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  1. Sorry Ken, I just see your message (notifications does not work). Your file look great, thx.
  2. Lulu's curse. It is not a hard cover, because the prototype is not perfect, Lulu's template does not work, size and margin are wrong, so the magazine version is cheaper and (I hope) not cut with a sword by a blind pict.
  3. File seem corrupted, I can not see the full content.
  4. In progress. The book is finished (so much work) and sent to Lulu, this first copy will be checked for corrections before the final files. (end march or later).
  5. your prayers have been heard, and your devotion will soon be rewarded.
  6. V2 purpose less maps and they are cut in two, but quality and final size are the same. Now players have just to choice between less work less stuff, more work more stuff.
  7. You can discover solo/co-op mode through:
  8. If you had to choose between an adventure mode campaign (with an Overlord player) or a solo/ co-op campaign (without an Overlord player), what would be your preference? Thank you in advance for your participation.
  9. Here we go, a solo/coop campaign playable from 1 to 3 players. 8 scenarios and only a few equipment and boons cards to print. Now, players can buy and sell equipment. The sorcerer increase their power thanks to his many spells. A new, clear and more friendly printer layout. Have a nice game. thal_kaar_the_ invincible.pdf thal_kaar_the_ invincible_v2.4.pdf thal_kaar_the_ invincible_v2.7.pdf thal_kaar_the_ invincible_v2.8.pdf
  10. Hi Valorous, I could make a single optimized pdf file if you want.
  11. Freely choosing a Hero's equipment remains a challenge, too powerful or insufficiently powerful weapons and protections lead to an imbalance that is detrimental to the game. This game aid aims to guide the decision-making of players (Heroes, Overlords and screenwriters) , while respecting the spirit of the game. equipment_heroes.pdf
  12. Thank you fodderzone, glad you like it. You should use Easy Poster Printer for print, with this software is easier than acrobat. Another solution is to go to a print shop, they can print in A3 format (is not expensive).
  13. Done, thx for the info and the cheer up.
  14. As promised, here is the Sands of Despair campaign. Finally, I had to do the translation alone, so corrections are certainly to be made, do not hesitate to tell me which ones. Conan and his companions are mercenaries in the pay of the King of Iranistan. They came to reinforce the ranks of an army tasked to crush the dissident town of Kushaf. For a month, its governor no longer sends any tax or troops to the capital. The king's army is advancing towards its objective, sure of its superiority, advancing at a forced march into the trap. Contains: 15 scenarios, 3 new game boards, 9 new equipment cards, 6 new unit tiles, This campaign requires the Barbarian pledge, Kithai, Nordheim and Stygia expansions, as well as the Kushite Witch Hunter packs, and the Crossbowmen. SpringBringer wished the version for use Lulu print on demand service (magazine type), it is now downloadable. sands_of_despair.pdf sands_of_despair_v2.pdf sands_of_despair_v2.1.pdf SOD_magazine_interior_v2.1.pdf SOD_front_back_inside_cover_magazine.pdf
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