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Set the Scene: Show Your (yawn) Scenery

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A few weeks back I thought I was all done painting my All-In Conan pledge.... But I completely forgot about some remaining pieces of scenery that I had primed months ago. Well, NOW I’m truly all done with my painting chores for this game. Just in time too, as my copy of Nemesis from Awaken Realms arrived today... 

So, leaving behind the distant Hyborian age I’m now blasting off into the future with brush in hand!


side note: If you plan to paint the doors, I’d say it is probably easier to paint them unassembled. Also, there is a notch on the inside of the door frame that holds the door shut, you might want to cut it off or sand it down before painting; It’ll just chip off the paint if you don’t. 






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*added pics
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