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  1. Hi guys, the Conan the Cimmerian graphic novels by Glénat will be published in the USA by Ablaze Comics : ABLAZE TO PUBLISH 'UNCENSORED' CONAN COMICS Messages from Crom
  2. @drmauric Thanx for your kind words. As NQD, I've written this text in french and the english version is not mine. This text is not really a story, but just a long description of a 😱 meeting with Thog, to fit with the amazing artwork of George Cl4renko. It's not an original novel as NQD, but a sort of short tribute to REH and Lovecraft.
  3. Nice job ! These scenarios need to be presented to the french side of the forum. Sure we will find some guy ready to translate this good stuff ! Edit : announcement done. https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/2626-tales-of-the-north/
  4. @Not Quite Dead 12 are planned. 4 books in 2018, 5 in 2019, 3 (and perhaps more) in 2020.
  5. Amazon is now developing a Conan drama serie. Conan by Amazon As a huge fan of Robert E. Howard, I'm pleased to read this...Hope the best for this one.
  6. Yes, you're right, but it is said that you always advance turn marker one space in the Overlord's turn (not heroes turn) so : If the scenario specifies that the heroes start, then you put the turn marker on the "0"space and the heroes play...Now it's the OL's turn so you put the marker on the "1"space and the OL plays. After the OL, it's the heroes turn again and we still are on the "1" turn space. After the Heroes, it's OL's turn so you have to put the marker on the space number "2"...etc... If the scenario specifies that the OL starts, then you put the marker on the "0" space and the OL plays. BUT, when the OL plays, he has to put the market on the number "1" space (he does not play a "0" turn as the Heroes when they start. Then it's the turn of heroes, etc, etc... So yes, both side alternates turns, but as you only count turns when the OL plays we can say that a complete turn is always OL then Heroes. It's logic. OL is always the first to play in a turn....and this does not mean that he's just the first to play.
  7. Hello mighty Hyborians, One of the largest French publishers Glénat has decided to adapt 12 Robert E. Howard Conan stories into graphic novels. Each adaptation will be from a different creative team : The news on BleedingColl website : https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/01/17/glenat-conan-comics-public-domain-europe/ The news in french on the robert-e-howard french site : http://www.robert-e-howard.fr/Pages/Actualite.php?ID_Actualite=4595
  8. I' dont' know if it's a good or a bad news, but it's a news... http://www.superherohype.com/news/410319-the-conan-franchise-is-returning-to-marvel#/slide/2
  9. Coming soon from Skelos Press! THE ROBERT E. HOWARD GUIDE by Patrice Louinet -- the English translation of the award-winning book that introduced a new generation of French fans to the father of sword and sorcery. The Robert E. Howard Guide was born out of years of scholarship, but took its final form after answering the same questions from fans over and over again. In many ways, Howard remains a “famous unknown writer," the man who single-handedly defined modern fantasy, but whose life and works are still known mostly filtered through adaptations, pastiches and gross approximations. Because of those specificities, he is more often than not known for what and who he *wasn’t*, for sentences he never wrote, or for characters who bear little resemblance – if any – to his original creations. This, in turn, explains how and why this book was conceived. It is sometimes amusing, sometimes sarcastic, but, built on 30 years of Howard scholarship, it is always insightful. A serious work... that tries not to take itself too seriously.
  10. 1 turn is : OL's turn : 1 Recovery, 2 Advance turn marker, 3 Activation, 4 End. Heroes' turn : 1 Start, 2 Stance, 3 Action, 4 End. A turn is always the OL playing first, then the Heroes = 1st turn is OL then Heroes, 2nd turn is OL then heroes, ... By exception if it's specified in the scenario that the heroes have to start = we've got a "0 turn" or "half' turn. So the heroes play once more than the OL. Example : in a 8 turns scenario, the heroes play 9 times and the OL 8 times if the heroes have to start. And yes, in your example, in a 8 turns scenario the Heroes finish the game because 1 turn is always OL then Heroes.
  11. I say yes ! As we can see white lines between the areas, we can move minis from an area to the other. The fences don't touch the edges of the board, so the way is not blocked. Remembering, of course, that we cannot climb or smash down the fences.
  12. The movie is well adapted from the book "One Who Walked Alone", but as said before based on memories of an aged and married woman. This could change if the personal diary of Novalyne (still in the hands of his son), is released one day or another...
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