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In this scenario, players start in coop mode without an Overlord. It contains a hidden identity element, as one of the players knows from the start that he is possessed. At some point, the Swamp Demon will come out and replaces that Hero's character, as the player continues as the Overlord. Will the Demon break free from his shackles or will the Heroes overcome him. 


The heroes were eyeing each other warily. Having traveled for days, if not weeks, was it possible that each one of us was here for the same purpose? Looking through the wares, Kerim Shah spoke out, "We're not going to find anything here. Who wants to check out the floating market with me?". Constantius grumbled, "It is said that the Amulet has been fragmented in 3 parts. I say, we split up." "Agreed", Valeria exclaimed, while emptying another basket with fine garments up-side-down. "Let's meet up at the altar down south, where the Amulet was last seen." The peculiar trio nodded and headed off.


Little did they know, that they were not the only ones lured by the cosmic pull of the amulet. And little did they know of the ancient fires, that kept long forgotten powers shackled and hidden only in our darkest dreams.





The Lure of the Amulet.pdf

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This scenario has not been play-tested yet by an actual group, which is kind of essential for a hidden identity game. If you are the first to try it out, let me know how it goes. At the moment I think it's balanced more in favor of the Heroes, but I would like to get some feedback before making more changes.  Thanks for giving it a try.  

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The Swamp Demon has been replaced with Forest Demon and gets health equal to that of the possessed hero. Also the additional movement of the Forest Demon will give the needed boost for the overlord. Also the heroes are no longer allowed to look directly at there secret identity, but can look at one of the cards when obtaining an Amulet Fragment.  

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