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suicide squad type scenario

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I know it is a long way off and rules are still being ironed out, but I had to pose this idea before I forget about it. With the vs mode adding hero tiles and villain 'hero' sheets, it would be neat to make a suicide squad type scenario. Players play villains trying to do something nefarious. The overlord plays some of the squad along with back up swat/police units. There are some squad memebers if going by the current volume of comic. Deadshot, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Katana... if you go with older volumes I'm sure there are few others. 

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Are you thinking the overlord has a Suicide Squad trying to Storm Arkham Asylum. With Hero players trying to defend Arkham?


Or are you thinking Players each playing a Villain and storming arkham with the overlord playing Batman and the guards?

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I was discussing this last night with friends. And in Vs mode you could have Katana, Harley and Dead Shot go up against a group of heroes. Maybe even a Joker.

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