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  1. The main thing mostly missing from the first Kickstarter was the League of Assassins/Shadows (we got Ra's Al Ghul, Damian, the Cains, and ... that was about it). You could easily get a big expansion box and some stretch goals out of them plus some Green Arrow sidekicks/villains with ties as well (or that just fit this game's vigilante theme so well): League of Assassins/Shadows expansion (with some extra GA-related villains/heroes maybe for stretch goals) Main villains: Talia Al Ghul, Nyssa Raatko/Al Ghul and a Ra's Al Ghul alternative sculpt/profile Villain Minions: 4 League ninjas with bows, 4 League ninjas with sword & shuriken, 4 League ninjas with nun-chuks or bo staff Other villains: Lady Shiva, Bronze Tiger, Merlyn the Dark Archer, Richard Dragon, The Longbow Hunters, Clock King, Count Vertigo, Prometheus, Shado, Komodo, Cupid, China White GA sidekicks/allies: Arsenal (Roy Harper), Speedy (Mia Dearden), Red Arrow (Emiko Queen), Ragman, Wild Dog, Mr Terrific, Larry Lance (SCPD), John Diggle, Wildcat (Black Canary's mentor) Hero Minions (for Versus Mode): 4 of Mr Terrific's T-Spheres, 4 Office Security Guards with Tasers Bystanders: 4 Scientists, 4 Office Workers Maps/scenarios could be set in the League's Fortress HQ in Nanda Parbat (complete with Lazarus Pit), with Star Labs on the flip-side (League could be raiding it for something). Also have a multi-level map (like the Batcave) that is an office tower with a lobby/reception/elevators, maybe an R&D lab/test-range floor and the top floor boardroom/offices - with two layouts for each map piece, Wayne Enterprises Tower on one side, Queen Consolidated HQ on the other side. --|-- Also notably missing were Gotham's mobster/mafiosi-style crime families like the Falcones, Maronis, Rupert Thorne, maybe the Bertinellis (Huntress' family) etc. and some suited minions for them that would also work well as gang members for Black Mask, Penguin, Two-Face, and other suit-wearing villains too, including some missing from the first Kickstarter like the Ventriloquist with Scarface. Gotham Organised Crime expansion Main villains: Ventriloquist with Scarface, Rupert Thorne, Carmine Falcone & Sal Maroni and maybe other members of their families Villain Minions: 4 Mobsters with Tommy Guns, 4 Mobsters with Revolver & Brass Knuckles Missing Rogues Gallery villains: KGBeast, Anarky, Copperhead, Vandal Savage Heroes/Allies: Crispus Allen (GCPD), The Question (Renee Montoya) & The Question (Vic Sage), Bruce Wayne in his Matches Malone disguise Hero Minions (for Versus Mode): 4 SWAT Snipers, 4 Prison Guard Snipers, 4 Prison Guards with Stun/Electroshock Batons Bystanders: 4 Bartenders/Waiters, 4 Drunk Gotham Socialites Maps/scenarios could be set in a Prison (could serve as Blackgate Prison in Gotham City, or Iron Heights Penitentiary in Star City, but include part of the yard and curtain wall on cliffs, with guard towers, to make it significantly different to Arkham Asylum map) with Gotham Docks (quayside, part of ship, part of warehouse, crane) as the flip-side map where heroes could be breaking up illegal smuggling rings and recovering contraband. Penguin's Iceberg Lounge Club could be another map - and on the flip-side a much rougher establishment, a quayside basement docker's bar with back rooms running illegal casino games and an alley up some stairs behind it. I'd be very happy with that.
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