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  1. True enough! But also, unless the art can be found printed larger in the game manuals, or the campaign/art books, it can honestly be rather hard to see what’s going on from just the game-tiles. Yet, somehow, I still never noticed any hint of blue on the Mummies until I saw other painted minis, even though it’s clear as can be on the cover of the Devil in Iron campaign book!... Cognitive bias indeed. So, what’s your plan for painting your version of the Black Dragons? They might look even more badass without naked knees! 😈🐉
  2. Thanks NQD, I can’t say I was inspired to go off script with the fleshy knees, elbows, and necks. As usual I was just trying to follow what the game art looks like. I can’t really tell from the game-tile, but it looked like skin to me. I suppose it’s hot wearing black armor in the hot Aquilonian summer... 🤪
  3. These guys clearly have Conan’s back, so he can focus on more important things - like wine and wenching...
  4. Show your Bossonian Archers!

    Looks good @Not Quite Dead! I guess there is the exact reason that I tend not to paint the eyes. I generally get a ‘cross-eyed cartoon’ look myself. Lol. Again, nice work!
  5. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    @hiruma Apparently there will be a 2nd printing run to accommodate everyone who wants a copy...
  6. Unofficial - Commoners

    Nice minis. Better than a cardboard token by a long shot. I did get the Corinthia expansion which has some nice looking villagers, except... well, the scale is a bit off. They practically tower over some of the Conan figures. Lol. Mixed up scale between some models is one of the only downsides with the Conan miniatures.
  7. Well, here he is... One of the best bad guys from the original stories. I tried to get a ‘textured’ look for his skirt, not totally happy with the result. He’s good enough for my game table though
  8. Mummies

    Done with the alternate Mummy poses... I tried out some different skin tones. Again, not art, but good enough for enhancing the game!
  9. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Received my copy yesterday in the Midwestern US. Great stuff! Some innovative and fun looking scenarios. After my initial read through I can say that it seems these scenarios have been well written and edited, with possibly fewer ambiguities than many of the ‘official’ scenarios.
  10. Show your Bêlit!

    Nice effect @Not Quite Dead! I think it looks good. You can perhaps use a toothpick to dip in the blood and add some small selective dabs to her face?
  11. Show your Bêlit!

    I used an old toothbrush, dipped it lightly into a tub of Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God, and carefully flicked the bristles at her. I’ve done it with a few other minis as well, makes a great looking splatter effect.
  12. Show your Bêlit!

  13. Show Bêlit's guards!

    Here they are, matching colors and all. .... Hmm, maybe I will enhance the shields at some point...
  14. Show Bêlit's guards!

    Wow! Just saw these, great work! I love the shields, I really wish I’d done something similar. Gives them some individuality and visual interest. I painted all of mine the same, like a regular army - but thematically it would be better to give them unique qualities as you did... 👍
  15. Show your Bêlit!

    I painted the last of my Belit minis in my latest efforts... Haven’t touched the 3 big box Expansions, but getting very close to having finished everything from the core, all the add-ons, and all stretch goals... so... close...