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  1. https://www.batman-scenarios.com Create your own missions - villainous plots, heroic foils - all the tools at your finger tips - sleuth heavy or action heavy - your call. _ Enjoy,
  2. https://www.batman-scenarios.com Live and kicking - still a few bugs - and corrections to be concluded this week - Make those Missions -
  3. HI Node-runner - BGG has some cool although flow chart heavy solo rules - getting some good press on that forum - You comments about a big box for all the PZ minis is received loud and clear - Glad that even during the pandemic your pledge got to you.
  4. https://forms.zohopublic.eu/monolitheditionbg/form/ConanreprintcampaignMail/formperma/Yyw4Nt_nz8QU6V03qe7rWfSSFNo2OEBs9CungDhu_SE Updated link to the Conan reprint survey - let us hear your voices - thanks
  5. BGCC2_MissionRoster_050919.pdf View File Swap out the Season 2 heroes et al. Submitter chazelliott Submitted 02/26/2020 Category Rules  
  6. Version 1.00


    Swap out the Season 2 heroes et al.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/1144014322?ref=eh8nvf&token=56805fe8 check out the draft page getting closer - Screen Recording 2020-02-14 at 14.56.52.mov
  8. Conan the Conqueror Mega expansion for the classic Conan boardgame. - 55 New Miniatures - NEW double-sided gameboard - All new classic Adventure Mode scenarios. - New play mode – Solo/Co-op. -AND – the original GAME available again.
  9. I also think a better free gift than the 3 flying apes (a unique monster in the Howard tales) would have been a fur-clad Conan with battle axe mounted on an armored warhorse, with both Conan hero card and Mythic Battles Ragnarok card included... Conan the Death Dealer - I'm in.
  10. I'll check in on the progress of the French build and beta testing = 😀
  11. So any new news from Trick Track live? Or is everything already on Monolith facebook page? There was a brief mention of another potential license - a 2nd life kit for Cthulu Wars - No further details as yet - but OMG!
  12. Q: Infernal warriors: Which value is correct?The current recruitment card states 4 minis comprise a troop The current Unit card states 3 minis comprise a troopA: OFFICIAL RESPONSE This troop is comprised of 4 minis-
  13. Questions and official answers - relating to 1.5 rules questions
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