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  1. Thanks. Sorry I missed this. I think it was Iraqui Sand (Vallejo 124) with Light Flesh (Vl-006) and Ivory (Vl-005) to do the lights; but I'm not hundred percent sure, sorry.
  2. Hey there! Let's show here our nordheim and beyond based minis: vanirs, valkyries, sons of Ymir... I'll start with my Vanir Valkyrie. She's painted after my AoC char Bes, with scarred back even.
  3. Ah, Shevatas, one of my favorites! Had a lot of fun painting him. Here's mine:
  4. Agree, Hadrathus' face is one of the most horrible things to paint out there. Here's mine
  5. Sooo, here are my Bêlits. Did these like last year. Logo on the photo is that of my own (mini) blog; don't mind it :)
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