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  1. Still have some touch-ups to do, and then need to hit him with some matte varnish, but I figured he’s close enough to finished to share a couple pics. Along with some of the Cthulhu Wars ‘minis’, he’s definitely the largest figure I’ve painted. Tons of fun to paint something so large that I can actually paint the eyes decently.
  2. Nice work @rhogg27184! Keep at it, it’s always a great feeling for me when I wrap up painting a game. I just finished up the core box for Mythic Battles, so I can at least try it out finally (whenever the 1.5 update gets to me). I still have a lot of minis to do for MB, since there were so many stretch goals. I didn’t get any of the expansions though, other than Corinthia, or else I’d be a long way from done!
  3. Great work! Really excellent... As for his legs, they look good to me. Almost looks like he has dirty feet, which would be fitting for a barefoot master thief. Eyes look great too!
  4. Ooooohhhh.... Red Nails would be an excellent option. I’ll be onboard for whatever they come out with tbh. Just from a practical standpoint, I’d like to have molded plastic player dashboards like they did with Batman. Would help with gem management.
  5. Had fun painting him, but I gotta say that Heracles might be my least favorite mini that I have for this game. Admittedly, I didn’t get the majority of stuff that was offered during the KickStarter campaign. I’m not saying that the sculpt is bad, but for me this design missed the mark. Heracles is the only MB sculpt I’ve seen that looks slightly cartoonish vs. realistic. His proportions seem to be a caricature of a steroidal, overly buff, muscleman. It’s just missing the detailed and serious artistry of the rest of the MB minis. At any rate, it’s not a bad mini and I look forward to seeing what he can do on the game table!
  6. I tried to follow the game art as usual, but I was not skilled enough to make good looking glowing eyes and mouths on these bad boys. Another cool sculpt for this game! I’m closing in on having the core box painted up, just in time for 1.5 rules, and I can’t wait to finally get this game to the table.
  7. Ares wanted to see if he could get a head!
  8. @rhogg27184, and based on your excellent Conan minis, I am very much looking forward to your MB paint-jobs!
  9. Finally had some time to get back to painting minis during my otherwise crazy busy summer. So, what else would I do but Hail Hydra! Usual disclaimers apply, I paint for the table, not a display case or contest. Even though my hand isn’t always steady and my overall technique is still a work in progress, I’m usually happy with my color choices (I rarely deviate much from the game art, as I like the minis to match the printed material if possible)... Anyone else tackled this beautiful beastie yet?
  10. Be that as it may, Monolith refers to the miniatures in Conan as ‘32mm’. Also, as much as I love the huge selection of miniatures in Conan, they cannot really be described as consistent when it comes to scale. Even just with the minis representing Conan himself there are big differences in height. Never mind the fact that the Villagers from the Corinthia Expansion tower over everyone! Lol. Correct or not, I see ‘32mm’ used as a descriptor of mini size quite a bit around the miniature gaming industry. It seems that there really isn’t an ironclad standard for mini sizing. Reaper Miniatures calls their various lines of minis 25mm. Games Workshop seems to use 25mm, 32mm, and 40mm as sizing standards. At any rate, regarding the new Shinobi7 (S7) game; I’m such a hopeless Conan collector that I went ahead and pledged for the game. The mini designs look cool enough. They aren’t breaking any new ground, especially with the main Conan mini - who really looks like he is based on a 90’s comic book rendition of Conan, as opposed to a literary one. I do like the design for Valeria, and some of the others look nice too. As for the game itself, I’d also say that it isn’t breaking any new ground. Seems like a very simplistic ‘dudes fighting on a board’ kind of game. There certainly doesn’t seem to be much excitement around the game over on KickStarter, as there was for Monolith’s Conan campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t even manage to reach it's funding goal! We shall see.
  11. I dug out this old pic of my Sabertooth mini, though I’m not overly proud of my paint job... I absolutely agree with the assessment that he is definitely very underpowered. He’s a joke in fact. In my opinion, he should have a higher armor rating and perhaps a couple skill icons, like Terror and perhaps Circular Strike. My gaming group was pretty underwhelmed by the scenario he was featured in. ‘Ol Sabertooth himself was killed off way too easily, and after that the OL is hard pressed to kill off his targets. It’s worth another try I suppose. Seems that the OL would have to keep the tiger on the move and well away from being attacked as he’s so wimpy and vulnerable. If it still didn’t feel balanced, perhaps increasing his hit points would help.
  12. My copy of Compendium I has much thinner paper for the cover and just doesn’t have the slick design and manufacturing of the newer versions. I don’t know if they ever printed a nicer version in English or French.
  13. Not to rub salt in the wounds of those who haven’t received their copies of the new Compendiums yet, but I got mine and they are awesome. Very nice job on the printing, with thick covers and pages. Lots of great art, articles, and scenarios. My crew and I will be trying out one of the new Conan scenarios tonight. Thanks to Monolith and all the various contributors!!
  14. Nice work, as always @garbetsp!
  15. @rhogg27184, can’t wait to see what you wind up doing with the MB minis. Your Conan work has been excellent, no doubt you’ll knock it out of the park with MB as well. I’m getting close to having the base game minis painted, so it will probably be ready around the time the 1.5 version arrives, and then we will finally be able to actually try playing this game!
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