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  1. A pdf created with Conan Companion (thank you!) where you can find the 16 spell cards of the core set translated in italian language. The icons are customized according to my taste. In addition there are two standard equipment cards with two of my original old school illustrations, anticipation of a WIP project. Enjoy. D ' Incantesimi_base_Italiano.pdf
  2. Goodmorning everyone. Here you will find my italian traslation of Back in the Village, made for all the italian Conan's player. D' CONAN_Ritorno al Villaggio_ITA.pdf
  3. pensareadaltro


    Hi to all! Mostly to the Monolith-Conan's italian players! 😃 D'
  4. A great work. Thanks to you! It's time to create a new conan-monolith italian community. =)) D'
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