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Monolith 2021 product review -

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The entire Monolith team wishes you a happy New Year, 2021, may it be more peaceful than the previous one, and full of games with your loved ones. Let's take a quick look at what to expect this year! (Spoiler: we have kept back some surprises)
We've never been so close! We are aiming for a launch in the second half of this quarter and will be able to publish the exact date in the next two weeks.
We are still waiting for some information from our partner factories before we publish the survey from which we will gauge demand for what Mythic Battles: Pantheon products we would include in the upcoming Mythic Battles: Ragnarök campaign.
This survey will allow backers to indicate their choice of Mythic Battles: Pantheon products from the entire MB-P product range and not just those products that have already been reprinted. If there is sufficient demand, those products will be added to the range of available products in the Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Kickstarter campaign or Pledge manager.
The only MB-P product we will offer during the Mythic Battles Ragnarök Kickstarter campaign will be the Mythic Battles Pantheon 1.5 core box (and its Stretch Goals).
All other Mythic Battles Pantheon products we elect to add (including the MB-P1.5 core box) will be available in the Mythic Battles Ragnarök pledge manager.
It’s our attempt not to overwhelm or complicate choices for new players of the game.
The next few weeks will see a series of news on MBR, revealing to you before the launch all the contents of the basic box:
During the next few weeks news and updates will reveal Mythic Battles: Ragnarök core box contents: miniatures, game boards, new features, gameplay… We will take an in-depth tour of the box before launching these side by side (or face to face) mythical clashes!
We continue to make good progress on Batman Gotham City Chronicles and its various game modes. However, things are progressing more slowly than expected, due to a change in the approval policy of Warner Bros. You are probably aware that some publishers have recently had to change some of their content before delivery. Also, in order to deal with this unfortunate eventuality, we are taking the initiative and are making sure that everything we want to offer you has been previously approved and does not risk being called into question later.
Paul Grogan and his team are still working on the rewording of the rulebook, which will be available in pdf before the Kickstarter campaign. The Solo / Cooperative mode looks very good and will prove to be one of the major assets of the campaign. In addition, we should offer the possibility of evolving within a DC Universe that we have not yet explored. For now, note that Season 2 content has just been added to our Online Misson Maker (https://www.batman-scenarios.com/)! Allowing you to add even more gameplay for your Season 2 content. Content which WILL be available again during the next Batman Season 3 Kickstarter.
The production of Conan is progressing well, and we are really happy with the plastic production miniatures we received! Our writers, after a brief rest, are once again working hard to bring you the promised online scenarios for Khitai, Nordheim and Stygia, as well as the Black Ones and the Demon of the Earth. These scenarios will be made available before your Conan the Conqueror pledge is delivered. We should be able to show you the rest of the new features soon!
2021 will mark the launch of the first Claustrophobia 1643 novel, Les Limbes Sanglantes (Bloody limbos) in French at Bragelonne! We hope that this unholy journey born under the pen of Nicolas Texier will be subsequently translated into English.
Mid-year, we'll be giving those of you who missed this award-winning game (https://www.boardgamequest.com/2019-board-game-award.../) a new opportunity to grab a copy! With the after-sales service on this game reasonably behind us, we will make several hundred copies available for purchase directly via our dedicated pledge manager.
Although this is not our immediate priority, we intend to extend and further develop the universe of Claustrophobia, we will shift our focus to this game later in the year.
We are really happy to have embarked on this adventure with . Player feedback on this superb role-playing project has far exceeded our expectations! We are also in discussion with our partners so that this universe sees the light of day in English, later this year. Our English-speaking audience will thus be able to set sail for these strange lands and meet the civilizations that inhabit them. We’ll open the treasure chest of news shortly.
It is time! By mid-year, once all Conan: the Conqueror pledges are delivered, we will be opening the online store we've been working on for some time. It will offer products from several ranges, in limited quantities, as well as new products. We're not planning to make it just a clearance or pre-order space but give it a life of its own. It is also part of a more comprehensive restructuring project for our pledge manager and our after-sales service, which will be overhauled this year. We point out in advance that there are no plans, with very specific exceptions, to make the products available on our store at a price lower than that which was theirs during our campaigns. We want our early supporters to be most rewarded. Likewise, pre-orders will not offer a lower price than campaigns.
2021 will be an opportunity for us to meet many of the expectations of our seasoned players, and to prepare for 2022, which will be full of new things, both in terms of systems and universes.
We thank you again for your involvement and your interest and we’ll see you soon for Mythic Battles: Ragnarök!
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