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  1. New addicts! Seek treatment now before it’s too late! I own over 430+ games not including expansions and pledged for over 130+ kickstarters. I am so short on room lol. It’s like every other week my wife will be like “what’s that huge box”? Oh it’s umm another kickstarter.... now when I go to grab a game it’s like in Johnny Dangerously when all the laundry falls on him.
  2. I have never spent as much time in a comments section either, my wife keeps asking me why I’m glued to my phone. Lol.
  3. I love how much of a victory Batcow was. This is also coming from someone that thinks it is completely ridiculous!!! But it is hard to deny the power of Batcow and what she did for the campaign.
  4. This thread is really starting to take off! I can offer painting advice as well. I am a decent painter, meaning I think my stuff looks good. But my brother is an award winning painter, and I am always picking his brain. I have never posted pictures before, but I am considering starting. I am the same username on BGG. When I started a few years back the Reaper learn to paint kits came with a white brush on primer (they might not anymore?) I do highly recommend brush on primer when getting started, it will give you an idea of where the brush goes on the mini.
  5. I look forward to see what everyone has planned for the game, paint jobs, scenarios, custom characters, etc!
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