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  1. Here is my very first personal project in painting. An adaptation of Hagbard, a mini from Black Sun Miniatures, sculpted by Joaquin Palacios on a concept by Oliver Bouchet that I custimise into Kratos (God of War by Santa Monica Studio) Mythic Battles way: Pantheon. A very BIG thanks to @Erwan and @MartinG who inspired me without knowing it 🙂
  2. Helyan


    Ultra fast delivery! Thank you Black Sun Miniatures :)

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  3. Helyan


    This time, it will be necessary to assemble it myself!

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  4. Helyan


    The mini is already beautiful. I also discover the level of detail of resin mini!

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  5. Helyan


    The inspiration model for Kratos

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  6. Helyan

    A quick haircut

    A quick haircut

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  7. Helyan


    It's not easy to work the GreenStuff to create tiny stuffs, but hey I'm a noob with it :)

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  8. Helyan


    Adding the MBP sub-base

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  9. Helyan


    © Sylvain MOCHET

  10. Helyan

    Axe's clip

    The small clip for the axe

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  11. Helyan

    Father & Son

    Family pic with Daddy Zeus!

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  12. Helyan


    Start with the basecoating

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  13. Helyan


    Then the wash

    © Sylvain MOCHET

  14. Helyan

    Leathers and furs

    Then those of leathers and furs

    © Sylvain MOCHET


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