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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to playing the Khitai scenarios, the tower board is especially intriguing. I never had a chance to play Age of Conan, although it looked like loads of fun. I did pick up Conan Exiles on PS4, and had a great time playing that for awhile. After slogging through building up my character and crafting a ton of weapons, armor, and even a castle, I’m feeling kinda done with it. If I want to work hard at repetitive tasks and compete with my fellow man for limited resources... well, I already do that every day in real life! 😂
  2. Slow going lately as I’ve been on the road for work a lot, but finally got the Khitan Guards underway. I still need to do some touch ups, matte spray, blood, etc. But I’m fairly happy with them, even if they are much brighter and more colorful than their game tile art.... Foo Dogs on deck, and then Corinthia (villagers = boring, Winged Ape = sweeeeet), and I’ll finally be done with my All-In Conan collection!
  3. Epaka

    Queen of the Black Coast

    Awesome! I’m excited to give this a run sometime soon. One question: Are there guidelines for printing this map? As in, how large do we print the sections? I assume that is important information so that the size of the zones are appropriate to determine when zones are ‘full’... As a side note; I have been aware of the Conan-Scenarios website for awhile now, and I think it’s very cool that it exists, however... the website appears to use your computer’s processing power to mine bit-currency of some kind. Not into that nonsense, so I’ve stayed away from it since learning that.
  4. Epaka

    Community Generated Campaign

    Wow! Great work you guys. Seriously impressive. I wish I could have helped out in some way... I was on the road too much the last few months to try and lend a hand, but I will try to playtest this with my gang ASAP. Minor Nitpick Suggestion: For the cover art, perhaps try moving the Outer Dark Demon behind the Dark Demon, shrinking him by 10%-20%, moving him up and to the right, and rotating him to the right (like he’s in the background swooping in). Then the Dark Demon can be the focal point and can be shifted over closer to the center of the image. Without being able to tell if that will actually look better, I just feel that it might be more compositionally appeaing. Also, the ‘Whispers’ title could be a bit larger and lower than it is now, to give it some emphasis. Apologies in advance if this kind of suggestion isn’t actually wanted or needed. It really looks great already. 😁
  5. Here’s some quick pics from my Nordheim Expansion... The usual disclaimers apply: just painting for the game table, not a display case. 😉
  6. Making some progress on the Khitai box set now... I have to say, as with Stygia, the hero sculpt is the least engaging sculpt in the set! The baddies are fantastic, while the hero is.... just ok. 🤔
  7. Epaka

    Pandemonium! (Show your demons)

    @rhogg27184, well, with all my minis I’ve been mostly following the color schemes of the game art. Of course, some interpretation is always needed. As I am still learning how best to paint minis I have realized that anything which is mostly black needs some kind of highlight colors just to make it pop. Gotta say though, you definitely improved on my efforts.
  8. I just had a chance to look over the Conan Board Game Crossover Book that is being produced by Modiphius, in conjunction with their Conan RPG. It was written by none other than our own Dog Brother Matt John! S!!! It has a series of scenarios that can be played as a campaign, as well as rules for a solo/co-op campaign, tips on writing scenarios, and guides for balancing gameplay and swapping out heroes. The folks at Modiphius did a great job laying out the book with lots of art and graphical flourishes and, as I understand it, they added a fair bit of content as well. It makes use of the small tile sets that Modiphius produced, as well as content from the Core Conan game (and lots of stuff from the King Pledge set)... If you kicked into the Modiphius Conan RPG KickStarter, as I did, you can preview the book now. I’m not sure if it’ll be available for retail purchase from Modiphius, but it looks great. So I can definitely give it a big recommendation. @Matt John SI’m curious what you think of the preview/editing/layout, and the additional content that Modiphius added?
  9. Epaka

    Community Generated Campaign

    No doubt @garbetsp.... Hell, I’ve been tempted to just wire 8 bucks to the whining malcontents who are accusing Monolith of outright fraud, just to get them to stop polluting the KS comment sections.
  10. Finished up Stygia. Just have Khitai to wrap up and I’ll be all done with painting Conan!.... until the next campaign hits... As always, kinda moving fast and sloppy, not making art, and generally following the game art for these minis.
  11. Epaka

    Pandemonium! (Show your demons)

    Fantastic work @rhogg27184! Makes me want to re-do mine... ☹️
  12. Anecdotally, I can concur with the OP’s article. Certainly I originally felt the rush and excitement of stretch goals during the original Conan KS. I was new to KS, and as a huge Conan fanatic I got swept along with the campaign. However, I’m now no longer in the same frame of mind. I’d rather just know upfront what I’m getting, and will gladly accept a campaign model that completely does away with stretch goals in favor of overall value. As a side note; stretch goals clearly have a negative impact on a game that hopes to have a long life post-KS campaign. Just look at Conan! So many stretch goal minis exist that it somewhat complicates the game’s continued success and confounds new gamers, collectors, as well as designers of scenarios (both official and fan-made)... Oh, and yeah, my household is fairly saturated with games now, so I’m passing over tons of KS games in favor of targeted acquisitions. I also have too much to paint, and so when I did pledge for Nemesis, I was frankly happy that they didn’t have too many goddamn stretch goals!!🤓
  13. Epaka

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    Hmmm... It’ll be interesting to see what kind of response they get from their KS campaign. I think Conan KS fatigue might have contributed to the multiple failures that Pulposaurus encountered trying to fund their C.R.O.M. (Conan: Rise of Monsters... ugh, really?) skirmish game with pre-painted minis. That, or the fact that the game was obviously not designed as a ‘Conan’ game with any fidelity to the original mythos. They were clearly trying to cram their existing idea for a game into a popular license that they had managed to acquire. As a collector I’ll be very open to whatever Shinobi7 brings to the table, but I have my doubts. Without question I’m ALL-IN for whatever Monolith offers, ‘nuff said!

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