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  1. My advice would be to not let perfect be the enemy of good - either use the Modiphius Tiles or the new Conqueror Temple map.
  2. Thanks. Mostly just overlaying textures, but I spent a while trying to get the light directions and shadows to line up better, makes it look a lot more realistic.
  3. Love the idea of this one, and I think it could be converted to a true solo mode pretty easily.
  4. Yeah, something like a line-of-sight blocking barricade would make it impossible to pull off. I've been really enjoying the campaign so far, and the Summoner is great fun. Can I Play With Madness felt very balanced, a great challenge and I loved the respawn mechanic. Blackbird and Beheaded were fun, but felt a bit easy to me, which may just be due to getting lucky finding the required items early. Blackbird felt more of a challenge, with a better time pressure, whereas Beheaded largely felt like there wasn't much pressure, I could just take my time to take everything out before taking on the Forest Demon. Felt like it needed a reinforcement mechanic to keep me on my toes. Haven't played the last two scenarios yet, I'll let you know my thoughts once I have.
  5. Took a few rerolls, but yes. Felt a bit cheap.
  6. Just played The Black Witch, and unless I've missed something, I think it's pretty easy to win on turn 1? Summoner starts with the Swamp Demon, which he moves to destroy the Ethereal Wall. Summon the Blackbird Horde, which has 8 movement, just enough to fly to the end zone and destroy the other Ethereal Wall. Then as there is line of sight from the starting zone to the Grey Man Ape's zone, everyone just throws everything at ranged attacks, getting him down to 1 health and winning the scenario. Have I made a mistake anywhere?
  7. Updated with corrected Pict Archers tile.
  8. Ah, my mistake, that should be pict archers with the reroll, I'll update it today. Agreed it's probably on the easy side at the moment, I figured I'd start that way then increase the difficulty.
  9. The Wild Coast is a solo/co-op scenario, requiring the Barbarian Pledge, the Forbidden Places and Pits of Horror Tiles, and the Perilous Ruins and Forgotten Cities Tiles - suggested replacements are included for those who have the Retail box rather than the Barbarian Pledge. This scenario uses the solo/co-op mode rules as found in the Book of Skelos / Monolith Sourcebook. The goal of the scenario is to acquire three Sacred Treasures and return them to the ship, but there's a big twist - the ship is moving! At the end of each of the Overlord's turns, the tile in position 3 is removed, and the other two slid backwards, then the removed tile placed in position 1, with everything resetting to how it was at the start of the game. Any heroes left behind are considered killed. This scenario will be part of a campaign I'm working on that uses the maps and tiles in unusual ways like this, so I'd be interested in your thoughts, both on the core concept/rules, and the scenario balance. EDIT - Updated to correct Pict Archers tile. CONAN_The Wild Coast v1.1.pdf
  10. Man I hope someone is going to make a solo conversion of this.
  11. Excellent, and once again, just after I printed it 😝
  12. Love the tile removing idea, not had a chance to try it yet.
  13. I've taken a crack at cleaning up the artwork on the cover, in case you don't have a higher resolution version. This is the Lulu cover with bleed etc added. Lulu Cover - Chronicles of Vengeance - Zombocom's version
  14. Cheers, will do. Any chance you've got individual files for the cards and tiles? I'd like to set them up for A4 printing.
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