  4. And here's the fourth hero, Yainar: Everything is painted for now. Time to play until the scenario with the mysterious minis is reached!
  5. And the third hero: the traveller Tambatro, a cute golden dust gecko. I'm really glad with how its skin turned out.
  6. And here comes the second hero: the fennec fox Akezan, charismatic rogue, liar among the liars, storyteller.
  7. With both armies painted, I've moved to the heroes. The first one is a relic-hunter, named Nabo. He's a marbled polecat. I kinda struggled to do the eyes properly, as they are black on dark-grey fur...
  8. This looks awesome! Really nice job, with neat details! Kudos!
  9. Yep. Same here, AndronicusVII. There has been rumours about this film being about to be done from so long, now, that it seems less and less likely. But, on the other hand, sometimes you are surprised by how things turn out. Look at Troll Bridge short movie, for instance. It was almost done, lost, redone from scratch, edited for years. And finally about to be delivered. Any day now.
  10. A great opportunity to get reprint from what we previously missed (I hope). As I managed to get most of the stuff I missed through retails or second hand sells, I only plan to get a second Colette Box, in order to have both twin sisters. This could come in handy. You never know. In the same philosophy, I managed to buy a second sorceror from the Khitai box, as in one scenario, it has a magical double. I did that years ago and never played that very scenario. But, once again, better safe than sorry.
  11. Hi there! Not sure if you plan to use it as an enemy or as a hero. If you want the Golem as an enemy, you could start from the stats of the Manifestation of Mitra from the 2020 KS. Maybe the skill is less relevant, as the Manifestation of Mitra looks far bigger than the Reaper Stone miniature. or could be better to show that this creature hits really hard. Of course, with such an high armour, one should rely on scenario related event in order to harm/destroy the golem. Same goes with Kosathral Khel, the Devil in Iron: really high passive armour, that can be reduced through a special weapon. I guess that the 23th news from the 2020 KS, written by, I guess, no other than @drmauric could be useful to this regard, as it provides an interesting example of tweaking stats through the scenario.
  12. I've just painted the two first sharks. I guess the next sensible step would be to paint bigger boats.
  13. On the French-speaking board, @Reju pointed out that there was a well token in the Conan 2015 box. He suggested to use a minimap as the bottom of that, which is a great idea, in my opinion. He made another interesting suggestion: to use the reverse side of that minimap as a lookout for one mast from the battleship map.
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