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The Others: 7 Sins

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I posted these English tiles on the French Overlord board before the English board existed (lots of Google Translate was required back then :concentration:) so I'll just post a link here to the thread (it's mostly in English): https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/648-crossover-for-the-others-7-sins/


I also included some suggested special rules for the minions:


Some ideas for special rules for the demon minions (in addition to their ability icons)...

Children of Ajujo -- Stench: Heroes in the same space regain 1 fewer gem from fatigue to reserve at the start of their turn.

Hags of Hell -- Distraction: Heroes in the same space cannot make any ranged attacks.

Horrors -- Terror: Heroes must use 1 extra movement point to enter their space.

Crawlers -- Pounce: When attacking webbed Heroes, add 1 extra yellow die with reroll to their attack.

Sons of Nergal -- Acid Blood: When killed, cause area attack of 1 orange and 1 yellow die against any Heroes in their space.

Screamers -- Shriek: Heroes in the same space must pay 1 extra gem to cast each spell.

Rippers -- Shred: When attacking Heroes wearing armor (passive defense), reduce Heroes' passive defense by 1.

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