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  1. Test #1 Hey Everyone had a few tests the other night with the Versus Scenario "Defusing The Situation" We had 4 players. (2 Villains and 2 Players Playing Heroes with their hero board) Additional items I used 12mm d6 dice blocks for the heroes energy. The villains used the stock red cube energy provided by the core game + the Activation Potential Discs (APDs) provided by the versus expansion. Villain Objectives (Instead of having Heroes vs Villains the heroes would pick villain characters themselves.) The objectives would be the same listed 1 of the villain players would be arming the bombs, the other would be defusing. Hero Objectives The heroes have it easy and need to take out the Leaders and Lieutenants from each of the villains teams before the end of the game. Additional Game Rule When playing with heroes an extra 2 turns are added to the game. Hero Special Rules The heroes energy cubes they start off with is their max, then move the number indicated on the scenario sheet for energy recovered to the fatigued area. (For Example Batman has 11 Energy and the energy recovered for the villains is 5 per turn. 11 - 5 = 6 Energy in reserve zone for Batman and 5 in their fatigued zone) The heroes not shown where to setup on the board arrive at the end of the villains turn 1. They can be placed in any location with No Enemy or Objective. They can also spawn in separate locations. Equipment for non bat family characters are allowed to bring choose and bring their unique equipment and nothing else. (For Example Catwoman can bring her Claws and or Whip). Gameplay notes #1 Heroes felt they didn't have enough energy at the start of the round for the amount of enemies they had to fight around them. #2 They enjoyed the idea they could spawn anywhere on an empty space and ambush potential Leaders & Lieutenants. #3 Heroes felt they were waiting a long time for the villains to have their turn. #4 Villains near the end of the game's turn limit had few character's and were afraid of the heroes closing in on them. #5 Villains would be killing each other and worrying about the heroes, taking out their character's. Thoughts #1 I wonder what it would be like with another player playing as a hero. Would the players feel like they have more active time during their turn and would they think the energy they start off with would be fair with the extra character? #2 Even if their wasn't an extra player to control another character should the players have a 3rd character to share control with? #3 Would letting heroes (if they have only 2 players) start with all their energy in their reserve zone make it fair? #4 Would letting the lieutenants have their special powers as well, be too overpowered for the villains? If anyone has any questions or ideas feel free to comment down below.
  2. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone was thinking of a possible 3 heroes vs 1 Villain vs 1 Villain gameplay? I've been remembering the old Arkham Origins Multiplayer with Batman and Robin vs Bane's Gang vs Joker's Gang and I thought how we might be able to do that in Batman Gotham City Chronicles. (Reference - Batman: Arkham Origins - Multiplayer Trailer) I will be working on a few ideas and post something in the weeks to come. But would like to leave the floor open to any who might have ideas 🙂 Hope everyone is safe and in good health during these abnormal times.
  3. I have the same issue. No Batwoman, missing icons for heroes, missing henchman icons and map icons not imported properly (White background). Hope to hear back with an update
  4. Will there be any updates for the new map packs, adding villain starting options, hero map icons, optional layout addon for Joker and Wayne Mansion, the batmobile addon and fixes to some of the icons?
  5. Will there be any updates for the new map packs, adding villain starting options, hero map icons, optional layout addon for Joker and Wayne Mansion, the batmobile addon and fixes to some of the icons?
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