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  1. They could always do a 'Superman New 52' expansion and add the Superman where he lost his powers for a while, that way he wouldn't be OP. Chuck in a Lex Luthor, a Machinist and goons, couple of others, and it could work?
  2. Dark Souls broke me in like an ex that's in to rough sex. Your glad it's over but you still pine after it.
  3. A Justice League Dark Expansion: Constantine: classic Constantine, where he's not migical but he knows how to manipulate magic and can use magical items (represented same as bat gadgets), reducing enemies dice rolls and rerolls, and also setting magical traps. Deadman: can 'possess' enemy units and utilise them for a turn. Maybe can't physically take damage but if a unit he is controlling takes damage it reduces his stamina pool. Swamp Thing: similar dynamic to poison Ivy. Zatanna, Etrigan and others in not sure of, but I can work on it!
  4. This is why I've learnt to just not go on it unless there is a specific game I want to back. I find it easier to regret missing a game completely then beating myself up over not being able to get all the ones I want whilst they're ongoing. Re: MB:P it's something I really want but I can't see myself being able to afford it, especially after GCC. I'm lucky that I have friend who did back it originally and will get the extra content, but he also gets about 10 new games a month, so getting him to play an old one is a challenge...
  5. I think a definate improvement with Rising Sun is the optional game mat. Even with it our map got a little crowded so must be tight with the original board. Thats the one fault with Blood Rage, you can never fit everything on their space, especially when you bring the big boys in.
  6. Aye, I'm the same, hence why I wont buy Blood Rage (but I KS Rising Sun). Luckily a friend who I mostly play with got Blood Rage off the KS. One of our most popular games, especially because it's relatively simple and quick (comparatively). Don't think I've played any other CMON games though, unless I just didn't know it was them
  7. I agree. I've only played it once but it was great and really beautiful looking. I really like the aspect, very similar to Blood Rage, where you can reap great rewards by killing your own units.
  8. I agree, i'm itching to make a scenario of the scene in Year One where injured Batman has to escape for the SWAT team in the derelict building. Can use the GCPD heroes and allies as the villains with the tiles from the vs expansion :D
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