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  1. Batgirl is in the House (mansion, Bruce Waynes)
  2. Everything that I asked for has been reveled... Alfred, the batmobil, Batgirl, Harley. (wait, is this my list or my daughters???) I am sure you have a Solom Grundy somewhere!
  3. Campaign info

    Last I heard it was $130 for the "Base Game" and $330 for the "All In"
  4. Now a trip down memory lane...or should I say Crime Alley! The birth place of Bruce's transformation... With good old delivery drivers parking badly. (So it's not just a French thing =P )
  5. Batgirl Batwoman Batdog And now Batcar... ! ...What will they think of next!! Batdinosaur!!!
  6. The Tweedles made it. I hope you can too...
  7. How to play...

    Part 3 - Heroes Actions
  8. How to play...

    Part 2 - Heroes Energy Cubes
  9. Part 1 - The Hero Boards
  10. Oh my! Wet sensation in my pants
  11. Harley is in the house. Hopefully it's not a house of cards as she would knock it down, just to find her Joker.
  12. The Deadshot of Bel Air? And his calling card
  13. Hero boards

    There are a lot of minis in Conan. It's like trying to find your baby in a nursery. (I have had this problem)