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  1. Looking forward to playtesting this one as soon as we finish The Burning Heart of Ahriman, Ken😀
  2. Impressive. Most impressive. Seriously, this is obviously the product of a lot of work and has great graphics
  3. I really like what you've been working on here. How's the scenario itself been coming?
  4. Excellent, thanks! Also, for some reason, I saw the list of the 6 files the first time through, then after I downloaded the Abandoned Fort, I couldn't find any of the others to download. Any suggestions, please? Thanks again for putting these together!
  5. This map is exquisite! You continue to impress with the detail and beauty of your work. THANK YOU!
  6. Exactly, Dan the Man! Thanks for this. And... I think you'll be pleased to know that our game group has been experimenting with swapping out heroes as well. We recently finished running the Sourcebook campaign again, this time with all female characters: Belit, Zelata, and Red Sonja. It made it a LOT more challenging, particularly in the earlier scenarios -- some of which we finished by the skin of our teeth.
  7. No apologies needed, thanks. Also, I'm only getting the card back downloaded as a file: ???
  8. Excellent! Thanks! Do you have these in downloadable PDF's, please?
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