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CONAN - The Liberator

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CONAN - The Liberator490389792_ConanTheLiberatorCover.PNG.0ef670d7cba0575c835c8c1d7968c5b4.PNG


"I had prepared myself to take the crown, not to hold it. In the old free days all I wanted was a sharp sword and a straight path to my enemies. Now no paths are straight and my sword is useless. When I overthrew Numedides, then I was the Liberator—now they spit at my shadow."

- The Phoenix on the Sword


CONAN - The Liberator is a fanmade solo/co-op mode campaign for Monolith's Conan, charting Conan's rise to power as King of Aquilonia. The six scenarios take Conan and his companions from the deadly streets of Tarantia, through the Dungeons of Sorrow and the depths of the Pictish Wilderness, to his uprising against the cruel King Nemedides.


This campaign requires the Barbarian or King Pledge, and two sets of Modiphius Tiles; Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror and Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities (the same tile sets required for the Monolith Sourcebook campaign). Several scenarios also include optional substitutions that make use of other Conan expansions.


December 2022 marks the 90th anniversary of the release of the first Conan story, The Phoenix on the Sword, in which a newly crowned King Conan looks to hold on to his throne. What better way to mark that anniversary than to set the Cimmerian on the throne yourself?


Conan The Liberator is available in 2 formats:


1 - PDF for web viewing and home printing:

CONAN_The Liberator - Full PDF.pdf


2 - Hardcover Edition - this is two PDF files, one for the cover and the second for the interior content that you can send to a print-on-demand service for a hardback book. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use Lulu, if you choose them as your print-on-demand service. 

CONAN_The Liberator - Cover.pdf

CONAN_The Liberator - Interior.pdf


A big thank you to everyone who helped playtest and develop ideas for this campaign.


Crom doesn't care if you enjoy this campaign, but I do, so please leave any feedback here.


- Barny "Zombocom" Skinner



Hardcover Printing Instructions for Lulu


Since this is a free, fan-made book, I am not morally or legally allowed to set up a print on demand distribution. Which means you will need to set up an account with a print on demand company and upload files for printing (for personal use only). The directions below are for the company Lulu, but you are free to use any print on demand company you choose. 
  1. Go to lulu.com and create an account.
  2. Under the CREATE tab, click the PRINT BOOKS option.
  3. Click the button START YOUR PRINT BOOK
  4. Enter your login credentials
  5. In the START YOUR PROJECT section, choose PRINT BOOK
  6. In the SELECT YOUR GOAL section, choose PRINT YOUR BOOK. (Do NOT select Publish your book for sale on Amazon. You will get sued. 🙂 )
  7. In the BOOK DETAILS section, enter a project title of your choice. I recommend CONAN - The Liberator. Enter a language and CATEGORY, which is required; why not choose Gaming?
  8. Click the DESIGN YOUR PROJECT button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the Design page
  9. In the INTERIOR FILE UPLOAD section, upload the file named CONAN_The Liberator - Interior.pdf
  10. Wait for the file to upload and normalize. This can take a few minutes.
  11. When the upload finishes, you will see some warnings. Like most warnings in life, feel free to ignore these.
  12. In the BOOK SPECIFICATIONS section, the BOOK SIZE AND PAGE COUNT should already be pre-filled.
  13. In the INTERIOR COLOR section, choose COLOR PREMIUM for the best quality color.
  14. In the PAPER TYPE section, choose 80# COATED WHITE for the best paper quality.
  15. In the BOOK BINDING section, choose HARDCOVER. Feel free to choose a different binding if you want. 
  16. In the COVER FINISH section, choose GLOSSY or MATTE, your choice. 
  17. Wait a moment for the PRINT COST to load. This is a printing fee for Lulu, and I do not receive a penny of this, nor does Monolith.
  18. In the DESIGN YOUR COVER section, make sure the UPLOAD COVER FILE option is selected.
  19. Upload the file named CONAN_The Liberator - Cover.pdf
  20. After a minute, the PREVIEW will load. This preview will give you a basic idea of what the book will be like, but it is just a preview.
  21. When you are ready, click the REVIEW BOOK link at the bottom.
  22. This brings you to a page where you can review the final specifications. Click the checkbox next to CONFIRM BOOK SPECIFICATIONS AND FILES
  23. Click the ADD TO CART button when it becomes enabled
  24. Click the CART icon at the top of the page and make the purchase. The shipping will vary depending where you are located. 
  25. There are almost always discount codes of at least 15% available online - do a quick search!


Feel free to print a copy for yourself or your friends, but DO NOT PRINT COPIES FOR SALE.

Note: The hardback book you receive from Lulu will not be perfect. There might be alignment issues with the binding, scratches, the interior margins might be tight, and the endsheets will be a boring white. 



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4 hours ago, PiterMachado said:

  Thanks so much for making this available for folks that do not own the expansions (Stygia, etc), just like Modiphius' campaign does.

  After I'm done with the original Sourcebook campaign, I will definitely try yours.

Thanks, I've followed what Monolith have done in the Conqueror campaign by including optional substitutions for those who want to use material from the expansions to add more flavour, but they're not at all needed to enjoy the campaign. 

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15 minutes ago, JRP said:

Heartfelt thanks for your efforts & generosity in making and sharing this! It's GLORIOUS! Can't wait for my tile sets to arrive & get to playing!

Thanks! I've really tried to stretch the possibilities inherent in having modular tiles, using them in different ways in almost every scenario. 

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Hi @zombocom

Quick questions while proofreading the french translation


1. Page 6, about the scepter: does 1 blue gem allow for all dice to be changed? One and only one die? One die per gem?


2. Page 12: does the Captain drink and discard the Life potion from the asset deck (thus it is lost for the Heroes)? Or does he have his own?

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On 3/14/2024 at 11:29 AM, Leynadix said:

I have a question:

Where can I found the scenarios? They are not in the base game. Wich expansion uses?

The campaign requires the Base Game, the original Stretch Goals box and two packs of Modiphius Tiles, which are unfortunately now out of print. 

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