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  1. Epaka

    Picts sting!

    The Picts for this game are nicely sculpted, but are overall too cartoonish for my tastes. They don’t look like a regular human race at all. It’s really the only complaint I have about the minis for this game: their varying scale and style. Most of the minis seem to based on normal, humanoid physiology. But some of them, like the Picts and Baal Pteor, are very stylized and exaggerated. The Picts have the look of unrealistic, comic book Neanderthals. Not at all what I see in my mind’s eye when reading Beyond the Black River. Still, they look good enough on the game table for sure. 🙂
  2. Epaka

    Show your Man-ape!

    Nice work! Love his bright red bum. Either he’s related to Mandrill apes, or else he sat on a hot stove (which would explain why he’s screaming?)...
  3. Epaka

    Show your Conan!

    Cromdammit, you are painting at a whole other level than I am @Walrusboy77!... Great work.
  4. For a time at least, Asmodee (the game distributor) was providing printed copies of the updated v2 rules to people who bought the game in retail, depending on where you purchased it. These are not hardcover books, they have a paper cover just like the original Hero and Overlord rulebooks you already have. The v2 rules have updated clarifications for skills on the back page that compliment, but do not replace, the skill cards you already have. Try reaching out to Asmodee, but if that fails, you can download digital PDFs of the updated rulebooks, as well as new scenarios, at Monolith’s Conan website: http://www.monolithedition.com/conan-en/rulebooks/ Welcome to the clan Barbarian brother!
  5. Epaka

    Show your Zaporavo!

    Great work! I agree entirely, one of my favorite minis in the game even if not 100% exactly what I picture from the original text. Yours turned out great, and the eyes and armor details are really well done. Huzzah!
  6. Epaka

    The legend of the devil in Iron FAQ_v2.pdf

    Super helpful, thanks! Now that I have everything in my King pledge painted, we will be trying out the campaign soon...
  7. Epaka

    Hilarious Worthless Objects

    Awesome work! Conan needed it’s own equivalent to Zombicide’s Canned Food and Bags of Rice. 😆
  8. Got Natohk to the table this week... Squared off with Conan for an epic conclusion.
  9. Epaka

    Picts sting!

    They look great @Xaltotun! Nice work. Truth be told, these minis and their game art don’t exactly depict (!) the Picts as they are described in the stories, so I think any color scheme works fine.
  10. Epaka

    Conan the Barbarian Campaign

    Me! Lol. I have a couple old pics here of my camo-Conan. I went back and did some retouching afterwards...
  11. True enough! But also, unless the art can be found printed larger in the game manuals, or the campaign/art books, it can honestly be rather hard to see what’s going on from just the game-tiles. Yet, somehow, I still never noticed any hint of blue on the Mummies until I saw other painted minis, even though it’s clear as can be on the cover of the Devil in Iron campaign book!... Cognitive bias indeed. So, what’s your plan for painting your version of the Black Dragons? They might look even more badass without naked knees! 😈🐉
  12. Thanks NQD, I can’t say I was inspired to go off script with the fleshy knees, elbows, and necks. As usual I was just trying to follow what the game art looks like. I can’t really tell from the game-tile, but it looked like skin to me. I suppose it’s hot wearing black armor in the hot Aquilonian summer... 🤪
  13. These guys clearly have Conan’s back, so he can focus on more important things - like wine and wenching...
  14. Epaka

    Show your Bossonian Archers!

    Looks good @Not Quite Dead! I guess there is the exact reason that I tend not to paint the eyes. I generally get a ‘cross-eyed cartoon’ look myself. Lol. Again, nice work!
  15. Epaka

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    @hiruma Apparently there will be a 2nd printing run to accommodate everyone who wants a copy...

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