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  1. I received the first wave of the Conan rpg from Modiphious and reading through the core rules now. Looking forward to giving it a go with some friends soon.
  2. Demo Game

    I ran a demo game at a local convention here in Halifax, Canada called Halcon. The players seemed to enjoy themselves playing the first scenario and though I won as the Overlord it came down to the last turn.
  3. Rhell

  4. Conan in Calgary

    Hey, I'm in Nova Scotia! Just outside of Halifax.
  5. Conan in Comics

    I will have to pick up a volume and give the comics a try.
  6. Best of Robert E. Howard's Canon

    I agree with Ol'Grumpy. I will re-read some of the stories every few months. I haven't really read the comics or the stories written more recently bu other authors though.
  7. Ambient music for your games

    I like having some appropriate music on in the background. I keep the volume pretty low though so it doesn't intrude.
  8. Welcome!

    Hello from Canada. I'm going to be running demo games at a local convention in Nova Scotia towards the end of September.
  9. I found the main set back to getting the game out to play was the time to setup. I made this tray to help keep the cards organized and easy to find. This is the tray. And I cut off the bottom of the miniature try so that it stacks under the plastic. and they slide in the box.
  10. Pimp my box

    That looks very cool!
  11. Show your Hyenas!

    Here's a couple.
  12. Show your Conan!

    I painted the minis for the first scenario and have started on the second scenario figs. I will work through them a scenario at a time!
  13. Show your Bêlit!

    I was not painting eyes on these minis because they looked fine when playing the game but now looking at the pics I think I will go back and add the eyes.