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  1. Damned resurrection

    The King-Priest Thugra Khotan, a resurrected vile sorcerer, became very powerful once again.
    We follow Conan and Hadrathus, the priest of Asura, in their quest to end the threat represented by Set's disciple, who reigned over Kuthchemes 3,000 years ago.
    Discover the "Damned Resurrection" scenario - a 3-player game of medium complexity that requires a King Pledge with Stretch Goals.



  2. Sedition

    The Kozaks - fugitive criminals, devastated men, escaped slaves and deserters - evolve in the wild immensity of the steppe and abide only by their own laws. Having become powerful enough, they dared defy Yezdigerd, the Great Monarch, constantly exhausting the Turkish border.
    At their head, Conan devotes himself to the pillaging of the caravans and the harassment of the Turanian outposts, but his choices are soon questioned by some of his lieutenants. The Cimmerian wishes to march on the city of Akif to punish its lord, the mighty Shah Amurath, for his numerous crimes against their Kozak comrades. His right arms prefer an easy attack on their way to the Vezek outpost where the caravans pay their right of passage. Such a raid,dangerless, will provide abundant loot.
    As the challenging of the authority of a Kozaks’ hetman cannot be done in a peaceful manner, Conan is attacked by his men. He must react so as to reinstate his ascendency and, first and foremost, escape death.

    Discover the "Sedition" scenario - a 2-player game of medium complexity that requires a King Pledge with Stretch Goals.



  3. LP001 - The Lost Secret of the Caravan

    The girl’s soul was to have been sacrificed to the Beast-Lord of the Picts. Conan’s team’s swift actions saved her, even as the mighty coils of the summoned beast tried to crush Conan, it transfix the girl’s soul from her mind with a hypnotic stare.  Back home, her lithe body still twisted and spasmed under the thin silken covers of her bed. She was burning up inside and had not returned to consciousness – her soul lost in an unholy dimension.  
    Mitra’s priests were summoned to aid the governor’s daughter. They promised salvation was close at hand, only days away in the form of a holy Sceptre hidden in a caravan from the far south. Unable to wait, the governor paid two bags of gold to a group of heroes to ride south and to speed up the delivery.
    They rode fast and came upon the remnants of the caravan in three days. A single surviving caravan guard confirmed that the priceless holy Sceptre had been disassembled in to three pieces and hidden in crates - but then they came, horrid and unspeakable monsters from the swap! With wide red-rimmed eyes the dying guard pointed to the western jungle trees as madness consumed him. The spoor was easy to follow… 

    Skuthus and Thog have set up an uneasy alliance in an abandoned village in the swamp. With Skuthus summoning undead to counter the power of the tentacle monsters in the swamp under the sway of the horrid mass that is Thog. Skuthus has set up an unholy gate to draw in the necromantic energies to raise the dead, slowly building an undead army.
    Thog’s plans cross eons and dimensions and are hard to put into human terms. The tentacles that move under its command erupt from the swampy water and come from deep underground, a source not seen on this earth in two thousand years. He has gained the ability to summon a Swamp Demon in times of dire need However, as soon as Skuthus and Thog are beset by intruders, they work together to defend their mutual home.
    The heroes arrive late afternoon and the sun is setting. They cannot afford to wait till morning, but night will bring the moon, and the moon will boost the evil forces permeating in the swamps.
    The heroes start the game and must find the three pieces of the sceptre. At least one hero has to flee the village off the map with all three sceptre pieces for the heroes to win the game.
    At the end of round 14, the swamp’s foul energy will be boosted by necrotic moonlight and the undead hordes will become overwhelming. If all the sceptre’s pieces have not left the village the Overlord has won.


    Please contact me for more scenarios.



  4. Hither came Conan ITA [E qui giunse Conan]

    Italian translation and localization about Hither came Conan, a booklet released during the Conan the Conqueror KS campaign. The graphic format is the original one. The translation is faithful to that used for the Conan Companion. The Pdf is made so that you can search within the document for keywords.
    Traduzione e localizzazione in italiano di Hither came Conan, booklet rilasciato durante la campagna Kickstarter Conan the Conqueror. Il formato grafico è lo stesso di quello originale. La traduzione è fedele a quella usata per il Conan Companion. Il Pdf è fatto in modo che è possibile cercare all'interno del documento parole chiave.



  5. Conan - Sedition [ITA]

    The complete italian translation of the Sedition Scenario.
    La traduzione in italiano dello scenario Sedition.



  6. Conan Scenari Scatola Base

    Tutti gli scenari contenuti nel libro dell'Overlord, tradotti e editati in italiano con grafica originale e impaginazione tale da avere ogni scenario su due facciate.
    All the scenarios of the core box (Overlord Book V2 FRA/ENG) translated into Italian, with original layout and graphics and repagined so that each is two pages.




  7. LP301 - Pirate Attack - Overlord v Overlord 0.2

    The crew has received a tip-off that guards will be carrying the Tax collections of the town of Messantia to the main cargo vessel headed for the capital. The  cargo vessel is too well guarded to attack directly.  They plan instead a daylight robbery on route to the cargo vessel. If they can intercept the  gold before it reached the cargo vessel and bring it on board of Belit’s pirate vessels they will have enough loot to last them for months in luxury.
    Conan sails in early on a captured merchant ship, pretending to come in to town for supplies.  He and Amboola plan the ambush to block the alleyways, forcing the guards from their path through city alleys to the foreshore.
    Amboola springs the trap with unbreakable barricades and fire, and with excellent timing, Belit sails her ship and grapples next to Conan’s and leaves a skeleton crew behind, sending her best out to assist Conan and Amboola.
    The town guard are no fools however, they brought in some heavy support with non other than Zaporavo and Thak to assist the city guard Captain and the fire from the barricades will surely bring more.  The fire will also  signal the raising of the harbour chain that will close the exit from the city by boat. It’s not going to be as easy as expected…
    If the chest is on board of Belit’s ship without having any enemy crew on her ship at the end of a round, the pirates can cast off and sail away and win. If all three guard characters fall in battle, they also win.
     If the guards manage to take the chest off the map they win the game. If Belit’s ship has not cast off by the end of the 12th game turn then the harbour is closed and the guards win the game.



  8. LP002 - Conan the Captured

    Nahtok found a ring in the depths of hell. With this ring he has been able to summon a demon of the night, but has
    not yet been able to tame the demon and substantiate it’s physical form. To do so he has to sacrifice the soul of a
    powerful warrior.
    So in disguise Nahtok poisoned the wine of Conan and took the Cimmerian on to a ship called the Storm’s
    Wake to smuggle him out of town, where Conan has a lot of friends, and to perform the ceremony of binding the
    demon without interruption.
    It did not take Amboola and Balthus long to find out what happened to Conan with the help of Zelata.
    Amboola and Batlhus did not have to search to find a ship willing to chase down the Storm’s Wake. Belit, captain
    of that ship had her own reasons to free Conan - lust. With Belit’s crew of five guards, Balthus’ hired Kothien
    archer and Amboola’s contingent of five city guard, they give chase.
    The white speck on the horizon soon grows to a sail, and then the Storm’s Wake. Seeing they will shortly be
    overtaken, Constantius, the evil mercenary and currently captain of the Storm’s Wake, steers towards shore,
    where his lighter vessel can escape over the coral reef’s shallow depths from Belit’s faster, but heavier pirate ship.

    If Conan is given the Elixir of Live before the poison consumes him and Constantius and Nahtok are vanquished, then the heroes win.
    If Conan dies from the poison and either Constantius or Nahtok are still alive, then the Overlord wins, or if the Storm’s Wake manages to reach the reef and escapes without enemies on board.



  9. LP003 - The Eye of Set 1.0

    The world’s three best Thieves combine to meet their greatest challenge. It is known that in the depth of the Stygian wilderness there is a alter to the their foul god Set. It is rumoured that for a period of 15 minutes each Autumn Solstice this alter moves aside to reveal the entrance to a tunnel.
    At the end of that tunnel is The Eye of Set !
    Not only is this gem worth a King’s ransom three time over, but anyone looking through the eye can make out deceptions, illusions, lies and glamour by the acrid smoky blur it generated in the gem. There is a catch. It is meant to be guarded. So the team pull out their best weapons and armour, and head forth…
    There can be only one! Any hero that escapes with the eye of Set before the 15 turns are up, wins the game.
    If at all 3 members of the party die, or if they do not come out with the gem in time, the alter will close and will be impossible to open for another year. Conan and friends will join the other undead in the temple. 



  10. An Ape, several kegs, and a girl

    Official scenario - 5 players - Difficulty 2 - SG.



  11. A Lion among Panthers

    Official scenario - 3 players - Difficulty 2 - SG, King.



  12. The Curse of the Shape-Shifter

    Official scenario - 5 players - Difficulty 3 - SG, King.



  13. The White Witch

    Official scenario - 2 players - Difficulty 1 - SG, King, Giant Wolves.



  14. The amazon's dragon

    Corrected scenario from Corinthia: A Conan – Mythic Battles Crossover
    Don't forget the corrected Hero sheet for Zenobia

    3 players - difficulty 2
    .pdf files provided by Monolith.



  15. The Price of Success

    Official scenario
    2 players - difficulty 2 - SG



  16. The Iron Hand

    Official scenario
    5 players - difficulty 3 - SG
    A big tavern fight in Peshkhauri !
    The Héros are : Conan mercenary, Constatinus, Olgred Vladislav and Amboola against the Overlord minions : pirates, guards, Taurus and Khemsa !



  17. The Last Ditch Invocation

    Official scenario
    3 players - difficulty 3 - SG
    Trying to shelter the famous jewel called the Heart of Ahriman, the Heroes Pelias and Zelata are aboarded by Belit the Queen of the Black Coast !
    Thaug in ambush is part the game!



  18. For the Blood Of A Barbarian

    Official scenario
    3 players - difficulty 3 - SG
    Akivasha leaves her lair under the Khemi's pyramid to repent Conan's blood and thus revenge Set of the barabarian's affronts !
    Conan acompanied by Pallantides joins his magician friends in a Taramis' tavern totally under Akivasha's control.



  19. The terribles lovers

    Official scenario
    3 players - difficulty 2 - Broom box



  20. Death from the north

    Official scenario
    4 players - difficulty 2 - SG



  21. Dragon on the marches

    Official scenario
    4 players - difficulty 2 - Dragon add on



  22. Sacrificial Heroes

    official scenario
    5 players - difficulty 3 - SG



  23. Where the thunder rumbles

    official scenario
    3 players - difficulty 1 - SG + sabretooth tiger add on



  24. The zamboula strangler

    Official scenario
    5 players - difficulty 2 - SG + Baal Pteor add on



  25. The cursed mirrors

    Official scenario
    3 players - difficulty 1 - Kushites add on



  • File Reviews

    • By fooforge · Posted
      I've never thought I would leave a review for a 3D printed rock, but then again as a kid I also didn't expect I would ever own a 3D Printer. So, yeah long story short: It's a great rock! I would download and print that rock again. Kudos to the makers for publishing this! Much appreciated.   3D Printer: Ultimaker 3 Extended Filament: PLA in anthracite color from dasfilament.de Print Settings: Layer Height: 0.15mm Wall Thickness: 1.2mm Speed: 40mm/s Support:
    • By Drewbag · Posted
      This isn't a review, more a query. If I download this map (while not owning the Poseidon expansion) how can I find the deployment zones and Omphalos crystal locations?
    • By VerniusNL · Posted
      Design looks good . Cannot place miniatures on the top very well.  Printed without support just fine, problably gonna make some adjustments to the orignal to make it work better.   3D Printer Creality Cr 10  Print settings: Filament : PETG Temp Nozzle : 242 C Temp Bed : 70 Layer Hight: 0.2 No support Print time: about 7 hours. Print size: Original sizes (110x70x65 mm)
    • By VerniusNL · Posted
      Design looks great . Can hold miniatures reasonably well, it’s pretty flat.  I didn’t want to print with support (always a pain to clean that up)  so that caused some minor issues, chiefly a hole at the top which i closed with random piece of PETG. Now i am looking to prime it and paint and the closed up hole will function as a puddle after the paintjob.   3D Printer Creality Cr 10  Print settings: Filament : PETG Temp Nozzle : 242 C Temp Bed : 70 Layer Hight: 0.2
    • By Primeval · Posted
      Nicely done and much needed!
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