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Hero and Villain unique powers (requires Monolith answer)

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I've been digging through the rulebooks and previews to find mention of this, but can't see it anywhere. Will each hero and villain really have a unique trait? 


The only mention I've seen of this is in this official preview here:


Later on the Monolith guy goes on to say that Batman, for example, has the power to disappear in a puff of smoke and trick his opponent with 4 flipped down tokens (one indicating where he actually is). Sounds awesome! However, you don't see any of the previewers using this skill at all in the gameplay videos. 


So my questions are:

1) Have these powers been cut from the game? 

2) If not, do they only work in VS mode and not in the adventure mode for the heroes? 

To further clarify, I ask this because the Bane power is in the game for the villains, you can see it used in the Dice Tower preview, but nobody ever uses the special skills for Batman, Red Hood or Catwoman. Also, the use of these powers seems to be linked to that event tile on the command board which is not really used for heroes in Adventure mode, which further points to them being an exclusive feature of the Vs mode as far as heroes go.


I'm really hoping I'm wrong here and the powers were just not finalized in the previews for adventure mode, so that's why they don't show up. I'd hate for each character to only be distinguished by a simple stat difference and a couple of general skills.

(This thread is a crosspost from Board Game Geek Batman Forums. I'm posting it here hoping to get attention from Monolith as nobody has been able to clear this doubt for me.)

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The powers are related to the "event tile". And the scenario will dictate that power related to that one villain. Or one hero or villain in Vs mode.  The event tile exists only in a command board.

Batman disappearing is to do with the smoke bombs equip at the beginning of the scenario.

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Thank you for the answer! I still have some doubts, though:


- What does the event tile do for heroes in Vs mode, then? Does it not trigger a special power unique to each hero "headquarter"?  
- Are hero event tile "powers" generic while villain powers are unique? 
- If there are unique event tile "powers" for every single heroes, and Batman disappearing is just the result of a smoke bomb item, could you share with us what's the effect of triggering the event tile while Batman is the "headquarter"?


Adnane seemed to imply that this event tile would trigger the effect you're attributing to a mere item for Batman. And he also said each character (hero or villain) would have a special unique power (and you seem to be confirming that this is exclusive to the Vs mode for heroes, as only there they would have event tiles). 


Some additional clarification would be nice. If unique powers are exclusive to Vs mode for heroes (kind of a bummer, but fine) clarifying this and showcasing these powers through an update would also potentially be a very big draw for people to pick up the Vs mode expansion for Monolith. 


Although I must say that if you are designing unique powers for every character for use in Vs mode (as Adnane stated!) it would seem a waste not to allow these powers to trigger through the use of an exceptional amount of energy cubes in adventure mode and try to balance the game around that, but it's probably too late for this.


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Yes, these Hero event tiles are only active in a Vs mode.

And each hero will have one unique ability that is usable by this tiles. As will the Villains.

More clarifications will come later...

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