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  1. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    Yes that was Bound. I love that movie. My wife always thinks that I watch it for the lesbian sex scenes but I actually really like the plot ! IMO that movie doesn't get the recognition it deserves. And yes that was Rush. The proof that some american can understand formula one and not just IndyCar. The theme was kind of "unknow movies from famous directors". Or maybe movies with a short title, that works too. OK, that was too easy. Next time i will explore african cinema ! You can't go wrong with "siblings" !
  2. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    Wow. I actually saw that Kitano's Zaitoichi but totally forgot about this scene on the picture you have chosen (well, it was 20 years ago ...) and it was just callad Zaitoichi for its french release. And i really should have taken a closer look to the picture I would have recognized Kitano on the second one. Shame on me. My favorite Kitano's movie is Hana Bi which includes a lot of paintings by Kitano himself. Still trying to guess which one is hard, which one is easy: Easy: Hard:
  3. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    I don't know many chambarra character so i went for Zatoichi. After a quick search on google for Zatoichi + geisha i've found that it could be " Blind Swordsman Zatoichi ". Didn't see it so i'm not sure.
  4. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    Yes. That's the one. An amazing movie by Kon Satoshi. I warmly recommand this video if anyone want to know more about this director style: The first movie is Macross: Do You Remember Love ?
  5. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    See ? I was quite confindent that both movies will be easy to guess. Clue time ! (1) is a scifi animated movie adapted from a TV serie Aronofsky has been ... ahem ... "highly influenced" by (2)
  6. Khosatral Khel

    You will find some examples here: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/308-peindre-khosatral-khel/ Most people seems to choose the "human with a metal twist" option. Mine:
  7. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    We can keep the same system. It's just that it's so subjective that sometime I have a hard time deciding if one movie will be easy or hard to guess.
  8. Khosatral Khel

    It was also a matter of debate on the french forum. The story doesn't clearly state that KK's flesh looks different, just that it's really hard. Hitting his flesh is like hitting steel (or Iron) but that doesn't mean that the flesh itself looks like steel. Actually, since Conan seems genuinely surprised by the impact of his first blow, we can assume that the flesh looks natural and gives no reason to suspect its supernatural resilience. But also it's very dark so who knows ? I really think that there is enough gray area to give you full artistic license.
  9. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    You have considerably challenged by idea of what's easy and what's difficult, so, in no particular order: 1/ 2/
  10. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    Abyss & Near Dark Didn't know about the second one, I had to search through Henriksen's filmography. I then realized that it was Bill Paxton on the picture. Game over man. Game over.
  11. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    the easy one is Willow (by Ron Howard) but you are probably right about Freaks.
  12. My Planned Painting Plagiarism

    By Crom ! Etiquette is for so called "civilized" people !
  13. My Planned Painting Plagiarism

    All you need is a few links ! Painting blog: http://hobbytimeblog.blogspot.fr/ Sculpting blog: http://remytremblay-sculpture.blogspot.fr/ He also did a few minis for the futur CMON game: Hate.
  14. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    He did not. Your turn.
  15. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    I would have never guessed The Virgin Spring. The only Bergman's movie I saw is the 7th Seal. Finally my turn: Easy: Hard:

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