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  1. Thank you for the clarification @Roolz! So in terms of best quality I better go with v1.3 and its A3 maps (or why is it that v2 is a third the size?) Its okay, we can leave the question in its place. Doesn't require an answer. I'll just do it. 🙂
  2. Das ist wirklich der Hammer! Danke für diesen großartigen Beitrag an die Community, da steckt echt viel Arbeit drin.
  3. This, Sir, is an outstanding masterpiece! One cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the community. I assume you have already received a job offer from Monolith as they promoted it big in their update. :) One question though: what ist the difference between the two versions (except file size)? Is the first version for printing maps etc. and the v2.0 for reading?
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