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  1. Well, it's Snake EyeS but i will accept anyway Too bad you didn't found the title of the other movie. You were so close ! Indeed, the title of the hard movie is ... Snake Eyes. Yep, same title ! Directed by Abel Ferrara.
  2. easy: Citizen Kane hard: Touch of Evil I'm lucky, I saw this one few weeks ago.
  3. Bawon Samdi

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    WIP, conversions, finished paintings, ...
  4. Yes that's Transporter 2 The other one is Run All Night. It sure looks like Taken.
  5. The hard one is Polanski's "Pirates". The easy one is ... well ... Curse of the Black Pearl ? It looks like the battle between Jack and Will when they met for the first time.
  6. I would i have probably started with a four legged dino but i'm really surprised how well it looks with this allosaurus once the rear legs are cut. Do you think that it would have been possible to bend the necks (with a combo hot/cold water maybe ?) in order to give them different orientations ? The base seems a bit too large for most boards. Maybe you should cut it to give it an elliptic shape. Do you plan to fully base the mini with flock/grass/plants ?
  7. it works pretty well ! Too bad you don't have a least one open maw to make him more menacing.
  8. Obviously that's very subjective but AMA: - Nordheim is the most faithfull to the original stories. Great minis too. - Khitai has the most beautifull minis and maps. I really like both stygian maps but I'm not overly fond of the minis with too many scorpions I tend to prefer Nordheim beacause it's setting has more appeal to me. I really love the content of the Khitai box but I just can't picture a Conan story there. For me, it's way too different from the source material.
  9. Stygia, Kithai and Asguard are available as well as the crossbowmen, kushites and Yoga. That's pretty much it.
  10. Thank you. The yound mermaid tatoo is awesome. My pirates:
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