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Ranking Conan Hero Types

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Okay for the scenario I am working on I need everyone's help. Rank the Conans in the Monolith game in order of strength and abilities from weakest to strongest. Once again this can be less about dice and more about overall contributions to gameplay. Just your opinions. Please list below.


Okay after looking over my options it is pretty hard to tease them apart. Here is my list from weakest to strongest

1. Amra the Lion

2. Conan the Wanderer

3. Conan General

4. Conan (main game)

5. Conan Mercenary

6. Conan Warlord.


I do not have the three guest boxes but this is my attempt at ranking them.

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On 9/9/2017 at 5:41 AM, Bawon Samdi said:

Do you want to rank them by fighting capabilities or by general usefullness ? 

That is excellent question, Honestly I am open to discussion for both style or rankings.  

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