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  1. I don't have facebook either, @garbetsp. Luckily, some people are kind enough to take information there and post them on the French-speaking forum, on this topic. When I have both time and motivation to do it, I post the more interesting of them on this topic. I guess that Monolith use Facebook instead of this board, or their website which is sadly not up to date, because they now that it will reach more people. I always regretted that this very board (the English-speaking one) isn't more lively. Maybe it'll change with the incoming new players. We'll see!
  2. On the French-speaking forum, Olorin posted a pic from Monolith with the content of the first faction, the pirates: There's some interesting informations there. Firstly, the price: 49$ (without the shipping cost, obviously); Second, there's a booklet with 4 scenarii (not sure how it will integrate the other factions), but as Fred Henri said, there's more in the versus mode than just fighting against each others; Third, there's 53 miniatures in the box, among which 22 are brand new (5 new types of minis: 2 heroes: Conan under his pirate name of Amra, N'Gaya, a member of Belit's crew, 3 troops: 8 pirate archers, 4 pirates operating a scorpio, and 8 demons - those monsters look kinda lake the creature of the black laggon). As announced, most of the miniatures come from the 2015 campaign. Some come from the retail box, some from the King Pledge, one from the Brom box, and another one from the Paolo Parente box; Fourthly, there's 2 two sided boards that allow to picture a boarding between two ships or two levels of one ship (its deck and its hold). Personally, I'm not really into that first box, as I nearly all the minis and as the maps are kinda close to the boarding one from Conan 2015. The black lagoon demons look cool, but seem quite out of place among these pirates crews. I guess I'll pass on that faction. I'm glad to have these informations, though, and I'm looking forward to discover the three other factions.
  3. By the way, a French-speaking youtuber interviewed Fred Henry today and came back with a big piece of news: Beyond the Monolith will apply at some point in the future to the Lord of the Rings universe:
  4. As said on the French-speaking forum, where this contest is happening too: Thanks @Roolz! It's very neat from you to do this! I guess I'll have a try: I've got a Kothian archer who's been primed for ages. It could be the occasion to paint it!
  5. Not sure you guys know that, but in this video @Fred Henry was interviewed quite extensively and talked about Monolith's next KS. Some interesting news, if I'm not mistaken: - It will start the 5th of January. - It will be quite short (no more than 1 week), BUT the KS page will be accessible before that date, so that you can have a look at the offer. - It will consist of two main things: -- the Conan Legacy, some Conan boxes from 2015 to sell (no idea if there are all in or no)), a box with the new miniatures, the matching tiles for the Book of Skellos and scenarii using Modiphius tile system (that will be buyable too, I presume) and, I guess, the new minis. -- the Beyond the Monolith Campaign: a Core Set with the rules and what is needed to play a VS game, this will come with 4 faction boxes for Conan, 2 of which being sufficient to play at this Conan VS game. A bunch of these miniatures will the same as the one in the previous Conan game. This VS game for Conan will come with new maps and VS scenarii. A player will create freely an army from his faction box, picking the warriors the best suited for the scenario. - There will be campaigns using Beyond the Monolith system with other games: 3 Zombicide games (classic, Black plague and Invaders) and Cthulhu Wars. I haven't covered it all, but it's the main things I remember.
  6. Hi there! I was wondering if some of you were playing to Warhammer Underworld. I've heard of it while buying some paint and as my son's interest towards Age of Sigmar was growing, I suggested to him to start instead playing to Nightvault, because it will less expensive and easier to play with other players (no need to have loads of minis before you can play). So he got the base game for his birthday, along with two warbands that he found really neat: Mollog's Mob and Zarbag's Gitz (thanks to his godfather and godmother), and I bought for myself Shadespire (the previous base game that was still in store, due to the fact it was a German box) and Thundrik's Profiteers. I spent some time painting in secret unofficial settings for the game, which I gave to him for his birthday as well. And after some work, here is my first mini painted for this game: a Kharadon dwarf, Garodd Alensen: What about you? Do you play this game? Which warbands do you use? Did you paint some of these stunning minis, by any chance? If yes, I'm really curious to see them!
  7. Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
  8. Thanks for your kind comment, @Strijdparel. You're right about the miniatures: it's the same artist, Chad Overter, who sculpted Mice & Mystics and Dawn of Peacemakers minis.
  9. I've just finished the first Macaw Leader. Yellow is a troublesome colour, that pretty always needs several coats. Ugh.
  10. And... the two other warriors. They've stayed so long half-painted on my desk that I wasn't quite sure what colours I choose for the first one. I should paint the macaws leaders as long as I remember their colour scheme.
  11. Well, I think this one came out pretty good! It looks sssstunning.
  12. I've read on Tric Trac that the live is postponed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
  13. Erratum: the live will be screened not on Tuesday, but on Thursday (today). I'm sorry: I always mix up those two days. It will be on 14h30 (UTC+2).
  14. More news on the Trictrac forum, where @Fred Henry said that: Here's a rough translation: * the Tric-Trac community is a large French-speaking website about boardgames. ** Guillaume is someone working for Tric-Trac, Phal was the founder of Tric-Trac but has recently retired from it, Croc is a game developer who was behind, among other games, Claustrophobia, and I'm ashamed to admit that I have no idea about who Pit is. From this, and what I've read on the French-speaking forum, it seems to me that this campaign will focus on a Versus Mode of Conan, something similar to what was made for Batman. And to answer to @garbetsp's question, with the few info I've read here and there, I guess that some of the content of this new campaign will be the same as the one from the initial Conan campaign. I hope that the players of Conan won't have to buy everything again, as Fred Henry answerd on another thread, to a member of the Overlord that was saying that he was saving gold coins for the January campaign that seasonned players of Conan will need only copper coins. I guess we'll get more precise news on Thursday.
  15. Some news regarding what Monolith is up to for 2020:
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