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  1. I'd be interested if someone else hasn't already claimed it! How much is the discount and how does it work? Thanks for the offer, whether it goes to me or another. Very kind of you.
  2. And it has finally reached not-so-sunny (today, anyway) Southern California! It's a tad creased and bent, but intact and in better shape than I expected. Now to find a couple of heavy books or boxes to flatten it between....
  3. ...and, hopefully, those who received a damaged copy or never received one at all. I'm still waiting for mine here in Los Angeles. With every day that passes my worry increases that it's gotten lost in the post or is gonna arrive shredded.
  4. No sign of my copy here in Los Angeles.
  5. What worries me in that quote you posted is this: "...faithful to the spirit of his Conan character." (emphasis mine). Why can't it just be "faithful to his Conan character"? It seems to me that anytime anyone tries to develop something "in the spirit of" an established character/setting/franchise a few too many liberties wind up being taken, and not for the better. That said, I will remain cautiously optimistic about both this Conan series and the Middle-earth one also in development by Amazon until such time as concrete and accurate reports about their actual production begin to surface.
  6. Okay, so I got all excited and, pretty much without thinking, put through an order for The Overlord Compendium T2 FR before coming here and realizing I'd made a big mistake. I have since placed my order for The Overlord Compendium T1 EN, but am now wondering how I can cancel my pledge for the T2 FR Compendium. Can any one offer me help or advise on how to do that? I don't see a way to do it through the Fluent website.
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