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  1. Epaka

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    Here they are! I had a lot of fun doing the boulder and ornate rock walls. These were possibly the first minis I ever painted properly (wither primer and everything!) after doing a very rough job on the small minis that come with the Age of Conan Strategy Game. I think for these I was still using Min-Wax Polyurethane for shading and sealing.
  2. Epaka

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    Fun project! Nice work... I have a copy of Temple of Chac and Pyramid of Horus. Both games of the Adventurers series. They seem similar, but they are both rather simplistic in terms of gameplay. Probably lesser games in comparison to Escape... I love the theme though. And I did paint all the minis and rocks, etc. that the games came with. I’ll dig them out and take some pics to share.
  3. These guys were fun. I try to follow the game art with my Conan minis, but the art of these Witch Hunters is so dark and suggestive that there is a lot of room for interpretation. I let Red, Green, and Gold be my only theme... 🙂 I finished these months ago, and as I recall I got them all done in just a couple sittings. As usual, I’m sorta speed-painting for the tabletop, not making art like some of you mini maestros out there.
  4. Epaka

    [Request] New gallery - Other Games

    Cthulhu Wars Minis:
  5. Epaka

    Show your Pallantides

    Love it! Great work. Excellent basing too.
  6. Well great work all around man, he looks awesome. Looks like he’s ready to chop down a crucified Barbarian! I don’t do eyes yet. At least not human eyes (monsters are another matter), I’ve tried a couple on some of the ladies, but... I’m working up to it. I heard that a good trick for making tiny pupils is to use a fresh sharp toothpick instead of a brush. But I haven’t tried it yet. I had a big batch of Conan minis that had a bad prime job. Very, very rough. It was too cold when I sprayed. I decided to remove the prime, it was THAT bad. After a lot of time trying to make it come off with some of the tips I read on BGG, with no luck, I just went for it and tried soaking them in engine degreaser. Had them back to bare plastic after a 10-15 +/- min soak and then a bit of scrubbing with an old toothbrush (wearing chemical grade gloves)... I made sure to clean them well after that and re-primed. Haven’t seen any side effects or damage at all. I don’t recall if I had to strip any of the larger minis that aren’t one piece of plastic, but are instead glued to a more rigid type base. I doubt the degreaser would negatively affect that plastic or the attach point glue, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve been using Vallejo paints for a little while now and I love them. I only have the base set of colors and I mix any other colors I need, just like I did with the Army Painter set I used up before finding Vallejo. I think that N’Gora’s skin was just some of the ochre (?) with a small amount of the brown. The shader I used was probably the Army Painter Strong Tone.
  7. This is the only pic I have handy, an old work in progress... sadly, I did not go on to give him a bushy unibrow. 😕 He’s going to look depressingly incomplete until I do... lol.
  8. @garbetsp: Nice work! He’s definitely got a lot of character in his face. I really haven’t developed the skill (or patience) yet to work in such minute details with my mini painting efforts.
  9. Epaka

    A Scenario per Group painted?

    Here’s a few random pictures I have in the phone, but I am totally up for making a gallery of painted minis according to specific scenarios. I also need to do a massive group picture soon, with everything I’ve done for the game. I figure I’ll do that when I have the Big Box Expansions wrapped up.
  10. Epaka

    A Scenario per Group painted?

    @garbetsp: i did not go about it in nearly as scientific a method as you did, but, I did begin painting all my Conan minis grouped in specific clusters in order to unlock scenarios. I started with the core game heroes, Picts, Hyenas, giant snake, and Zogar in order to get the first scenario on the table, and then I just went about picking a scenario that looked interesting and painting what I’d need. I went all in on everything during the KS, so I’ve been pretty damn busy with all Conan all the time (kinda looking forward to painting something from a different genre eventually, like when my Nemesis game arrives). Too late for me to follow your awesome Conan data now, as I have painted everything except the 3 big box Expansions. I’m working on those now, and I have more than half of Nordheim painted. I think I’ll get on with Stygia next and then tackle Khitai. Oh yeah, and the MB Corinthia will figure in there somewhere too...
  11. Epaka

    [Request] New gallery - Other Games

    I’d be down with that. I’ve got Cthulhu Wars painted, as well as a ton of Zombicide stuff... Other than that, I’ve just been painting Conan, Conan, and more Conan... Eventually I’ll get going on Mythic Battles: Pantheon, and when it arrives, Nemesis. I wish there was a bigger community here on the English version of The Overlord, but it would be cool to share non-Monolith painted minis with everyone.
  12. Epaka

    Show your Captain

    Well. Found the Cap. Just a work-in-progress shot. One of the first minis from Conan that I painted... always learning. I figure I’m getting better since I see things I’d do differently on this one.
  13. Epaka

    Show your Captain

    Nice work @garbetsp! Color, shading, base, you nailed it. I know I have an old pic of mine, probably a work in progress pic. I’ll look for it.
  14. Epaka

    Picts sting!

    The Picts for this game are nicely sculpted, but are overall too cartoonish for my tastes. They don’t look like a regular human race at all. It’s really the only complaint I have about the minis for this game: their varying scale and style. Most of the minis seem to based on normal, humanoid physiology. But some of them, like the Picts and Baal Pteor, are very stylized and exaggerated. The Picts have the look of unrealistic, comic book Neanderthals. Not at all what I see in my mind’s eye when reading Beyond the Black River. Still, they look good enough on the game table for sure. 🙂
  15. Epaka

    Show your Man-ape!

    Nice work! Love his bright red bum. Either he’s related to Mandrill apes, or else he sat on a hot stove (which would explain why he’s screaming?)...

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