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Questions on "The Trireme Graveyard"

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- How do players interact with the sea chest tokens? Do they reveal them on entering the space or must a claim action be used to reveal them?

- How do players interact with the message, once it has been identified? Does it follow the rules for an Omphalos (with the exception of absorbing)?


- The special rules say that "Poseidon's units are recalled to the isle.".  Does that mean all the Poseidon player's units can be recalled, or just the Sirens?


- If Charybdis uses Groundswell to move to an area with a Sea Chest token, is it treated like an Omphalos and moved to an adjacent area?


- What happens if a ship moves into an area containing a Sea Chest token, is it moved to an adjacent space?


- Can units on a ship use their granted Gem Collector talent, to claim a Sea Chest token?


- If a unit on a ship is carrying the message and is defeated or thrown by a successful Mighty Throw, where does the token drop?  Adjacent space?  If so, who chooses?


- How does the unit carrying the message leave the board?  Just use a walk/run/swim action from an area along any board edge?  What if the unit is on a ship, does only the prow of the ship need to leave the board or all of it?


- The setup rules say that the Athena places their ships with their prow in any area along any edge.  Does this mean that they can place a ship with it's prow in the area with the Sirens?  If so, do they get to do a free Ram attack before the game even starts?


- Following on from the point above, can the Athena player deploy their ships with prows in the two land areas?  The general rules in the Poseidon booklet say ships can only deploy/enter aquatic areas, but according to the rules hierarchy, scenario rules take priority, and the scenario rules say "any area".  The two land areas are also highlighted on the scenario map as being part of Athena's deployment zone.

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