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  1. In 2 different games trying the same tactic.
  2. Kheldor

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    English version is online...
  3. Kheldor

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Some things never change... just like the announcments of the updates during the kickstarter.
  4. Kheldor

    End of turn X

    Ok, sounds convincing. I didn't take the turn marker into account, but it does make perfect sense the way you put it. Thanks for clearing that one up, again... ;)
  5. Kheldor

    End of turn X

    Where did you get that from? It does not say anywhere a turn starts with the Overlord's turn. Instead in every rulebook is stated both sides alternate turns beginning with the side as mentioned in the specific scenario.
  6. Imho the best way to do this is to paint your miniatures with a shade of the corresponding colour ie. you paint the loincloth of the picts in hues of red, green, blue, etc.. Since all the Minis needing a colour to discriminate between them are minions, this adds a bit of variety, even more so if you do not give them the exact same colour. Another way is to work with varnish in order to protect the colour on the bases.
  7. Only after he has freed the Giant snake can he use it as a shield, meaning he, too, does not have that many gems, so the heroes can either try to take it down with the very few gems they have or they are passive for 1 Turn and then go in for the kill. Still the chance of a first turn win for the heroes is very real, so Skuthus never does move at all.
  8. You place Belith and Shevatas in the same area adjacent to the Dark Demon. Shevatas then throws his knives with all elligible dice he has, supported by Belith, who grants him a free reroll. Also reroll any blanks with the rest of Shevatas' dice (we scored 2 times 9 damage with this combo). The OL will defend, but has to ensure he has some gems left in order to save Skuthus (If the OL burns up all his gems, Skuthus cannot escape the heroes and no event can be brought to bear). After that Belith moves into the area of the Dark Demon together with 1 of her guards and attacks with her spear with a good chance of finishing it off (we rolled catastrophically 2 times, not even penetrating the armour, but you could as well throw the spear and either enhance with rerolls or engage with the Yuetshi Knife, if even the throw did not kill the Demon). If she fails, Conan will send the Dark Demon back into it's own dimension for sure. Belith's Guard ensures the Heroes cannot easily be harmed because they have no gems left and also ups their count against hindering.
  9. It is easy. The Dark Demon dies in turn 1, the only question is if Conan is needed to finish it off, or if he can go further to kill Skuthus. The 2 Bowmen up the total damage needed to destroy Skuthus to 11, which Conan can pull off with his remaining dice. Even if he does not outright kill Skuthus, he slays at least his guards and makes it impossible for the necromancer to flee effectively.
  10. Kheldor

    [Rules] In the heart of darkness

    We played it when you 'free a monster', it is immediately activated. Otherwise there is not enough time to do so for the overlord in the entire game. But, it does not say so in the English description. The question is: Is a monster activated by being 'freed'?
  11. We've played that one recently several times. The strategy for the heroes is a one turn rush to behead Skuthus with Shevatas opening up with a throw on the Dark Demon followed by an attack of Belith and one of her guards. If they succeed the way is free for Conan to kill Skuthus. If not successful, Conan has to finish the Dark Demon in the first turn and the heroes kill Skuthus in Turn 2. We played it 3 times. It was so predictable, we decided in the 3rd game to place the Hyenas at the starting area of the Dark Demon and the Dark Demon one area nearer to Skuthus. It was still an all out rush for Skuthus, but this time Conan died early and brought several monsters into play which almost overwhelmed the heroes. It was not that much longer in terms of game turns, but made for a much more balanced scenario.
  12. Kheldor

    [Core] Ships

    Can you jump from the front deck of the Vastrel (the ship on the lower side of the map) with a difficulty of 2 on the other ship? The line of the area between the ships seems to indicate this (can't see the line on the Pic above, though).
  13. Kheldor

    Heroes' Allies

    That is the totally unclear paragraph. There is no statement you can activate more than one ally. The part 'Each ally model' can also be interpreted as activated by different heroes with the leadership skill. So it does not automatically mean a single hero can activate more than one ally. But I have to admit you're both right. The English wording is simply awful and mirky at best. Fortunately, I read again the french passage, which clears things up quite nicely and which I must have overlooked. It comes down to this following sentence: "Un Héros actif pendant la phase d’action des Héros peut activer les figurines de l’unité Alliés." So, 1 hero, several ally models, crispy clear. Thx for the answers and the help!
  14. Kheldor

    Heroes' Allies

    That is how we played before, too. But it does not say anywhere you are allowed to do this. Not even in the french version. At least we could not find any wording along the lines: "1 gem per model", or "after that, the hero may activate another ally by spending another gem", like it does with every other skill. The only mentioning of the option to activate several allies is the wording where you only can activate the same ally once per turn. In our opinion this only hints at the situation where you have several heroes with leadership on the board. You see, the wording is very unclear and one could go both ways easily. So, please back up your statements with passages from the rulebooks or aides if possible.
  15. Kheldor

    Heroes' Allies

    Since we had a session with several scenarios last night, there arose the question, how allies for the heroes work properly. As we concluded, a hero with the leadership skill is allowed to activate only 1 ally per turn by placing a gem on the unit tile. Unfortunately the rules do not clearly say that you can't activate another ally. The skill game aids, the rulebook etc. have a totally different wording, which does not clear this up properly. So, how many allies can a hero activate per turn?

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