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Magazine Scenario

Edward Burke

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I’ve just recently started playing through many of the scenarios in my all in pledge, including the villain campaign, and am thoroughly enjoying the game thus far. I’m kind of regretting not getting overlord volume 4. So I was just wondering if anyone either had a picture or could tell me which villains and characters are used in it (particularly since some of the core box villains are underused slightly) just so I know whether or not it’s worth trying to track down?

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Let me check...

Heroes : 1-Nightwing, 2-Batwoman, 3-Gordon

Villains : Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy

Rank&file :  Thugs crowbar, Brutes chains, Carnivorous plants, GCPD cops pistol, 1 civilian


That being said, chances are this scenario will be downloadable here, one day or another (just like for Conan).


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