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  1. Gotta have some blood on the God of War, right?
  2. I can’t say for sure, but it’s possible that Monolith will offer reprints of MB: Pantheon when they launch their next Mythic Battles Kickstarter campaign. That campaign will be for the follow up title, MB: Ragnarok, which will be essentially the same game, but highlighting Norse mythology instead of Greek. I believe that Kickstarter Campaign will be In June of 2020... @Matt John S might have more info?
  3. After he gets some Dulcote varnish spray I do plan to top coat him with some Ardcote to give him a wet look... Paint job is not a showstopper, but he’s table ready for sure!
  4. Busy on the road for work, so my painting has really slowed down. Got back into it with the 4 Detective miniatures from the excellent game ‘Detective: City of Angels’. They were pretty easy, so knocked them out quick. Now back to a couple Mythic Battles minis for a bit before moving back to Dreadfleet. Was excited to tackle Tityos, as he’s a cool and unique sculpt. Gotta admit, he was more challenging than I anticipated. Almost scrapped the paint job and stripped him back to plastic to start over, but just kept at it and finally got it to a place that I’m okay with.
  5. Very nice work @Ken! Love the color choices. If I recall, Khemsa was among the last of the stretch goal minis I painted, quite awhile back. I’ll be curious to see your home-brewed hero sheet and scenario if you wind up sharing them here.
  6. Moving so slow these days with regards to painting minis. House renovation ALMOST done. So hopefully back to normal soon. Anyways, got the last of the Dreadfleet ephemera done: a marker which indicates wind direction, or if flipped, indicates the arrival of the Maelstrom!... Actually not 100% sure what that means in terms of gameplay as I’ve not played this game yet, but I like the sound of it!
  7. The other beasties! The Leech Wrym, and the the Sea Giant!
  8. Sea beastie for Dreadfleet completed: Behold the Bone Hydra!
  9. Love the purple robes. Regal Evil....
  10. By Crom, nice work brothers! I must say, I'm not overly proud of my paint job on the Warlock... Had to dig around to find a pic. I think I was in the home stretch of finishing my Conan painting when I did a rush job on him... Looking back even a year or so, at least I can see that I'm getting incrementally better at this mini painting stuff. :)
  11. Thanks @Not Quite Dead! The ship wheels with skeleton design are used to make turns with the ships. You align the wheel on either the right or left front of the ship base and rotate the ship accordingly. The thing that looks like a ruler with a dragon/serpent skeleton is actually three sections long, totaling 18 inches, with two joints that can be pivoted and locked into place at 45 degree angles. This is used to measure movement, as well as determine range and firing arcs.
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