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  1. Starting gems for the overlord has been reduced to just 2 in the Reserve Zone. This is for balance, as it is now much easier to clear the lower areas of the tower, while the overlord can still regain units relatively fast with 7 gems per round. In addition, it shows that Conan and Taurus stealthily approached the tower and land some sneak kills before Warlock Yara becomes aware of their presence.
  2. This is an interesting scenario where the heroes need to defeat Khemsa and the Demon of the Earth. Both Khemsa and the Demon of the Earth start wit just 1 health, but there are mechanisms in place that increase the health throughout the game. Can the heroes save the town before it is too late? Heading down south into Corinthia the temperature suddenly dropped. Conan and Belit fastened their pace, not willing to let their latest haul get in the hands of one of the many thieving guilds in Corinthia. There is no better place than the black market of Zavaret, where jewelry passes many hands before finding their new suitor. The town Zavaret was almost in view, located just behind these rocky outcrops. Conan stopped, something was not right. It was way too quiet and the temperature had dropped to a level which could freeze the blade in its scabbard. Carefully taking his sword out, Conan and Belit steadily moved forward, ready for an ambush. Early Winter in Corinthia.pdf
  3. Thanks, there are some interesting ways to play, both for heroes and overlord, which encourage several replays. It would be interesting to hear the results. Were the enhanced orbs useful? And how were the tentacles used?
  4. Yogah of Yag is locked up in the tower and needs your help. Defeat the warlock Yara to set Yogah forever free. Slay the renowned creatures from The Tower of the Elephant, such as the lion and the spider. You can even crush the spider with a chest as the story goes. This scenario also contains other interesting mechanics, such as tentacles dragging heroes through the window to drown into the pond. Or create upgraded exploding orbs, as Yogah has mastered the art of alchemy. All in a fast, action-packed game of Conan. This is a single scenario for 3 heroes vs the overlord, which requires the King pledge, Khitai expansion, Yogah of Yag and some item cards from The Legend of the Devil in Iron. The Alchemist from Yag.pdf
  5. One of the many great scenarios of Conan, but some unclarity. I played that Thaug can activate each tentacle no more than once per round. If it grabs a pirate, he gets dragged into the sea. If the tentacle is killed, then the pirate can still swim and attack other tentacles, but cannot climb back onto the boat. Because he has the swim skill but no climb skill. Characters without the swim skill would die. If a hero falls into sea, we ruled that he/she can still teleport back to the ship within the same round, otherwise also die. About Thaug hp, you can rule that he looses an hp with each tentacle that gets killed.
  6. Hi, I also think it's a great tool. Sad that so many scenario's got lost. I recreated my own (Early winter in Corinthia) and just finished another one (Phial of Hurricanes). Would be great if someone can help play test. Still, there is a big issue that many of the river tiles are not there, especially for the expansions. I use several of them and they contain no picture of the unit in the river. Tet2Brick, can you look into this? It's very obvious if you look into the river options and look at the last available tiles. Thanks
  7. Introducing a scenario using the Nordheim map in which Conan and Belit get ambushed and have to battle the hypnotist Khemsa and the Demon of the Earth (can be freely replaced by the Forest Demon in case Demon of the Earth not available). The heroes have to defend the town area, while Khemsa and the Demon gain power (see special rules). Early winter in Corinthia.pdf
  8. Sorry, but can also still add the blue gems for placement on the map? Only the red gems were added. Thanks
  9. Useful, thanks. The original plastic trays are breaking after heavy use, so that's why I'll be getting these foam trays instead. Furthermore, it is the best game in my collection and fully painted, so it deserves the upgrade.
  10. When will the english translated tome II come out by the way? Can't you sent out the pdf version to the people who did not receive the tome I copy? It has some nice new mechanics and of course they are disappointed. And from Monolith side this is of course also disappointing to get quite some negative feedback on a free product and understandably they do not want to loose more money on that. But there are free options to win there support back. I'm also sure many gamers missed the 1st tome, so why not include an option to sell both at a premium with express shipping? With the additional income, can refund these few poor souls, right? And most of us would not mind to pay more for an intact product and possibly higher quality. Let's solve this as a community, as everyone here loves Conan 🙂
  11. Hi, sorry, but can add the blue gems also? I see that only the red gems are added. Sorry for the hassle.
  12. Can still look into adding the gems to be available for placement on the map? Thanks
  13. I added spells from the spell list for overlord tiles, however just noticed that I don't see them listed in the pdf. Can check on this?
  14. Thanks, my 1st scenario is completed. Very nice tool. However in my scenario I start with gems being placed on the map, but cannot choose those red/blue gem icons. Can it be added? Thanks for creating this tool!
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