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  1. The roles have changed. Conan and Taurus search help from Yogah of Yag to save them from the Shadow Puppet Master, who has been using foul magic to control the heroes since they set foot on Khitan lands. Together with the commander of the Tigress, N'Gora, they will have to visit another sorcerer's tower. Make haste, before their Will gets Broken. Required are the Khitai expansion and the Modiphius Tiles. The Shadow Puppet Master v10.pdf
  2. Going one step further, asking for some MB dashboards for Gorm, Ghouls, Children of Gullah and Manifestation of Yog for example, would be too much, right? But would be cool!
  3. Huge update on graphics design and streamlined rules, with thanks to Nesh-Shogta. See pdf v3 above with the new title Crushed by Darkness...
  4. I just learned some new tricks. Updated graphics added in pdf v2, see link above.
  5. Attached an image of the entire scenario. Sure it's corrupt? It works for me.
  6. This is a solo scenario that requires King pledge and the "Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror" geomorphic tile set. Fun part is that you can start with any equipment with minimum encumbrance of 1, obtained from deep beneath the crypt. However, will you make it out alive? Crushed by Darkness v3.pdf
  7. The Swamp Demon has been replaced with Forest Demon and gets health equal to that of the possessed hero. Also the additional movement of the Forest Demon will give the needed boost for the overlord. Also the heroes are no longer allowed to look directly at there secret identity, but can look at one of the cards when obtaining an Amulet Fragment.
  8. This scenario has not been play-tested yet by an actual group, which is kind of essential for a hidden identity game. If you are the first to try it out, let me know how it goes. At the moment I think it's balanced more in favor of the Heroes, but I would like to get some feedback before making more changes. Thanks for giving it a try.
  9. In this scenario, players start in coop mode without an Overlord. It contains a hidden identity element, as one of the players knows from the start that he is possessed. At some point, the Swamp Demon will come out and replaces that Hero's character, as the player continues as the Overlord. Will the Demon break free from his shackles or will the Heroes overcome him. The heroes were eyeing each other warily. Having traveled for days, if not weeks, was it possible that each one of us was here for the same purpose? Looking through the wares, Kerim Shah spoke out, "We're not going to
  10. Latest changes. Most importantly, the Legend of the Devil in Iron is no longer required. The game has also been more streamlined. No more crushing spider by chest and spears having reach. And now it's possible to escape from drowning in the pond, as you'll only drown if you are not constricted and no friendly unit with swimming is in the same area.
  11. Starting gems for the overlord has been reduced to just 2 in the Reserve Zone. This is for balance, as it is now much easier to clear the lower areas of the tower, while the overlord can still regain units relatively fast with 7 gems per round. In addition, it shows that Conan and Taurus stealthily approached the tower and land some sneak kills before Warlock Yara becomes aware of their presence.
  12. This is an interesting scenario where the heroes need to defeat Khemsa and the Demon of the Earth. Both Khemsa and the Demon of the Earth start wit just 1 health, but there are mechanisms in place that increase the health throughout the game. Can the heroes save the town before it is too late? Heading down south into Corinthia the temperature suddenly dropped. Conan and Belit fastened their pace, not willing to let their latest haul get in the hands of one of the many thieving guilds in Corinthia. There is no better place than the black market of Zavaret, where jewelry passes many
  13. Thanks, there are some interesting ways to play, both for heroes and overlord, which encourage several replays. It would be interesting to hear the results. Were the enhanced orbs useful? And how were the tentacles used?
  14. Yogah of Yag is locked up in the tower and needs your help. Defeat the warlock Yara to set Yogah forever free. Slay the renowned creatures from The Tower of the Elephant, such as the lion and the spider. This scenario contains interesting mechanics, such as tentacles dragging heroes through the window to drown into the pond. Or create upgraded exploding orbs, as Yogah has mastered the art of alchemy. All in a fast, action-packed game of Conan. This is a single scenario for 3 heroes vs the overlord, which requires the King pledge, Khitai expansion and Yogah of Yag.
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