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  1. Maybe make a training room scenario
  2. I wish... I have begged for a legitimate crossover for two years, For now Likestarter Studio is the best we have got.
  3. Thanks, for all of the positive feedback, I will start work on part 2.
  4. Is it too late to get on the list for #2 and #3?
  5. This is all I really care about, it was the only let down of the whole campaign. A box with Conan tiles and hero sheets for the rest of MB:P and a box with cards and boards to play Conan in MB:P. it would be epic. The community has done most of the work we just want it printed and looking nice. See all of the work they have done here: https://www.facebook.com/Likestarter-Studio-137443950174816/
  6. I know it is not the traditional Conan scenario but I would love for someone to play it and give me feedback.
  7. Primeval is correct, three or above is two handed weapon.
  8. I like how you can build barricades otherwise it seems like it would be super easy for the overlord to win.
  9. It is like most games that seem unbalanced at first, you have to play it multiple times to realize everything you have in your tool belt. It took my group 5 plays before they even started to understand the concept that among the heroes there was no turn order. Guess what after that they started winning more. The more I play it the more I enjoy it.
  10. Honestly, I am not sure my house can hold any more minis but more maps and more scenarios would be great. Another Campaign book would be cool and the few models to play Conan ROM would be cool. Other than that I would hope it is not as large as the first. My wallet and house could not handle it.
  11. ^This is how I got my extra gems^
  12. BrettP

    Conan in Utah

    Is there any other players in Utah? My group has grown tried of playing this and I want to play more. I have the campaign book and the Book of Set on the way that I would love to play. I also would love to not be overlord every game. I have never had a chance to play a hero in 28 plays.
  13. This is great news. Do we know if they are going to add the guest boxes files?
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