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  1. @rhogg27184, can’t wait to see what you wind up doing with the MB minis. Your Conan work has been excellent, no doubt you’ll knock it out of the park with MB as well. I’m getting close to having the base game minis painted, so it will probably be ready around the time the 1.5 version arrives, and then we will finally be able to actually try playing this game!
  2. Epaka

    Dawn of Peacemakers

    Nice work @Not Quite Dead! Looks like a fun game.
  3. Epaka

    Show your Batmans

    Wow. @Narthor, these look fantastic! I didn’t pull the trigger on Batman, since I already have such a backlog of minis to paint, and I’m really not a huge Batman fan. The game looks great though, and I’m definitely jealous of the plastic trays for holding the character cards - I wish Conan had come with something like those... Keep sharing your work please, it is very impressive stuff.
  4. Some Work-in-Progress shots as I wrap up painting the storied God of War in miniature form... I really like this sculpt, and I have been trying to up my game with these larger MB figures. Trying some new techniques here and there. I have trouble making a large smooth surface look good with a layer of ink wash. It often looks messy and splotchy. So, for Ares’ cape and, um, skirt(?), I painted them with a darker tone as a base layer and then I just layered and dry brushed the highlights, skipping the ink wash step all together... Very happy with him so far, maybe the best mini I’ve painted in the couple years I’ve been doing it.
  5. Another great mini from this game. The right choice was made to keep the depiction more classic in nature with such an important member of the Pantheon. He looks just right.
  6. It’s all about the owl on this one. At least for me... 🙂 Usual disclaimers apply; I’m painting for the table, not a display case, and I’m always trying to follow the game art as best I can.
  7. Kinda rough paint job in some areas. I over shaded her in areas and then picked the worst brush I could have to do some of the dry brushing. I might do some more work to rescue her, but I’m trying to keep a good pace getting MB finished and table ready.
  8. Epaka

    Compendium Late pledge FLUENT

    Ah, I see. That is a bummer for all the fans outside of the US and Europe. The end date was clear from the outset, but I agree that as we approached April 19th Monolith should have openly communicated that they did not find a better shipping option for other territories, if only to help remind people that they’d need to at least order their PDF version before the deadline. Hopefully more new issues are produced in the future and then Monolith can again offer all the issues to backers/fans. Communication is key, and I concur that Monolith could always improve on that front.
  9. Epaka

    Hyperborean Primitive

    I guess I’ll share this old WIP picture of my Primitive. I think I worked him a little more after this, and I’m not overly thrilled with this paint job. If I recall, I was in the home stretch for the base game and KS exclusive stuff and I was moving really fast.
  10. Epaka

    Pandemonium! (Show your demons)

    I almost always prime a solid white layer unless the final mini demands a black primer (like Cerberus or the aliens in Intruder), and then when the minis needs a white color it’s already there. For example, with the skeletons and mummies from Conan, the bones and bandages were already base-coated and just needed some ink wash for me to be happy. I found the mummies to be super easy to paint for this game. Flesh, swords, skirt, shade it all, done.
  11. Epaka

    Missing pics?

    @Matt John S, It seems like a random smattering of older pics are missing. At least when I look at the topic on a mobile device. Look at the thread for ‘Show Your Conan’. Some are there, many simply show a file name and no pics...?
  12. Epaka

    Pandemonium! (Show your demons)

    By the musk of Crom’s short and curlys, he looks awesome @Not Quite Dead! I’m not terribly thrilled with my painted version of the Dark Demon, and he’s not really one of my favorite minis in the game (kind of cartoony for my tastes), but you’ve made him look damn fierce and interesting. I think you nailed the trick with painting black minis, kind of a reverse of most minis, the shading is already done after the basecoat and one just needs to attend to the highlights. Great work!
  13. @Not Quite Dead, yeah black is kinda tricky. I’m no expert, but I’ve had some decent results by relying on highlighting/dry brushing. Either prime or basecoat the minis in black, and then dry brush all the raised sections with a lighter color. Something in the blue range seems to work and compliment the black. For Cerberus I mixed Vallejo Azure (kind of a muted, greyish blue) with a tiny touch of black, and then simply dry brushed his face and body. It worked great on the Crows in the Nordheim expansion too. I wouldn’t look at my Dark Demon as a success (he turned out pretty sloppy), but that’s pretty much what I did with him too. Any experts out there want to weigh in?
  14. Epaka

    Missing pics?

    @SentMa, @Matt John S... Seems like pictures from many older posts are missing. Is there something going on with the website?
  15. Incredibly satisfying to have such a large mini that is so damn easy to paint. It took me about an hour to have this guy basically done. I fiddled about for a little longer to try and tweak him, but there wasn’t much else to do. Black primer, some dark blue dry brushing and then just a few details. Obviously an expert level painter can go much further with such an nice model, but I’m trying to wrap up my MB stuff before the 1.5 update arrives. Hmm... maybe Atlas or the Hoplites next?

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