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  1. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    And... the Green Meeple is done.
  2. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    With the male version of the Blue Meeple, there's only three miniatures left to paint. Huzzah!
  3. Not Quite Dead

    Can you teleport away from a blocking creature?

    Well, @garbetsp, seems like you're right after all. We somehow missed that last sentence of the last page of every rulebook of the game. My Zelata/Hadrathus player is going to kill me.
  4. Not Quite Dead

    Can you teleport away from a blocking creature?

    Well, I'm not sure I agree with you on that point, @garbetsp. You're right when you say that casting a spell isn't affected by hindering, but blocking has nothing to do with hindering. On the Movement Skills card, the description of the blocking states that: So I'd say that only characters with the evasive skill (which is useful against hindering and blocking) may leave the area where an enemy with the blocking skill. In any other case, the enemy creature with blocking must be killed (or leave the area) in order to move your character, and teleportation cannot help you to flee an enemy with blocking. Well, my players and I have always understood that rule that way. Maybe we're wrong, though.
  5. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    The second miniature for the White Meeple is a young aviator. Not sure she will get along well with the old geezer I previously painted.
  6. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Kerim Shah!

    Hi there! I've just finished painting Kerim Shah, the prince of Iranistan. I'm looking forward to take a peek at yours!
  7. Not Quite Dead

    The Shivering Hands

    I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  8. Not Quite Dead

    Painting Figures Question Please

    Hi there and welcome around! I guess the first part of this tuto written by @Roolz may be of some help regarding this matter: I hope this help!
  9. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Captain

    And here's my captain, waiting for its squad to be painted (18 left to do as I'm writing).
  10. Not Quite Dead

    Show your lion!

    Impressive beast. I like the transition between the dark paws and the sand color of its body. Nice base, by the way!
  11. Not Quite Dead

    [Request] New gallery - Other Games

    Amazing work, Epaka. I'm specially fond of HP Lovecraft's bust.
  12. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    Hi there! I've just finished the second version of the Black Meeple. Both will be male, sadly, but I managed to have one woman and one man for each other color. Now, I have to make the base of the last five miniatures.
  13. Not Quite Dead

    Show your lion!

    Hi there! After quite a long hiatus, I came back to Conan and the painting of its miniatures. That fellow was waiting on a shelf since September last year. I'm glad I managed to finish its paintjob.
  14. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Bêlit!

    I tried it, but wasn't quite happy with the result, so I guess I'll stick with the toothbrush.
  15. I love your small scorpions. Do you remember by any chance which colors you used for them?

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