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With lot of miniatures I struggled to have something easy to use.
First, I,ve tryed a pimp with foam board. But with children it was to fragile... And it was not so easy to use, as we have to put upper trays on the side to take miniatures....
The foam insert was not an option, it take too much space and it's not cheap ;) 

I've decided to make one little box for each army (pirats, guards, archers, picts etc) and to have each box visible when opening the box.
The game box is near 30*40*10, and the minis have a base near 2.5cm,  I chose to make 15*10*3(6) cm boxes, and this format seems perfect to make books shape boxes!

minis  don't move with some magnets

1 month later, 1/2L glue, 3m2 of grey board, 5m2 of paper and 2kg of leather off cuts....
Every miniatures are in the 2 boxes (SG, add-ons, extensions) the color of the leather show me what is inside (grey for nordheim, beige for stygia, red for demons, stiches for the pict, yellow for hyenas etc.)
I just keep the heros in a tray (on the back there is an other tray with vilains and their tiles) I use wall paper with a old wood design to cover the grey board inside the big boxes, for the heros/vilains trays eand for the skelos book.

The maps are on an extension box and the skelos book have is own box (with tokens, cards, dice etc)


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For the Overlord box, I just used the card box in which there were the miniatures, it's the correct size.

I've glued the small edges and opened the front side
I made the 3 drawers with cardboard from "do not bend" letters.
And I recovered all the cardboard with a wood wall paper.

I made a previous box for the Skelos book, but I was not happy with



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