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  1. @Not Quite Dead Thanks brother, I went with green to match the tiles. My conjecture is that all the young scorpions are male and thusly a different color than their queen, as the Brood Mother eats any females to prevent competition. When she’s old enough, she chooses a strong female and allows her to grow and take over the operation... 🙂 I only have a base set of Vallejo colors, so any color variations on any of my minis are mixed up on the spot. I remember that I used black primer on all the scorpions (after priming them white first, wasn’t think ahead), and then just quickly dry-brushed colors on that. I knocked out the whole batch in less than an hour I think. If I recall, these guys were just the plain green with a bit of yellow, and maybe some white to brighten up the hue? But I’m guessing.
  2. Epaka

    Show your Kerim Shah!

    Nice work! I do like this mini. Although I don’t believe he’s seen any action on my game table yet. I dug out an old pic of my version. If I’m remembering correctly, I did some further touch ups on the Akivasha and Belit minis that are flanking him in this pic.
  3. Epaka

    My humble offering to the Gods...

    I’ve finally started painting my copy of MB! I put it off until I wrapped up all of my Zombicide, Cthulhu Wars, Gloomhaven, Conan, Nemesis, Pandemic: Viral Outbreak, and other assorted minis. My meager skills won’t really do justice to these incredible minis, but I can’t wait to play the game so I need to get it done. My usual caveats apply to this post, I’m painting for the game table, not a display case...
  4. Epaka

    Rogues in the Hood

    @Matt John S, just looked at the description of the new episode. Sounds like a hoot, will give a listen later today. Curious to hear your Ahnuld...
  5. Epaka

    Nemesis: this ain’t E.T.!

    @Ken, we actually just got the game to the table last weekend for the first time. Loved it. So thematic and cinematic. I have plans to build a tricked out game board next, I’ll be sure to post pics when I finish building it.
  6. Epaka


    Fantastic! I always say that I paint for the game table, not a display case. But this kind of work i would call painting for a freakin’ museum... Huzzah!
  7. Epaka

    Hyborian Heroes... Assemble!!!

    Umm... Somehow he missed the call to assemble, lol. Honestly, all the pics I’ve posted here have been quick iPhone snaps without much attention paid to composition or lighting. I really do plan to get around to taking pics with one of my better cameras and spending some time on making more artful shots. That always seems to get lost in the shuffle with so many other minis to paint and the fact that the finished minis only get out of the box on game nights. I’ll add an old WIP pic of N’Gora to make up for it...
  8. Epaka

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Good work @garbetsp, much appreciated. By Crom (slams a dagger into the table) we want the Compendiums in English! Hopefully Monolith can make this happen for us loyal fans.
  9. Epaka

    Conan models work in progress

    Keep at it @rhogg27184! Lots of good work you’ve done. It felt good when I finally polished off painting all my Conan stuff. I thought I was done at one point, but then realized I had doors and the Corinthian peasants to do. I downed a big mug of ale when I got them all off the painting table... Now that I have Nemesis done, Mythic Battles: Pantheon is staring me in the face. 😬
  10. Epaka

    Rogues in the Hood

    Thought I’d show the final logo here, and again encourage everyone to give a listen.
  11. Group shot of all the Hero minis I had painted at that point. I think it’s all of them except the ones from the Big Box Expansions....
  12. Epaka

    Nemesis: this ain’t E.T.!

    Mo’ werk...
  13. Epaka

    Tales of the North

    Wow!... I’m blown away by the efforts the community is making with home-brewed scenarios. In fact, calling them home-brewed is misleading. It might be accurate, but honestly, most of the scenarios showing up here on The Overlord are as good, or better, than any ‘official’ scenario. So far the ones I’ve tried out and studied are balanced and, most importantly, they have very concise and detailed rules. One of the only complaints I’ve had about some of the ‘official’ scenarios is in the details. There have been a number of scenarios that led to BIG rule questions in my group, which are simply not answered in the descriptions. Great job addressing all of the possible questions that could arise while playing these awesomely fun scenarios!!!
  14. Epaka

    Show your Zelata!

    Great work @The Captain!

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