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  1. Carquinyoli

    Spanish rules

    Any approximate idea of when the final modelled version will be released?
  2. Yes, Martial Artists skill triggers when you Combo or Counter-Attack.
  3. I think that's what I talk about my previous email:
  4. Hmmm, no ofence intended, but what's the point of this site being the official page if monolith doesn't pay attention to what is said here? In the recent "rulebook" post on this forum, two guys have spent a lot of time making corrections to improve the understanding of the rulebook, and it would be a real pity that it doesn't reach no-one from monolith...
  5. I miss the "surnames" of the characters with more than one miniature, like Batman (Standard, Zero Year, Year 100, Miller), Catwoman (standard and Long Halloween) or Robin (Tim Drake or Damian Wayne).
  6. Page 23, text in FIG_43 makes reference to a special move called "JUMP" that Renée Montoya has to do to join Batman and Killer Croc. According to the picture, I believe it's not a "JUMP" but a "FALL", since she comes from an elevated place and goes to a lower place, right? (she falls from the roof to the street level)
  7. Carquinyoli

    Painting Minis

    Just my 2 cents with something that I think I have not read it here yet. The following advertisements are not about painting itself, but very related (it's the step before and the step after painting): 1) Be careful with humidity (and also to heavy changes of temperature). That screws everything when it comes to priming. Avoid priming on wet days (if you do it outside). 2) Shake the primer can (if you prime with a spray, that is quicker but more expensive than priming with a brush) like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, shake it for 1 or 2 minutes vigorously. And if you prime several miniatures in a row, shake the can again every 5 or 10 miniatures. 3) If you varnish your miniatures to protect them, see points (1) and (2) above, because they also apply if you use a vanish in spray (which is way quicker although more expensive). 4) There are several types of varnish: brilliant, matt, or satin. Brilliant is... very shiny, but I think it's more resistant. Matt it's more realistic and avoids any shine. Satin I think it's somewhere in between. I tend to varnish mate for everything except for shiny pieces (metal armour, gems) that I apply some brilliant varnish. And don't forget the following: enjoy!!
  8. Carquinyoli

    Bank Map 3D prototype

    Niiiiiice job!!! Besides the antithetical improvement, line of sight and so must be clearer this way!
  9. Carquinyoli

    Batman Merch!

    I've made a photo this morning to the shelve with the 3D origamis and other Batman (and other superhero) miniatures:
  10. Carquinyoli

    Batman Merch!

    A friend of mine who is kind of an artist in his free time, creates 3D caricatures. These figurines measure 35 cm tall or so. Since I'm a Batman fan and I'm into boardgames, he did the following for me and my wife: My brother built a 3D origami Batman for me too (I don't have the picture now, but it's something like this): (He built for me 3D origamis for Deadpool and Spiderman too ;))
  11. Thanks! Yesterday at around 16:10h (Spain) I received the notification from Monolith with the charge for my pledge too.
  12. Carquinyoli

    What expansions do you want see?

    Dark Knight Returns theme: - We already got the Batman miniature. Then: - Carrie Kelly (aka Robin aka Catgirl) - Sons of Batman (allies) - (Old) Green Arrow - Captain Ellen Yindel - Mutant Leader - Mutants (henchmen) - Two-face/Harvey Dent - The Joker And we could have a big miniature such as the Bat-tank-mobile xD
  13. @someone at Monolith If I'm not wrong, right after finishing/closing the campaign, the money is withdrawn from the card, almost instantly. But at this time it's over 2h30min after campaign's end and the money has not yet been withdrawn from my card. Should I worry about that or its ok and I just have to wait? Looking forward to your comments. Thanks!

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