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The Kozaks - fugitive criminals, devastated men, escaped slaves and deserters - evolve in the wild immensity of the steppe and abide only by their own laws. Having become powerful enough, they dared defy Yezdigerd, the Great Monarch, constantly exhausting the Turkish border.
At their head, Conan devotes himself to the pillaging of the caravans and the harassment of the Turanian outposts, but his choices are soon questioned by some of his lieutenants. The Cimmerian wishes to march on the city of Akif to punish its lord, the mighty Shah Amurath, for his numerous crimes against their Kozak comrades. His right arms prefer an easy attack on their way to the Vezek outpost where the caravans pay their right of passage. Such a raid,dangerless, will provide abundant loot.
As the challenging of the authority of a Kozaks’ hetman cannot be done in a peaceful manner, Conan is attacked by his men. He must react so as to reinstate his ascendency and, first and foremost, escape death.

Discover the "Sedition" scenario - a 2-player game of medium complexity that requires a King Pledge with Stretch Goals.

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