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  1. I also think a better free gift than the 3 flying apes (a unique monster in the Howard tales) would have been a fur-clad Conan with battle axe mounted on an armored warhorse, with both Conan hero card and Mythic Battles Ragnarok card included... Conan the Death Dealer - I'm in.
  2. I'll check in on the progress of the French build and beta testing = 😀
  3. So any new news from Trick Track live? Or is everything already on Monolith facebook page? There was a brief mention of another potential license - a 2nd life kit for Cthulu Wars - No further details as yet - but OMG!
  4. Q: Infernal warriors: Which value is correct?The current recruitment card states 4 minis comprise a troop The current Unit card states 3 minis comprise a troopA: OFFICIAL RESPONSE This troop is comprised of 4 minis-
  5. Questions and official answers - relating to 1.5 rules questions
  6. The PDF's have been created, emails drafted and translated, just waiting on the back end server software to become active before the links go out - should be soon -
  7. Hey Gabe, not sure what the stock levels are like if you wanted copies of the earlier issues - PDF versions should be accessible soon - just waiting on backend download software -
  8. There will be an opportunity in the future, but an exact date has not yet been set - Be assured once a date is set, Monolith will make us aware.
  9. thanks for posting - Perhaps Monolith were more intent on letting everyone know about the development of the tool for Batman - But it is a great resource -
  10. The scenario text explains how to determine Batcows' variable skill values - the longer and deeper she dreams effects her skills. DREAM: Batcow is in the middle of a dream, but this only lasts for a short time. The Dream tokens represent the duration of that dream. During setup, the hero places the 6 Dream tokens on their hero board. DREAM INTENSITY: Batcow’s skills are linked to her dreams. Thus, the closer she is are to waking up, the lower her powers become. Each instance of an “X” on her hero board is equal to the number of Dream tokens present on it. THE DREAM FADES: at the end of the Declare Heroes’ Stance step, if the hero (Batcow) is in an active stance, they remove a Dream token from their hero board and place it next to that hero board. FREE THE BAT-FAMILY: If Batcow is in the same area as a member of the Bat-Family, she can free them by performing a complex manipulation of difficulty 4. The lock picking skill is taken into account. If successful, Batcow manages to release the prisoner. When a member of the Bat-Family is released, Batcow, drunk with happiness, extends the duration of her dream. To indicate this, the hero takes a Dream token from beside their board and places it on to Batcows' hero board. They remove the Bat-Family member miniature from the board to indicate they have been saved. Moooooooo
  11. Send Ship naked your Kickstarter backer number and copies of the fluent shipping payment - and state that your pledge SHOULD be in their system - If they cannot provide assistance, then please contact -support@monolithedition.com - Hope your issue is resolved swiftly. Ship Naked are still in the process of completing All-in Pledge levels but have also started to fulfil Core set +add-on Pledge levels - Please check with Ship Naked again -
  12. @Vindhler - The heroes mission objective is to prime (Light the fuse if you are playing in TV series mode) 3 bombs at specific locations within 8 game turns, which will then explode and destroy the cryogenic devices thwarting Mr Freezes bank robbing plans. Mr Freezes' objective is to stop the heroes doing so, so every time he activates a cryogenic device, he can use use it to turn game board zones into treacherous ice rinks (+1 Dangerous terrain level and +1 Difficult terrain level). That's how he impedes the heroes from priming their bombs - Icy evil genius. Heroes are unable to effect a cryogenic device. And Mr Freeze is immune to the effects of the cryogenic devices. (insert evil cackle)
  13. @pitsbrgparatrpr The second movement action does NOT benefit from the free first movement bonus, so you would spend an energy cube per zone to move, if you decided to perform a second movement action.
  14. chazelliott

    F.A.Q -

    CLAUSTROPHOBIA 1643 RULES AND GAMEPLAY– FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: VERSION 1.0 GENERAL QUESTIONS. Q.Does the occupation limit on tiles refer to the maximum number of warriors that can occupy the tile OR to the maximum number of warriors of EACH SIDE that can occupy the tile? A. The tile occupancy limit refers to EACH SIDE. A tile occupation limit of 3 means 3 warriors of each SIDE can occupy that tile. Q. Are either players discard piles public, i.e. they can be looked at by any player at any time during gameplay? A. No. Q.Do talents stack? A.No, a warrior cannot benefit twice from a talent of the same name. Q.Does the “Resistant” talent work once per turn, once per attack, or once per round? A.It works ONCE per player’s turn. The talent can be used once during the human player’s activation phase and once during the infernal player’s activation phase. It can therefore be used TWICE in a game round. Q. Does the equipment card “necklace of ears” override the board of destiny powers? A.Yes, that specific item does. Q. When you exceed the card hand limit, can you choose which card to discard? Or do you immediately discard the drawn card? A.You select the card you wish to discard. Q.When a warrior with the “elusive” talent occupies the same tile as an enemy warrior with the “impressive talent”, do the talents cancel each other out, or do they cancel each other out only when the warrior with the "elusive" talent moves? A.The Impressive and Elusive talents cancel each other out, ONLY when the Elusive warrior is moving. While moving, normal blocking rules apply. TILES Q.Alarm tile: do I have to roll a die on my next turn, or can I keep it for a further turn? A.You MUST roll that die on your next turn, during your preparation phase. This effect is only triggered the first time a human warrior enters the tile. During the next preparation phase of the infernal player, this player rolls one additional die of destiny. Q.Tiles 45 and 46. T-Rex A. Each T-Rex tile has three openings. The dinosaur is considered artwork and does NOT block movement. Q.There is (are?) a tile with healing potions (healing fountain or something). Does it take an action for a human to take a potion from the floor? When we have a potion carrier, I assume we cannot exchange that potion anymore nor use it on another player even on the same tile? A.“Tile 16: Healing fountain”. There's no potion to carry or share, the warrior is drinking water from the fountain. The "potions" are just tokens to track how many times this effect has been used during the scenario. Healing fountain (tile 16) (page 25) When this tile is placed in the game, two miraculous water tokens are placed on it. At the start of one of their preparation phases (before rolling the dice) the human player can discard one of these tokens to heal an activation line of their choice from a warrior on this tile. The corresponding damage marker is removed from the warrior’s board. This healing effect can be carried out twice. Q.On the fog tile, do the troglodytes also have 6 defense? A.Yes, ALL Warriors occupying the fog tile have 6 defense. WESTERN WARRIORS Q.How many instinct cards does the human player start the game with? A.They start with 0 cards. Q.Is there a limit to the number of instinct cards I may have in my hand at any one time? A. Yes – the hand limit is the number of warriors you started the game with. Q.Can instinct cards be used the turn they are drawn? A.No, you have to wait till your next turn. Q.page 16: the step 1 for preparation phase: Discard all instinct cards played during last turn. So, I guess the talent generated by the instinct card is discarded too. A.Yes, every bonus generated by instinct cards are lost when the cards are discarded. Q. Are the effects of instinct cards gained for the duration of the game or just for one turn? A.Just one turn, all instinct cards gained in the previous turn MUST be discarded at the beginning of the human players turn. Q. Can a western warrior have a gift and an instinct card at the same time? A.Yes, they can. But a warrior cannot be “blessed”(receiving the effect of another western warriors’ blessed talent) at the same time as they benefit from the effect of an instinct card. Q. Can the “laying on of hands” gift be used to heal the Redeemer? A. No, the Redeemer cannot use that gift to heal himself. Q. Blunderbuss: what happens when I use this equipment item? A.When a warrior is equipped with the equipment card “Blunderbuss”, you can perform an attack with the “ranged combat” talent with a +1 combat bonus. You can also attack an enemy warrior occupying the same tile as the warrior equipped with the Blunderbuss equipment card. You do not have to use an action to gain the “ranged combat” talent. The action IS the ranged attack. Q.What are the dice from the Assemble talent used for? They are rolled at the start of the next human player’s preparation phase, so they enlarge that dice pool, allowing a larger range of choice. Q.There is an ability for the "brute" called "bodyguard". It says that it can take the "hit" of another player. I assume that it takes the hit but take a wound only if the hit was over the "brute" armor. Otherwise, it does not seem very useful... A.Bodyguard talent: Once the number of hits is defined during a successful attack but prior to hit allocation, the warrior with the “bodyguard” talent can choose to take the hit(s) in place of the other allied warrior. But that's still a hit. And it's more useful that you might think at first sight. 😉 Talent: Bodyguard During an attack a warrior with this talent can choose to suffer a number of hits allocated to an allied warrior in combat, on the same tile Q.Can a warrior be “blessed” and be given an “aura of courage” simultaneously? A. A western warrior CAN benefit from the effect of the gift “aura of courage” AND CAN benefit from the effect of being “blessed” by a warrior with the “blessed” talent at the same time. Q.When attacking multiple troglodytes, including a tough troglodyte, can I target all of them at the same time? A.No, you have to target each enemy warrior separately. So tough troglodytes and normal troglodytes have to be targeted separately. BUT as all normal troglodytes are identical, they, and ONLY they, can be targeted collectively. INFERNAL PLAYER: Q.When I summon a hellhound, IF there are no dice in my available dice pool, can I take them from my dice preparation spaces to pay the summoning cost? A.No, moving dice from your dice preparation space to your available dice pool can only be performed when taking the three dice at the beginning of the infernal player’s turn. If you have no dice in your available dice pool when summoning a hellhound, then that hellhound does not receive a dice. IF there was a dice in your available dice pool, the hellhound would have used that dice, placed on the face of your choice on its Hellhound board, to indicate its current stats. In future infernal player turns, if you wish to place a die on a hellhounds board, that dice MUST come from the rolled available dice pool. Q.Is triggering the Board of Destiny powers mandatory? A.Yes, it is, as soon as the trigger conditions are fulfilled. But the dice placed into the preparation spaces, that do not meet the trigger conditions stay there as long as the power isn't triggered. Q.Are ”intrepid charge” and “sneaky charge” different? A.Yes, they are. “Intrepid charge”. allows the infernal player to spawn their warriors on a tile that is occupied by human warriors, but that tile is still required to have an opening that allows the western warriors to explore from that tile. “Sneaky charge”. allows the infernal player to spawn their warriors on a tile without an opening, but the tile is required to be unoccupied by any enemy warrior. Q.When I play my Panicked event card on a western warrior that is affected by the effect of an instinct card, which card takes precedence? A.Event cards always take precedence over instinct cards. Q.How much does a demon cost, and how many times can they enter the game? A.They always cost 5 threat points and unless the scenario states otherwise, they can enter the game twice. Q.Event card. "Possession". Allows the infernal player to select a western warrior and have them attack another western warrior occupying the same tile. Is it just one attack/one dice OR it does it depends on the western warrior’s "status" during that turn? - Example: My "brute" western warrior was boosted to 6 attack dice when the infernal player played the event card and selected him as its target. It felt also strange that in one turn someone able to do 6 attacks and 1 movement was able to do 12 attacks and one movement... A."Demonic Possession" event card: The attack dice strength depends on the combat stat of the possessed warrior. Tip: As the human player, if you create such a devastating brute, best let him have his own tile, just in case he attacks one of his allies, don’t say we didn’t warn you... 😉 Q. On the Lair tile, can I spawn just one Troglodyte, or may I spawn as many as I like up to the tile occupancy limit? A. You can spawn troglodytes on this tile as long as the tile is not at maximum capacity. Q. In order to summon on a tile that has an unexplored “opening”, does the tile needs to have a path that the heroes can follow out? Or can I summon on any tile that is not surrounded by 4 explored tiles and is unoccupied by western warriors? A. Yes- The tile does need to have an unexplored opening the western warriors can explore in order for you to summon on that tile. A. No – you cannot summon on any tile that is not surrounded by 4 explored tiles and is unoccupied by western warriors? Q. How do Tough troglodytes enter the game? A. Tough troglodytes normally enter the game exclusively through event cards. Scenario specific conditions and a particular demon may suggest other ways for tough troglodytes to join in the slaughter. Q. Looking for a rule clarification. In the rule book, page 20, for the infernal player - each warrior is activated one at a time. Each warrior must have finished their activation before the next warrior can be activated. However, in the how to play video by monolith, the infernal player moves 3 troglodytes at a time and then attacks rolling 3 attack dice. Are troglodytes considered one warrior since they are the same? If so, is there a difference between them and the tough troglodyte? Or would they all move together; i.e. 2 troglodytes and 1 tough troglodyte move the same as 3 troglodytes? Or was it shown incorrectly in the video and he should have moved and attacked one at a time? A. Like all other warriors, troglodytes move individually but as they are all identical, they can also be considered a single entity in order to speed up gameplay. (especially, when you are on camera filming a how-to video. 😉 When attacked, troglodytes (trogs) can ALSO be considered a single entity, and if multiple damage is inflicted on the trogs, multiple trogs die. Tough Troglodytes are not identical to trogs, as they have different statistics, so they can't be treated as simple trogs, and therefore are played and treated separately. Q. An event card says until your next turn the enemy warriors “lose elusive”. Now, the magic player in me wants to interpret this as “loses elusive AND can’t gain elusive” but is that right? The question came up after my opponent was going to use an instinct card to give one of his warriors elusive again. A. Event card: “All hope is lost” – Play this card during a threat phase: Until the beginning of the next threat phase, none of the human warriors have the elusive talent, while all the troglodytes have the elusive talent. So, it’s until your next turn, so yes, western warriors would NOT be able to use the instinct card “Go for it” to gain the elusive talent in their next turn. It doesn't work exactly like Magic.;) Event cards take precedence over instinct cards. SCENARIO SPECIFIC: Q.Scenario: The Survivors, do I advance the turn marker when I explore a tile from another opening other than the opening marked by the draft of fresh air token, and does this tile goes where the draft of fresh air is? A. No, you don’t advance the turn marker or place the new tile to match up with the opening that the Direction token is located on in those circumstances. You have to explore the EXACT opening that the DIRECTION token (draft of fresh air) is located ON in order to advance the TURN marker. Q.Scenario: The Survivors, do the two human warriors have to reach the exit tile? A.Yes, two human warriors have to have reached the exit tile in order to win. Q. Scenario: Demonic Imprisonment, the scenario specific rule “Take Care of It!” states a human warrior has to spend all their remaining movement points to pick up a sacred object. A. Yes it does, however the human warriors can just finish their move on the tile containing the item, in order to pick it up, even if they have no remaining movement points, Q. Scenario: Turning the Tide, all warriors have explosives? A. The grenade is just an item to be used. So, any human warrior on the stash tile (19) can use their explosives. Q. Scenario: Cleanse by Fire, can the Torturer reenter the game after being killed? A. No, as the scenario specific rule “Defending the Spawners” states the only way to bring the Torturer into play. Defending the Spawners “When the second STASH tile is placed, the infernal player adds the TORTURER upon it. This is the only way that the TORTURER can be brought into play” Q. Scenario: Rescue mission, when you explore an opening on the south-eastern side, you draw a tile from the south-east pile? A. You can explore any opening you want EXCEPT the one on the south of the tile 47.
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