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  1. Epaka

    Show your Zelata!

    Great work @The Captain!
  2. Nice work @garbetsp! I TOTALLY agree that the wolf minis are very very plain, even lackluster. Compare them to the Foo Dogs, or Slasher to see what a scary looking wolf could look like. Hell, even with their soft details, the Hyenas are way better than these wolves. I might eventually get into basing my minis when I get cranking on Mythic Battles, but I generally just go black with the bases. Something about bases not matching all the possible game boards kind of bugs me. Also, I'm speed painting to get the minis onto my game table, so I've just not played around with bases yet. Your work here is inspiring me to give it a go. 😃
  3. Epaka

    Rogues in the Hood

    Sounds great! I’ll send you a message @Matt John S, let’s get connected via email and hash out the details. I have a few tweaks to the logo in mind yet, and I’d love to incorporate any feedback your team has.
  4. Epaka

    Rogues in the Hood

    Hey @Matt John S, Had a few minutes to spare at work and whipped up a slightly more splashy logo for your podcast. Let me know if you guys would have any interest in it...
  5. Epaka

    Nemesis: this ain’t E.T.!

    A few more work-in-progress shots...
  6. Epaka

    Rogues in the Hood

    @thrainn Here’s the link to it on Apple Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rogues-in-the-house/id1442128353?mt=2&i=1000423790217 But you can just search for it wherever you like to get your podcasts from.
  7. Epaka

    Rogues in the Hood

    @Matt John S!!!! I just listened to the first episode of the Podcast ‘Rogues in the House’, and only at the end did I realize that our own Matt John was one of the contributing voices. I thoroughly enjoyed the Podcast and I highly recommend it to anyone that is a fan of Sword & Sorcery in all it’s varied forms. Great job Matt! I’ll be checking out all the other episodes and I hope it continues for a good long run.
  8. Epaka

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    I know I’d certainly love to get Compendium 2 in English. I think there are a few factors at play here. Monolith is centered in the French gaming community, which is fairly insular. They are more than happy to sell games to anyone, but they are definitely catering primarily to French gamers in many ways. The French version of The Overlord site is very very active. This English site, is not very active at all in comparison (which is a bummer). I sometimes feel like this whole site exists just so that about 20 of us die hard English language fans can communicate with each other... Another factor may very well be the issues Monolith ran into with shipping the previous Compendiums worldwide. They got a lot of hate and spite from a handful of malcontents who were (understandably) pissed off when they didn’t get their copies of the first Compendium - due to cheap and spotty shipping methods. Some people even called them cheaters and thieves! Yet another issue, is the licensing beef that Monolith has run into with Cabinet regarding Conan, and the resulting question about when (and if) Monolith will ever provide new Conan material via KickStarter. Add all that to the fact that Monolith is a business, and needs to generate revenue to stay viable. Hence, their focus on other games. I think that an English translation of Compendium 2 is probably number 286 on their to-do list...
  9. Epaka

    Nemesis: this ain’t E.T.!

    Making some headway on getting Nemesis painted up. I’m mulling over paint schemes for the other alien types. The Queen and the Breeders will have a bit more color I think. 🤔 Work in progress shots here, still need to attend to the bases.
  10. Epaka

    Show your Conan!

    He looks great @garbetsp! As to your query, ALWAYS put blood on Conan’s axe!... always. 😈
  11. Epaka

    It’s Always Sunny in Gloomhaven

    It's Always Sunny in.... Philadelphia!
  12. Epaka

    It’s Always Sunny in Gloomhaven

    Or a little disk shaper dial type counter that can sit underneath the mini. 🤔
  13. Epaka

    It’s Always Sunny in Gloomhaven

    @Matt John S, I’ve seen that some peeps out there use other minis, including from Conan, instead of the cardboard standees for Gloomhaven. I might follow suit. I’m currently assembling one of those storage solutions for organizing Gloomhaven. I got the one from Daedalus instead of the one from Broken Token. It has a better look, doesn’t result in cover lift, and has nice etchings on the side so you know what everything is. I’ve also ordered a couple sets of 12-sides dice to use for tracking hit points for the baddies. I’ve seen others do that, and it looks like a better solution instead of having to refer back to the monsters card and count up tokens.
  14. Epaka

    It’s Always Sunny in Gloomhaven

    Agreed @garbetsp... These are a real mixed bag of minis, and very different in every respect from most of the other minis I’ve painted. They are cartoonish, with a pretty wide range of quality and detail. Some I kinda like, others not so much. For example, the Spellweaver looks ok from the front or back, but at an angle you see that she was almost sculpted in 2D. She’s super flat, with no dimensionality to her. Of course, the minis in Gloomhaven are really an afterthought, and the creator of the game even acknowledged that he didn’t really want minis in the game at first. His desire to create a more Euro style game is evident throughout, even down to the art for the components and game board tiles. I’m looking at adding more bling to the game by building scenery using dental stone and silicone molds from Hirst Arts. All that said, I haven’t got it to the table yet, but I think we are going to love playing it!

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