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  1. Same thing happened with me. I have a scenario that is done and balanced, but I just cannot finalise the mission because of it.
  2. Hi, guys! I have recently taken up the task of producing new scenarios for the game. Some that might be more related to famous arcs from the comics we know and love, maybe movie adaptations, or just unrelated creative new ones. It would be great to have a thought partner, or someone who could give me feedback on some of the creations if anyone is interested. I am sharing here a draft of one of the ideas. It is a Batman+Green Arrow team up to stop Black Mask and Deathstroke. This one was just for fun. Would love some feedback to create an even better experience for players. Bear in mind it hasn't been playtested yet (which I plan to do in the near future). If you do that, let me know your thoughts! Scenario 1 (untested).pdf
  3. Hey, Chaz! Any news regarding the mission maker? Not only about adding the new content, but also fixing minor mistakes or things that are missing, such as Batwoman. I've been working on some new ideas to have more missions, and would love to use this stuff.
  4. Hi, Gael! Still working on this? Would love to help out.
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