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  1. Hi! The LoS locations such as this one do not work, because they're crossing an area of elevation equal to the higher one. In fact I think these are the only locations in the game like this (that and the one questionable location on the right in ACE Chemicals that is currently a red line, it's vindicating to see I'm not the only one confused by that). There are a couple spots in the Trophy Room and Boat Room for the batcave that have this issue:
  2. Edit/Update - this was all cleared up on https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2153784/dear-monolth Hi! I was curious regarding the timing on abilities on the Destiny Board in general: The iconography at the top left of each one seems to insinuate that's when they "become active" - the dice is the preparation phase, drums are the threat phase, and exclamation mark is the activation phase, neat! I figure everything triggers during the preparation phase, but they simply don't "activate" until the appropriate phase that matches the icon? The confusion is stemming slightly from trying to analyze how The Torturer and his ability Promotion works (namely in The Ritual scenario): From reading it, it sounds like it'd immediately fire off (whether during the prep phase, or at the very start of the threat phase), but that also seems to have some heavily restricted usage that demands a troglodyte survived from the previous turn, no? I'm wondering if it's possible to summon a troglodyte during the threat phase, then have Promotion trigger, and upgrade it instantly into a tough troglodyte. Bonus questions that are being hotly discussed among some forums: 1) Can Laying On of Hands heal the Redeemer? "Allied" implies his friends, but there are 5 anger tokens, and Aura of Anger gives all allied warriors the token, 5 tokens and 5 human boards would imply they all get it. Furthermore, Aura of Courage specifically states another ally, while Laying On of Hands does not. 2) Is there anything stopping a Western Warrior player from playing a further Instinct card if Panicked is used to change one's stat-line, if it hasn't received a card yet? Panicked states it has to be used before that last step (4. "Finally apply any further effects created by the activation dice's final value to each of the warriors"), but that step is when you use instinct cards, so I'd assume yes. Doesn't help that the French translation says you use Panicked after the dice are assigned, which makes it just a li'l more confusing. 3) Are discard piles public knowledge? Pretty important for card counting, especially when you're the human player and seeing what they discarded.
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