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  1. I have only painted LH Catwoman. I like her a lot more than the other miniature, so while I don't have the full game painted I am using this sculpt to play either version:
  2. As I was writing my reply, I realized that my whole argumentation is based on the following interpretation of the rules: "letters in LOS markers are there to support the rules, not to create exceptions", and if that's not true and letters may cause exceptions - to the rules and board art - well, there's no point on keep going with this discussion. Therefore, I would be nice if we had an official confirmation or clarification. Since I had my reply already written (and posted), I move it on the spoiler below.
  3. Totally agree. I will only add that, besides adding a letter in Batman's zone LOS marker (maybe it is not necessary since it already has letter A), the same letter should be added to LOS marker of the Policeman's area on the roof... and that marker has already 4 letters (letter A not among them). Maybe their "LOS system" does not allow more than 4 letters for a marker (have you seen any area/marker with more than 4 letters) and thus that LOS was ignored... Although your explanation (human error) fits better.
  4. No, not that I can think of, at least for this map. But if you scroll this page upwards, I had similar issues with the Subway map. Have a look if you like and share your thoughts. I wasn't really satisfied or convinced with the kind answers and explanations from Pamplerousse (although I really appreciate the effort). Some LOS were blocked by the wagons and others, following the same criteria, were not, have a look.
  5. I am afraid not: On screenshot above that same wall that is NOT blocking LOS from bottom-left roof to the car's area (which is next to the wall) or to the tiny area between the car and the bottom building (and LOS markers do not share any letter, so they see each other - without the wall blocking - as in my previous message). So I'm afraid there must be something else we are missing, or it's badly indicated on the app. Because looking only at the board (without the app) you would say that there is line of sight.
  6. Hi all! I come back here for another doubt, this time regarding to Crime alley map. Why there's no LOS here, between Batman and the guard on the roof: According to LOS app there's no LOS between these 2 areas, but I do not understand why. What is blocking LOS? The wall on the left of the car is very low so cannot block it... any clue?
  7. Congrats to the winner! And thanks for the contest 🙂
  8. If I can, I will be uploading here some pictures of my painted miniatures for this fantastic game.
  9. Now the turn's for Batman Zero Year:
  10. Thanks for the contest Roolz! Here it goes the last miniature I painted from Batman Gotham City Chronicles: Batman Zero Year!
  11. Absolutely awesome job!!! Please keep posting (though I think I've seen some of them on BGG ;))
  12. Very very nice job! Will you post more pictures of new minis?
  13. I'm not as good as you, but just to revive the post, find my standard Batman below (facing the danger with his fellow Nightwing). Edge of the base was not yet painted on this picture.
  14. Thanks for answering Pamplerousse! What I don't understand is why ZD and ZC share a letter but not ZA, when the situation looks pretty similar. I mean, if I don't use the tool, how would I know? The criteria used for sharing or not a letter. Thank you again!
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