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  1. I have been organizing my game and noticed 6 of the spell cards were blank.Both the English and French cards were blank, so presuming this is standard and not a misprint in my copy?Warmth of IshtarJhebbal Sag's RageSet's BloodGwahlur's DarknessDagon's AwaleningHanuman's Body
  2. I found a JPG for download on the French side. Would be nice to get a properly sized PDF.
  3. I am pretty sure they sold most of this when offering the Book of Set Kickstarter.
  4. just received my Overlord Compendium 3. On the back it has cards for Jarl Jorund (they Viking Hero in the box) you can cut out. Could we please get a properly sized high resolution PDF that we can 2-side print out? I don't really want to cut-up my compendium. Thanks,
  5. Could we please get an "official" download in PDF properly sized for the Spartan Hero (Othryades)? There was a JPEG on Kickstarter, but it would be nice to have a PDF like the other downloadable heroes. Thanks,
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