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  1. Bazman

    Images from Gen Con

    The future of Claustrophobia will depend on how successful the KS is. For now, all efforts are on finalizing the game. Because it's coming in October
  2. That's because they were not in this years Kickstarter... 😉😉
  3. Bazman

    Gen Con 2018

    So, what did you play?
  4. Just got back from Gen Con and thought I'd share some photos with you...Enjoy
  5. And here are some more...
  6. Here are some snaps for you to enjoy, from Gen Con 2018
  7. Bazman

    Gen Con 2018

    If you are going to Gen Con this year, and you haven't played Mythic Battles or tested the Batman Prototype, you will find Monolith at Booth #: 2830 Not only that, there will be demos on the next project Claustrophobia... Come along and check it out
  8. If you are going to Gen Con this year, and you haven't tested the Batman prototype, you will find Monolith at Booth #: 2830 Come along and check it out
  9. Yes, these Hero event tiles are only active in a Vs mode. And each hero will have one unique ability that is usable by this tiles. As will the Villains. More clarifications will come later...
  10. The powers are related to the "event tile". And the scenario will dictate that power related to that one villain. Or one hero or villain in Vs mode. The event tile exists only in a command board. Batman disappearing is to do with the smoke bombs equip at the beginning of the scenario.
  11. Bazman

    Upgrage for 1st Edition?

    What newness can you expect? There is a new card system for the hero player. They get to collect a card when a certain statistic/ability is used or taken out by damage (I did not catch which it was). These cards have two effects. They can be used for a special action or to change the value of a die. Also, the Warlord player has a different action board. Less choices but more profound.
  12. Bazman

    Upgrage for 1st Edition?

    "Reboot", is the word that was used. I managed to get some photos of the prototype but never had chance to sit and play.
  13. Bazman

    suicide squad type scenario

    I was discussing this last night with friends. And in Vs mode you could have Katana, Harley and Dead Shot go up against a group of heroes. Maybe even a Joker.

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