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  1. @Seaorgrudy, yes, a gloss varnish will give a wet look. Lots to choose from, but Games Workshop has a product called Ardcote, which works well. Nice work!
  2. @garbetsp: I carved all the stonework, mostly just with a pen. All of the dollar store foam board obviously had the paper backing removed and was glued to a rigid cardboard backing, so I could carve the bricks aggressively. I’m typing up a quick overview of how I made the fort, with WIP pics. I’ll post it right here and also on BGG. Probably later today.
  3. Scratch built. Chipboard, dollar store foam core, and just a bit of XPS insulation foam are the main materials. Then just lots of glue and paint and pigments and flocking. It breaks down for easy storage as well. I’ll give a more detailed breakdown soon with some work in progress pics. I’m SO down to attend this ConanCon you dream of...
  4. Nearing completion of my next Conan build, the Ruined Fort! I could have called it done a long time ago, but I just kept adding more details. It’s a great quarantine hobby. Anyways, I’ll post more pics (with minis) later. I’ve been adding some cobwebs, and when I’m done, I swear this build is complete!
  5. Cromdammit @garbetsp! You are absolutely crushing it. Great work all around...
  6. Nice paint job! I’ve played with Amboola and he has a nice range of skills and strengths. The design almost seems inspired by Conan’s friend from the 2011 Conan film... I honestly can’t remember the character’s name, which says something about the film I suppose.
  7. One of my Black Dragons lurking about in some new terrain I built for the game... He was just the first mini I grabbed to see how the LED torch would photograph.
  8. Here’s a new pic of Thog for you savages to enjoy... It’s also a sneak peek at some new scenery I built for a certain ruined fortress board. More to come on that!
  9. Fantastic @Keerka! Absolutely excellent. Terrific work all around, but especially that cape.
  10. Very very nice @Keerka! You’ve got some serious skill. 👏 👏 👏
  11. Yeah.... It will be fun to play on this board. But, given the state of things, I haven’t had game night since finishing the build. My wife likes games in general, and enjoys games like Ticket to Ride and Pandemic (which we just haven’t had the urge to play lately 🤔), but Conan wouldn’t be her jam... I’ve moved on to working on building terrain for the ruined castle board for now. By the time game night happens again I hope to have a few boards with fully rendered terrain to choose from! Terrain crafting has proven to be a fantastic hobby for me during our collective quarantine woes. Stay safe out there everyone!
  12. I just wrapped up a project I’ve been tinkering with, on and off, for about a month. Terrain for the the Pict Village board! A long time ago I built the boma fencing and foliage terrain for this board. I made that for 2 reasons; thematic and visual immersion is something I love about boardgaming, and also to help define the somewhat confusing gameplay areas for this board. The physical fencing made it much more clear where your minis can and cannot go. I always thought it’d be fun to build the huts as well. When I built that original terrain I had really no clue how to approach this kind of crafting (there is a thread on here about that old project). Hell, I was fairly new to miniature painting as well. Now, years later, I kind of shudder at some of my old sloppy mini painting (I like to think I’m a little better now) and I’ve studied up a little on the world of tabletop terrain making. So, these huts are just my second foray into that world. I first made some blasted open doors for the game Nemesis after I painted the plastic doors that came in the second wave of that game. I got myself a new glue gun (Surebonder), some Aleene’s Tacky glue, Mod Podge, E6000 glue, dollar store foam board, a box of miniature skulls from Citadel, coffee stir sticks, bamboo skewers, an Olfa Knife, a cutting mat, and I got busy! Here’s some working shots and some finished pics:
  13. I agree that the BtM campaign got way too negative and caustic. I wasn’t thrilled about the campaign, but I can’t believe how badly it was received overall. It was obviously wise to cancel and make a new plan. Glad that Matt John S will be guiding the ship now. As for what would be nice to see; I think we needed a good ancient temple board, and it looks like we will get that in the new Adventure Mode KS campaign next month. A jungle setting and a cramped Western city street would be good as well. As for minis, wrapping up the major characters from the REH stories would be appropriate. However, to get the most out of the game I think we really need more scenarios that employ the underutilized minis that already exist. However, as they need to make any new material accessible to backers that only have the retail game, I don’t expect it to happen. On a side note, as a bit of a collector and completionist myself, I understand why people want to track down the hard to find items like the Black Ones and the Dragon. But I have to say, the Dragon design is really kind of lame, and the one official scenario that has the Dragon is fairly underwhelming. Same goes for the Sabretooth tiger. He’s badly underpowered. I’m still glad that I went all-in on the original campaign. We’ve played the game a lot, and I’ve had tons of fun getting it all painted. I’m starting to build more scenery for the game boards too. One thing I’d really love to see, would be plastic dashboards that would hold the hero sheets and keep the gems organized. I’ll be curious to see what they come up with.
  14. Sadly, no. The next step is assembling and painting the large ships, and I really want to get an airbrush so I can get good gradients on the sails. I moved back over to getting more Mythic Battles minis done. Also, received the terrain and stretch goals for Nemesis, so I’ve been picking away at those.
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