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  1. This Book of Sets is a fan-made version that only contains the scenarios, downloaded from We must salute the talent of the prolific Tony Berart, who succeeded in a brilliant work ("Tony, come back to work on Conan!"). The paper version contains 45 additional pages devoted to artworks and advice for painting miniatures with brushes and panache.
  2. This Book of Set is a fan-made english version that only contains the scenarios, downloaded from the_book_of_set.pdf
  3. However, this file it is not Lulu compatible.
  4. Just names of some character, like Shentu, not anymore present.
  5. Lulu France subcontracts with a french printer, which has changed since the first print I ordered a few months ago. The new one is much better, it doesn't reduce 297 to 290mm pages like the old one. I guess that for each country Lulu uses a local subcontractor. The quality and deadlines are therefore different.
  6. I do not want delete , I wanna keep the download track.
  7. How can I do that ? I can not delete and upload the files in the right order, because I would lose the indication of the number of downloads.
  8. Now ! 😀 I just got my V3 hardbook from Lulu, checked everything, fix some stuff. All is good.
  9. V3 is coming ! No extra content to print. Including some Conan: The Conqueror stuff. Special Lulu version, finaly. Thx Metalzoic.
  10. Thanks for your help, I will make some covers !
  11. Hello Metalzoic, What result do you get with CONAN_Hither_Came_Conan_Lulu_Cover and CONAN_Whispers_From_Stygia_Hardback_Cover ?
  12. Thanks for the good work. I am a bit lost. I just download the new template, in the french website Conan book would be a cookbook ? I have to read it and make it right.
  13. This is so weird, because I use same size as CONAN_Hither_Came_Conan_FR_Lulu_Cover and CONAN_Whispers_From_Stygia_Hardback_Cover. There is a new file 302x427, as you request. Please, let me know if it is okay.
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